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Trying to please everyone.


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Imagine the following conversation:


Executive #1: Hmm, pubic opinion seems to indicate that we should do (insert city here) next.

Executive #2: Idk man, we also have some studies that indicate that people want (insert another city here) next.

Executive #3: Don't forget about (insert yet another city here) with a (insert protagonist type here).

Executive #4: Yeah, but whatever city we pick, folks will be upset that we didn't do a different one.

Executive #1: Wait a minute... What if... we did... all of them?

Executives 2 & 3: Whaaaat?!

Executive #1: Yeah, with all the cash reserves on hand, and with the crazy memory on the new consoles, we could make one huge game that appeals to all!

Executive #2: That's a great idea!

Executive #3: That nobody ever brought up before!

Executive #4: Well, actually-

Executive #1: And multiple protagonists too! What with all the hating and bickering on videogame characters these days, it's a great idea! Whatever character type you hate, you won't be forced to play as for the entire game, only parts of it!

Executive #2: That's brilliant!

Executive #3: Yeah! And nothing could possibly go wrong!

Executive #4: But...


You can have your Vice City. You can have your Liberty City. You can have your loser protagonist, your revenge-driven protagonist, and your undercover protagonist. You can have all of it, and you can have a disjointed mess of a game which can't figure out it's own identity, focuses too much on nostalgia, and has a hundred things that are half-donkeyed instead of fifty things which are full-donkeyed. And forget about the plot making any sense.


Worried rant over.

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As conjectures keeps talking, the public is inching up on the Orb. 

Whether a new Pricedown Paradise or an installment into which GTA pulsates, a disjointed narrative, or rather a narrative that the beholder can hammer and chisel, in accompaniment of the orchestrators of immersion and realism... will see to it that this experience banks on player choice, without even the most negligible gravitation away from Game of the Century. 

The Executives that be ought to concoct the greatest game in the history of all lines that crossed the pipe to be what the bullies in twos, negativism and pessimism, disparaged its dream’s eyes from running down. 

Moreover, if the Chief Executive is audacious enough to where he wants to crowd the chamber with ‘AO’... fire away and give constitutionality a good lick and tremor within its ego.


Whilst the Executives may not be able to satiate the desires of every creed, the Executives are punch-out, bang-it-out, overclocked crusaders that aim to please. 🙂




And now... get ready for your ears to be assaulted by a dose of the vibes of Donny Hathaway’s ‘72 R&B anthem “Little Ghetto Boy”, on The Orb, 91.8 WDRM. 


Little ghetto boy, playin’ in the ghetto street

Whatcha’ gonna do when you grow up

And have to face responsibility? 

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These two posts above - either directly or indirectly - appear as perfect examples of romanticizing the business aspect of selling video games, especially something popular as GTA. It's a frickin' product for peep's sake, don't take my word for it, just read some of the Zelnick's statements.

They really don't give a flying F about all that stuff and they definitely aren't trying to do that with something ultimately as frivolous as location. I'm far from being a grammar nazi, but that typo is a perfect metaphor actually; it indeed is a ' pubic ' oppinion for them, rather than the 'public' one. 

Edited by ChengizVlad09
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R* didn't give us Vice city or the whole of San Andreas, they gave us Los Santos and the surrounding areas instead. They can think for themselves you know. They come out with the trailer, when they've already figured out what the game is going to be about. You can influence them, but only up to a point. They realize that for some people nothing is enough. But that is not the majority of gamers. They cater for the majority now. It used to be that people didn't expect that much and they could top that. Not anymore.

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No. It's more like this. 


Public 1: We want this. 

Public 2: We want that. 

Executive: I think we shou... 

Houser Brothers: f*ck off. Let's do something to piss them all off. 

Edited by TheSantader25
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On 11/1/2019 at 3:19 AM, TheSantader25 said:

No. It's more like this. 


Public 1: We want this. 

Public 2: We want that. 

Executive: I think we shou... 

Houser Brothers: f*ck off. Let's do something to piss them all off. 

I'm not sure you understand how deep in bed Take2 is with Rockstar entertainment, nor how much sway someone like Strauss Zelnick the cunt has with the R* lead team.


Why do you think shark cards/microtransactions/online primary focus has taken such a stark hold? They hit a gold mine and they just want to keep digging. Look at RDR2's Online, same exact thing, no single player DLC in the works, or even planned at this point. I have voiced this concern in other threads, the underdog controversy-creating constant media target R* that pushed the envelope and made great games has fallen to the wayside and has joined the ranks of EA and Activision/Blizzard in the greed department.


It pains me to say it. But if you don't believe me, take note that this is the longest gap in series history between games. We haven't even heard of a new GTA at this point, and by this same amount of time after IV's release we had at least 2 trailers for V.

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On 11/1/2019 at 4:19 AM, TheSantader25 said:

No. It's more like this. 


Public 1: We want this. 

Public 2: We want that. 

Executive: I think we shou... 

Houser Brothers: f*ck off. Let's do something to piss them all off. 


I highkey feel like a lot of GTA 5 was designed to reflect on consumer feedback, though. It's got regenerating health, you can carry even more weapons than previous games, every mission being over-the-top, and other stuff that would make 14 year old me, riding the coattails of the typical teenage Modern Warfare military fantasy.


"Holy crap not only I'm a criminal but also I can have my high school chums join my ultra awesome military gear gang with tanks and choppers and kill other guys!? AND there's all the latest rap hits!? Great! Lemme get my mom's credit card"


I know that appeals to online moreso than single player, but come on, it's the 2010s everyone wants multiplayer as sad as it is. And that's what my point is, Rockstar did what everyone wanted to do rather than what they wanted to do imo and the lack of quality really shows.

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  • 2 weeks later...
OG Freddy LOC



All this energy ,  Rockstar has digested into a bottle.


Whilst online multiplayer games suffer from gaming Lag deficiencies, online cloud gaming 

isn't immune to lag as well.

everything about online multiplayer games is no single player option?

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