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[MP] [COMING SOON] The Abnormals


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Hello and welcome to the page of my mission pack! It is called "The Abnormals".

The Abnormals is a sci-fi mission pack. I have decided to take up on the challenge of making a sci-fi mission pack as not many people touch this genre. I am trying my best to make it good. It is currently in work, and I have decided to finish the whole first season before posting it.




After his pregnant wife gets killed by a vampire, Kyle Williams joins the Antes, a group of enhanced humans that dedicate their lives to hunting down and killing the ravenous beasts that spread continuously and kill innocent people. The story picks up 2 years later, when things begin brewing up to what could be a disastrous climax to the whole vampire war.




*The current list of characters might not be final.


Kyle Williams


A young man whose soon-to-be wife was killed brutally by a vampire. The event determined him to join the Antes, persuaded by their leader John, and pursue to end the plague that took away everything he loved. The only normal human in the whole organization, he was promised to soon be given an enhancement, but the thought troubles him daily.


Sarah Gregory


A young woman who misteriously joins the organization out of nowhere, seeming to be known by John. She is an enhanced human with seemingly powerful abilities. She adds a layer of sarcasm sometimes and is overall committed to helping Kyle deal with his mental struggles.


John Diaz


The leader of the enhanced humans, John is a focused and seemingly cold individual. He is committed to wiping out the vampire plague and leads all the enhanced humans justly. He is a telepath, but much is he misterious, so there could be more cloaked in shadow to him than the people who follow him know.




The mission pack is still in progress. Once the first season is completed, I will upload a download link to it. Stay tuned for updates and when it happens :)






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