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How to get 99999 minigun ammo during the mission Air Raid (tested and works on Android)

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So I tinkered a lot about how to get infinite minigun during that mission on my android phone, and I found a way! here's a thorough explanation it's really simple :


1 ) You need to have bought Zero's shop and you need to have answered his phonecall that comes shortly after you bought his shop

2 ) You need to have phonecall in your memory

3 ) Go to the trucking side mission and start the side mission at the same time your phone rings

4 ) You'll know if you successfully did it if you see the trucking side mission red marker after you enter the truck

5 ) Now drive your truck to Zero's, and avoid getting police attention, if you do then pick up a police bribe

6 ) Exit your truck, you will be told you'll fail the mission in 60 seconds, and your phone will ring, what you need to do is stand in the Air Raid marker while the phone is ringing

7 ) When the countdown expires you'll start Air Raid om0 !

8 ) A few seconds in the cutscenes you'll see a black background screen, close the app and enter it again and click resume

9 ) The mission's cutscene will play normally, and the mission will start normally albeit your phone will be ringing

10) Do the mission as normal by shooting the plane toys. When there is 20 seconds remaining (if you don't have a police star, if you do then it'll be when it's 40 seconds remaining) stop shooting your minigun

11) When the timer runs out the ending cutscene of Zero being happy will play like normal, your phone will be ringing but there won't be the button to answer it

12) Close the app, when you resume it, there will be the button to answer the phonecall, answer the phonecall and hang it up

13) When the mission ends BAM!!! 99999 bullets of minigun

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Wow !, This information is worth Millions:nervous::panic:

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