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[SCM|REL] The Peacemaker (USL)

GTA Loyalty

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The Peacemaker It's the first SCM storyline I made, This is the first chapter of the USL (LSU in English) a series of storylines which are a connected in the same universe. This universe is a little based on the Rockstar's 3D and HD universe. Involving some police divisions, events and a lot more combinated. This storyline was originally made in Spanish and translated to English by me, so if you see any mistakes on the subtitles, I apologize.

I really have to say thanks to people who made some mods to be used in this storyline, and some people who helped me with the Sanny Builder coding!


"Alex Snyder, a guy who was in a gang but he got out because the situation got complicated, it's now trying to live a normal life in Los Santos, dealing with the death of his girlfriend Samantha. It's 2016 and Alex it's trying to overcome all those bad memories of the past, but a friend of him got kidnapped, so he is tested once again."



- New HUD, the GTA IV one made by Craank_AG with new colors!
- Difficulty system, letting you select from Beginner, Normal and Inferno to play as you want
- New Game +, you can replay the storyline keeping your weapon skills and stats
- Voices and Soundtrack, Voices in spanish made with a voice synthesizer and soundtrack from Max Payne 3!
- 5 Radios as hidden packages, when you find one of this, you have to press T to let them sound, and you'll learn something about the story of the mod.
- New weapons with new stats, like M4A1, SCAR-L, M1911, MP5SD and much more.
- Gun shop deliver, pressing U (not available during missions) you'll call a character from the story and he will send you two guys to sell you guns! (Original Cleo not made by me)
- Medkit, at the hospitals and buying to the Gunsellers, you can have a Medkit to heal yourself anytime! Holding a medkit, crouching and pressing TAB to it. (Cleo not made by me)
- 6 missions of storyline, with a gameplay duration from one hour minimum.
- Street fighting, you can go to the underground parking in East Los Santos and participate in Ilegal Street Fighting! You have three modes: Quick match, Tournament and Survival (skins, cars and objects originally mapped by dimon_gta






The Peacemaker mod (link in the description of the vid!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yansz0aiw8I

English Translate: https://www.mediafire.com/file/jef1lk3jc4luooi/The_Peacemaker_English_translate.rar/file

As I said, it's my first SCM storyline, so you'll probably find some bugs. I hope you enjoy it, thank you!

Edited by GTA Loyalty
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