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Red Dead Online (Gameplay Ideas)

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Red Dead Online  (Rockstar Ideas)


1.  Online Playlists (Free Aim) + (Auto Aim)


A.     There should be 5 constant Playlists running. 2 in Auto Aim and 2 in Free Aim... Free Aim offering a 1.5 hire payout,  there should be 1 Free For All playlist for Solo players that switches between Auto Aim and free aim Daily. (2 Shoot Out playlists), (2 Take Over playlists) and 1 SOLO/Free for All playlist that alternates.


B. An ELIMINATION/FFA Playlist Only).... *ALL* Elimination and Free For All (FFA) style game modes should be kept in an Elimination/FFA Playlist and be ideal for solo players or groups who prefer that playing style.... NO FFA GAMES IN TEAM PLAYLISTS!!!!


B.      THIS IS IMPORTANT > There shouldn’t be (free for all) FFA/Elimination style game modes in a TEAM playlist... none not at all... Everyone who prefers teams are going to pick TEAM playlists. Most of these people are going to be people who are already possed/partied up  ready to play on the SAME team WITH EACH OTHER always 100% of the time... This is happens... here’s what happens... we all join these TEAM playlists and are constantly split up and forced to kill each other when we really just want to play on the same team against random people.... This is a serious buzz kill Rockstar. 


C. Further addressing TEAM Playlists issues....  Constantly having to kill your own friends and posse members and/or back out and hope you join a job in the team playlist that is actually a Team Job....  (Because there are FFA/Elimination style jobs in teams playlists) what I’m saying to be very DIRECT is this Rockstar you should take out all Solo and free for all jobs from team playlists and put them in there own playlist entirely witch that Solo style game mode from Auto Aim to Free Aim Every other Day... it would be huge for this game. 


D.   You should ALWAYS be on the same team as your posse and crew members NO MATTER WHAT!!! THIS MUST BE FIXED ENTIRELY... It does not matter if this creates and imbalance with a teams  Skill/Rank... or chance at winning or losing... it should not be an issue at all...     

 It rewards players who are playing the game using its very best and most important features... (Posse and Crew creation)...and For those who aren’t already in a posse or crew it should encourage them to Build there own posses or reach out to other posse leaders... For those who don’t care about it and just want a fair fighting chance alone should be able to play a solo FFA/Elimination only playlist. 


    2. HORSE CONTROLS...  

A.       I know it may seem unrealistic or whatever but please make it A LOT HARDER to fall off of your horse... online especially...


B.  Making it easier to climb stuff like little slopes with a horse would also be fantastic in red dead online rockstar!


D. There is a slight Delay when u hit ur options button, there is also a slight delay opening the interaction menu... making them work instant and seamless would be awesome and bring lots of players over from the obviously dying, ( Modded, Flying Bike, orbital cannon,  God Mode Glitched, off Radar GLITCHed, teleportation glitched GTA Online.)


      3. MOST IMPORTANTLY TIMING OUT LIKE WTF!!! Please upgrade your servers For the sake of every player who has invested in your games and livelihoods... do WHATEVER you must FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX YOUR F***** SERVERS!!!  Personally speaking I have over 1GB of connection speed and I am ALSO port forwarded... there is no reason I should lag out of this game as much I do... it is clearly on your end... Crowded servers? Cheap servers?  Whatever u must do do it soon. Fix your servers they are terrible the worst I’ve ever seen, and it’s very unfortunate. Cause you make my favorite games... You have a very beautiful, very awesome game built on such a garbage unreliable system...  you can’t expect to grow a huge “active” fan base for this game when people can’t play it for more than 20 minutes at a time.  Complete a legendary bounty and then Time out? Yep happens all the time to me and my friends... smh


:4.    Hand Shake Feature, would be really cool, it could give an option for people to create a sessional Truce, and many other things, such as give a friend a max of 100 dollars, give a friend ammo, tonics, ect....


:5. MAP APP! Integrating a feature for a live mobile hand held Red Dead Online Map for Phone/PSvita/IPad using the new PlayStation 7.00 Features. 


  1. (DUELS) last but not least old school Wild West Show Downs one person right in front of the other with nothing but a hand gun and there wit. This could be done in a way that was fair and not in favor of people with higher connection speeds by giving players a series of buttons to press that get harder and harder and faster and faster (similar to something like guitar hero or rock band) until of coarse someone misses a button in the sequence in hand costing them there lives in an OLD FASHION QUICK DRAW!  


These are a collaboration of ideas my members and I of the OG Crew 


We have thought of these long and hard for you to implement into to the ever growing experience of Red Dead Online. Every RDR player would really love to see each and every one of these things happen. So Make it happen ROCKSTAR this is what everyone in Red Dead wants for Christmas from Rockstar.  


                 SINCERELY YOURS  -  TLZF 


P.S thanks for making the Earths best video games. 




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Every RDR player would really love to see each and every one of these things happen. So Make it happen ROCKSTAR this is what everyone in Red Dead wants for Christmas from Rockstar.  

Edited by ThaBirdCoot

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Why not post this with regular white font? I won‘t bother reading this eye-cancer causing brown on blue wtf

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