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GTA SA - Script Fixes - Finding and fixing script glitches.


Recommended Posts


This modification aims to fix some script related issues/glitches/bugs left out by Rockstar Games in the PC version of San Andreas!

Download link:


-New bug reports of original SA script are welcome!

Fixes list:



LEGEND: Fixes marked with * require new game in order to take effect.

Current Fixes as of 24.10.2019 release:

-Fixed an issue in "Cesar Vialpando" where recruited gang members would be invisible during a cutscene in front of the Loco Low Co.

-Fixed another issue in "Cesar Vialpando" where npc traffic wouldn't have spawn after the cutscene in front of the Loco Low Co.

-Fixed a bug where Sweet wouldn't swap from passanger seat to the driver seat after the dialogue "You hit this up here and i'l go do another hood" in " Tagging up Turf"

-Added a workaround for the "Fender Ketchup" high FPS garage door issue - i'l no longer happen. (This is not a proper fix, the issue is not related to the script but to game's physics NOTE: This workaround will be removed as soon as "Framerate Vigilante" mod will fix it)

-Fixed parachute landing animation. (Since this fix script.img will be shipped as well because it needs streamed script to work WARNING: If you'l not replace script.img your game will crash while landing with the parachute)

-Fixed/restored PS2 train speed in the "intro" (It was too fast on PC resulting in cutscene looking a bit odd)

-Fixed incorrect Sweet's and Smoke's seat placements after the Cluckin' Bell "Smoke's order" cutscene in "Drive-thru" (originally Sweet was switching his seat position to the left side after the cutscene)

-Fixed Emmet's radar icon positions on the mini-map in "Sweet's girl" and "Running dog"

-*Fixed misplaced bribe pickup over the bridge in "Palomino Creek" (Previously developers used an - next to the y coordinates which made the bribe being stuck and un-accessible inside of a building in Doherty)

-*Fixed misplaced Country Rifle spawn pickup inside of a SF Stadium (you could not pick it up without mods it was stuck inside of a building)

-Fixed bat spawn placement after killing the dealer in "Cleaning The Hood"

-Fixed Millie Perkins using a "Feltzer" instead of her usual car - "Club" during a jealous girlfriend event on the date.

-*Fixed missing Pizza Stack radar icon in Montgomery.

-*Fixed missing Barber icon in El Quebrados.

-*Fixed 4 IR Goggles pickups spawning only once after "Black Project" mission is passed. (if you pick them once they'd no longer respawn like a mission pickup which should not be the case)



-Backport 2.0 script fixes in a way that they'l be compatibile with original 1.0 savegames! (I am researching this right now so i'l come very soon)

-Fix the jealous girlfriend script? (not sure if its a bug or not)

-Fix Bike school medals texture.

-Fix quadruple insane stunt bonus


This mod fixes script issues without breaking original savegames compatibility and is based on 1.0 version of the script!


Drop "main.scm" as well as "script.img" to the "script" folder in the data folder of your game and remember, don't forget to create backup of original files in case something goes wrong!

Big Thanks to:

Matt1010 - GTA Forums Topic design!

OrionRS - Huge help with finding and fixing some of the issues!


NOTE: This main post as well as Github page are still a big mess in turns of esthetics looking but i won't bother for now.

Edited by Noskillx
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Boy, I've been working on such mod for a while actually! Here is some stuff I noticed: 


Gray imports: Game loads banshee and PCJ-600 models right after initial cutscene, which make them appear all around city, even in areas where they don't usually spawn. A solution would be to load them before the warehouse cutscene.


Sweets girl (i think?): There is a badly placed Emmet's icon on radar during this mission. By the time you reach this mission, you should already have Emmet's place marked on radar. During the mission, however, a second icon is placed on radar that does not match the original icon's coordinates — if you zoom the map you'll know what I am talking about.


Are you planning to port fixes from TTFISA/Storyline Enchancement?

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Interesting, i'l take a look,also i dont know what kind of fixes TTDISA had except additional dialogue :/

Edited by Noskillx
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How about train speed in first cutscene from PS2? it's badly synced on PC script

Parachute animation (when landing) is also broken in scm

And the honking signal is different from PS2.


it should all be in ps2 features thread.

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Minor update - one more bug-fix added and ofc its still save-game compatibile:


--Fixed a bug where Sweet wouldn't jump onto the driver seat after the dialogue "You hit this up here and i'l go do another hood" in " Tagging up Turf"


Link is the same, just re-download.

Edited by Noskillx
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On 10/26/2019 at 6:15 PM, dent0nz said:

Are you sure? This edited main.scm adds the second color option to all vehicles, maybe you can borrow the code from that?

First off im not going to steal code LOL and second, im only fixing things not addings/altering the game so thats a no no 

Edited by Noskillx
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  • 3 months later...
Juliano Cesar

In End of the Line, Tenpenny holds a combat shotgun during the cutscene and in-game he uses a normal shotgun. You could try changing the AK-47 Big Smoke uses to a combat shotgun, but maybe that would make the mission harder.

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  • 5 months later...

So, great idea making smth like this for SA aswell, but it crashes for me when girlfriend invites me in for a coffee and I accept it.

Edited by PoliceFan
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  • 4 months later...
Mister A
On 8/25/2020 at 3:07 AM, PoliceFan said:

So, great idea making smth like this for SA aswell, but it crashes for me when girlfriend invites me in for a coffee and I accept it.


Use this, it contains all of the naked models of CJ's girlfriends which is required for V1.0 SCM

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