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CR0C/Custom Racers Crew

Looking for new racers for our coming new season of 2020!

We host serious racing events, with lots of replica creations of real racing circuits. (Brands Hatch, Watkins Glen, Suzuka, Silverstone, Zolder,
Spa Francorchamps, Yas Marina, Laguna Seca, Malaysia/Seypang, Daytona, COTA, Indianapolis, Naw Hampshire, Talladega, and much more..)
We have a steady racing agenda, with weekly, monthly and annual championships, unique events as the Indy 500, and much more original
Examples of our activities on my Youtube channel: 

There's no room for idiots or ****heads. We're mostly older gamers that want to have some great clean races with mind-like people.
We have a penalty system which eradicates every punk that thinks he's on top of the world, while he's just crashing into everything
that moves...
Our communications go via Discord, our Proboards CR0C-forum (
http://customracerscrew.freeforums.net/, Xbox Live, and the GORC
Details, results and standings are to be found on the forum, with links to those on Discord. While the event hosting is done via the Club,
which is the collective that exceeds the Crew limits and membership list. Group/party event posts are made every week, in which intersted
drivers register in advance.

If you feel adressed or interested, please contact me on Live! GT: MONDELLER
Or join straight into the CR0C:  

PS:  This is serious high level racing, do not underestimate.
      Never be discouraged after 1 race/loss, because all of us had to go through all tracks first, before getting some decent results...
      New tracks are created on a daily basis. Most tracks keep coming back, so everyone has the same chances after they got the track
      lines down.
      There's a high standard of finishing in the creations/jobs we play/drive, so no surprises or shortcomings in that area.





Edited by Mondeller

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