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Confessions of an RDR2 hermit

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I love RDR2 online.  When I get home from work, I look forward to pouring myself a drink, firing up the PS4, and venturing out in the wilderness.  And I really get sucked into it. I'm focused like a zen monk. All my worries from the day are pushed aside for a moment as I take on my role as a grizzly, balding hermit with an untidy beige jacket and a crazy walk cycle.  I look like a wild man; someone who brushes elbows with society as rarely as possible. I would bathe, but the world simply doesn't allow it. Better off, I suppose. I also haven't cleaned my guns, ever.


Somehow I own a thoroughbred horse named "Jalapeno" because, you know, "She's spicy!"


I'm level 40-something.  I don't do any Rockstar missions, battles, or contests.  I'm just not interested in the multiplayer battle aspects of RDR2.  I have taken an interest in the collector and trader roles, which I'm around level 11 or 12 in both.


I took a long vacation from the game previous to the release of the frontier pursuits.  It was simply getting too repetitive. But worse still, there was no meaning to it. I had my varmint rifle, a shotgun, and a rifle with a scope.  That was enough for hunting. And I'm really not looking to extend my wardrobe, which really cut down on costs. So I quit for a while, with $2,000 or so sitting around.  I kept an eye on the YouTube videos posted by Hazzard and Pineapple, but those started becoming a bit depressing. During this time, Rockstar had dropped off the face of the earth.  Exciting news would equate to a gifts of flaming arrows or something.


Frontier pursuits pulled me back in.


For the past few weeks I've spent a lot of time with Cripps back at camp.  I've hauled so many carcasses back to camp that I'm surprised that there's any fauna left.  I especially like how Cripps "drops the mic" and walks away after giving me a mission. Good stuff.  Or how he was in some circus. Or how his father was unsupportive. Or the story about the mute who talked in his sleep.  I can't help but wonder when Cripps will take to the bottle again. His claims of being happier than ever make me suspicious.  Know what I've been collecting, Cripps? Antique alcohol. Just saying.


And I've been passively collecting trinkets for Madam Nazar.  I don't have the patience to complete a collection, a fact that she's constantly reminding me of.  I've purchased the demon-possessed metal detector and the disappointing fancy binoculars.  In the real world, I've been thinking of changing my telephone ringtone to the spooky jingling sound of nearby treasure just to freak myself out during the day.


Most recently, I've unlocked the hunting wagon.  That, along with all of the other recent purchases, has essentially nuked my savings.  I've unlocked the large delivery wagon, but I'm $700 or so short from purchasing it.


This brings me to now, and I have some grievances to air.  


What's going on here?  Am I'm making money with the goal of making more money?  And if so, why was I richer before all of this? I was making plenty of money catching 5.4 lb Sockeye Salmon below Cumberland falls.


What's the use of all this grinding?  I have no fundamental need for this money in-game.  It seems that I'm grinding so that I can grind in more and unusual ways.  Me, and I would assume that my character, are feeling a little bit unfulfilled.  The only person who seems to be happy about all this is Cripps.


Rockstar has probably spent millions of dollars on this game, so to think that they'd listen to my personal feedback is highly unlikely.  But I have to try because I love this game. Rockstar, please give me a reason to grind. I'm in it for the game world. Give me something to strive for.  Give me rare loot drops, or rare animals that only show up every week or so. Give me access to cult robes so that I can start a cult. Change the season throughout the year.  Something!


Don't make me go to a stable to get my hunting wagon, haul that wagon out hunting, only to sell my carcasses to Cripps and eventually make a delivery run that pays out about an equal amount of money as my fishing runs - but with much more risk.  Give me a purpose!


Thanks for listening,


Edited by clone45
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