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Fahad Eabd

How To Design A War Mission In Dyom (Part 1)

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Fahad Eabd


To Make Your War Mission Epic It Is Important To Setup Actor Which Can Really be In war Mean If In A War Mission You Should Select Army , FBI And Other Soldiers If These Are Not Good Than You can Change Them In Modification A Pack For Solider Modification Is :

Soldier Skin Pack Link

If You Don't Want To Add Skins Then Simple Actors Would Also Be Good

Military Vehicles:

As Military Vehicles Are Important Then You Should Add Some Vehicles Of war Like Hunter, And If You Want More Military Vehicles Than Hunters Then A Pack of Military Vehicles Is :

Military Vehicles Link

Effects Are Important For Making Mission Epic And Action Able Effects Are Most Commonly Used Feature in Mission Like Adding Fire , Adding Explosives,Adding Gun Flashes , As we Know That Original Gta Sanandreas Effects Are Not Too Much Good But if You Want To Add Some Epic Effects Then You Can Add Gta V Effects To Gta Sanandreas If You Want Them Link Is:

Effects Link

Use Of Vehicles:

  • Use of Helicopter As An Enemy:

    You can Use Helicopter As An Enemy By Adding A Helicopter (Hunter OR Sparrow)

        Add And Actor and make its animation as enter nearest Car And Select Attack Player

         Choose its Gang As Enemy 1 or 2 And Select Attack direct for Hard Dificulty And Hold And Direct For Easy

  • Use Of Car helicopter As Friend:

      It Is same As First One But Only in Animation Of Player Select Follow Player Behind And Gang As Friend

  • Use Of Helicopter And Car As A Destination

  You Can Use Helicopter And Car to Head To A Place By Only Adding A Car And Actor Animation And Selection Driver Seat and Select Normal , Slow , Aggressive And Select Root And Now You can Use It As A Follow

Objective Also As Enemy Objective 

Part 2 Is Coming in That Part i Will tell You :

  • You Shoot And Friend Drive The Car 
  • Follow Friends By Helicopter
  • Use Of Teleport Option in War Mission
  • Most Epic Modification To Use In War Mission
  • To Add Extra Guns
  • Helicopter Fly Only On A Place You Want
  • Best Uses Of Soliders
  • Best Use Of Effects You Have Never Seen in Dyom

                         If You Want This All Them You Should Support My this Topic 

And Visit My Profile Ebad Nadeem For Missions


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