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Joseph and His Brothers (my own adaptation)

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Based on a story within the Bible. This is my first biblical adaptation after my second months long hiatus from the WD. I am fully open to constructive criticism but please don’t reply anything nasty. Remember this is only my adaptation so please don’t make any comments to any biblical inaccuracies.


Jacob was the son of Isaac and Rebecca and the grandson of Abraham and Sarah.


He lived in the land of Canaan, which was later named Israel as that was his other name.


With his first wife named Leah, he had ten sons named Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulon, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, and Asher. He also had only one daughter named Dinah, who was born after the first six but before the rest.


With his second wife named Rachel, he had two sons named Joseph and Benjamin. Rachel had died upon giving birth to the latter.


Jacob loved all of his sons, but Joseph was his favorite.


When Joseph turned seventeen, Jacob gave him a coat that had all the colors of the rainbow, plus some others.


“It’s not fair! If anyone should be Jacob’s favorite, it should be you, Reuben, you’re the oldest!” said Simeon.


“I beg to differ. It should actually be Judah. He’s the one who helps out the most” said Reuben.


“You have a point there” said Levi.


“Exactly! Therefore, Joseph’s coat should be mine if it belongs to anyone!” said Judah.


“Well, it is his birthday and not any of yours” said Jacob.


“It doesn’t matter! You didn’t get any of us anything that special when we were his age!” said Judah.


“Right!” said the other nine.


“Please, Benjamin is only ten years old and he never got to know Rachel. I don’t want him feeling uncomfortable” said Jacob.


“Yeah, funny how ever since Joseph was born, you only care about the comfort of him and Benjamin” said Simeon.


The next morning when Joseph woke up, he told his family a dream that he had.


“In it, there was one big star in the middle of the sky with twelve stars surrounding it. They, alongside the sun and the moon all bowed down to it” said Joseph.


“Haha! I get it! You’re this big star, your brothers and your only sister are the other stars, and the sun and moon are your parents. Apparently, we’re all supposed to bow to you. Come up with something a little more original next time!” said Simeon.


“God gives us dreams all the time, Simeon. Perhaps this one means something” said Jacob.


“Yeah right! I’ve heard this a million times in the past seventeen years. It’s nothing new!” said Simeon.


The next day, as the ten older brothers went to go attend the sheep, Joseph told Jacob that he wanted to join them.


“Ok, but don’t forget to tell your brothers that I want you under the fullest protection” said Jacob.


Joseph ran towards them and said “Hey! Wait up!”


They all stopped then Levi said “What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be busy getting pampered by Father?”


“He said I can do it with you, but I need to be under the fullest protection” answered Joseph.


“Oh, we’ll look after you as if you’re one of the sheep. Don’t worry” said Zebulon.


As Joseph was attending the sheep with his ten older brothers, Issachar asked him “So what was your dream of last night, Father’s pet?”


“Ok, so I was a sheaf of wheat in the middle of the field then eleven other sheaves of wheat bowed down to it” answered Joseph.


“Or you could’ve just said, it’s the same exact dream as the night before only with sheaves of wheat instead of stars in the sky” said Dan.


“Listen, Joseph, Father may worship you but we don’t!” said Simeon.


“Oh, I got it! So, this is why he wanted to come out here! To boast about how much he’s the favorite child! Well, if that’s all you want to do then just go back to Father and leave us alone!” said Asher.


“Yes, because he’s the only one in our household who wants to hear this drivel!” said Naphtali.


The next morning as everyone was awake and outside of the tent, Judah said “Ya know? I’ve always wondered if we splash water onto Joseph’s coat, it would smear the colors?”


“Let’s find out!” said Gad.


He splashed a bucket of water onto Joseph.


It didn’t smear the colors but still made Joseph and his coat wet.


The ten older brothers all pointed and laughed at him.


Right as Joseph was about to get into a fist fight with them, he was stopped by Jacob, who said “Joseph! Brothers! Apologize to each other!”


“I’m getting sick and tired of hearing this nonsense on a daily basis! Poor Benjamin is always by standing too. He’s the only one in this household who’s even halfway normal” said Dinah.


“Perhaps being the only daughter of Jacob is God’s punishment upon you” said Simeon.


“If you think for one second that we need to listen to you about toning it down on Joseph then you are wrong!” said Judah.


“At least listening to her may not be quite as bad as listening to Joseph” said Levi.


“You got that right!” said Reuben.


As Jacob began lecturing the ten older brothers, Dinah put her hand on Joseph’s shoulder and walked with him and Benjamin up to a nearby small hill.


Joseph, Dinah, and Benjamin all sat down.


Joseph was hanging his head and crying.


“Wait here for the coat to dry” said Dinah.


Dinah sat on the left of Joseph while Benjamin sat on his right. They both comforted him.


“Thanks. Both of you” said Joseph.


That afternoon, the ten older brothers were talking to each other at a canyon.


“Something must be done about this!” said Judah.


As they spotted Joseph, Simeon said “Well, look who decided to spy on us!”


Judah took Joseph’s coat and began wearing it, saying “Hey! Look! I’m Joseph! I’m Jacob’s favorite son! Bow down to me, sheaves of wheat!”


“Yes, master!” said the nine others as they bowed down to him.


“Give it back!” said Joseph.


“If you want it, you better catch it!” said Judah as he took it off, balled it up, and threw it to Simeon.


Joseph tried to get it from each of his brothers until it was finally thrown to Levi.


As he tried to get it from him, it was ripped.


“I’m through playing this stupid game!” said Joseph.


“Who said it was a game?” said Simeon.


He joined the other nine in throwing Joseph into a well.


“Perhaps he’ll dream his way out” said Judah as he threw the torn coat into the well.


“What are we going to tell Father?” asked Reuben.

“We’ll think of something” answered Levi.


As the ten older brothers went on their way, they were stopped by Dinah and Benjamin.


“Where’s Joseph?” asked Dinah.


“He’s down in the well and if either of you snitch on us to Father, you’re dead!” said Simeon.


It was getting very late at night and Joseph kept calling for his brothers.


A rope was let down and Joseph climbed up it with his torn coat, saying “I knew you’d come back for me! If that was your idea of a joke, just wait until Father hears about it!”


However, he found two Egyptian slave traders and a camel.


“Who are you guys?” asked Joseph.


“We’re slave traders from Egypt” answered one of them.


The other took the coat from him and said “By the looks of this colorful coat, it seems as if this one lived like a prince”.


“That’ll change” said the slave trader.


Just then, Joseph’s ten older brothers came.


“Brothers! You came back!” said Joseph excitedly.


“As promised!” said one of the Egyptian slave traders as he threw a bag of thirty pieces of silver to them.


“Wait! You can’t do this to me! I’m your brother!” shouted Joseph.


“Half brother actually” said Judah.


“It doesn’t matter! We’re still blood relatives!” said Joseph.


The slave traders tied Joseph’s hands to the back of a camel and began walking with him and the camel.


The ten older brothers went to Jacob, Dinah, and Benjamin, telling their father that all they found of Joseph was his ripped coat.


Jacob took the coat and cried Joseph’s name into it.


In the morning, Joseph was with his slave traders and the camel in Egypt.


“Where’s the slave market?” asked one of the slave traders.


“Down by the docks” answered one Egyptian.


Joseph was taken down to the docks and untied from the camel.


“Get in line” said one slave trader.


Joseph was lined up, alongside a bunch of other slaves and still had his hands bound.


The captain of the guards examined them.


“The pharaoh needs a new slave for his household” he said.


He then looked at Joseph and said “Looks a little skinny but healthy enough. Lord Potiphar”.


“He’ll do” said Potiphar.


Joseph then had his hands unbound and was taken by two guards to Potiphar’s palace.


They cut his hair short and said “Now get to work!”


Joseph had put some water on his face to cool himself down then was handed a towel.


As he wiped his face with it, the Egyptian guard said “It’s not for your face! It’s for the floor!”


It took Joseph a long time but eventually, he cleaned the floor and it became good as new.


Potiphar and his wife, Zeulika saw it.


“Impressive! Say, no slave has ever gotten this done so quickly. For most, it takes them days, if not weeks. Say, how would you like to have your freedom granted to you so you can become one of us?” asked Potiphar.


“I’d love to!” answered Joseph.


“You’ve got it!” said Potiphar with a smile on his face.


Joseph was introduced to Zeulika as well as her niece, Anseath.


“I’m pleased to meet you” said Anaseath.


“Likewise” said Joseph.


One day, as Anasaeth’s pet ferret was climbing on top of a table with something shiny, Potiphar ran to the kitchen, shouting “Get back here!”


He then told Joseph “That ferret is the bane of my existence! He keeps hiding valuable belongings of mine and hides them in places I can’t even find!”


“I think I have a solution” said Joseph.


He gave the ferret a bowl with chicken in it.


As the ferret ate from it, Joseph found every shiny object the ferret hid and gave it to Potiphar.


“You have impressed me once again!” said Potiphar.


One night, Joseph was looking at hieroglyphics on the wall.


As he found sheaves of wheat, it reminded him of home.


“What are you doing up so late?” asked Zeulika.


“Listen, I’m from the land of Canaan. I have ten older brothers who had sold me to this land. That’s why I’m here. I must get back to them!” said Joseph.


“No, you shouldn’t! We’ve treated you far more like family than they ever have! It would be highly foolish of you to leave!” said Zeulika.


“But I have to!” said Joseph.


As he attempted to leave, he was stopped by two guards.


Potiphar then came and said “Where do you think you’re going?”


“Back to the land of Canaan where I belong” answered Joseph.


“Well, my wife is hysterical because of you! See for yourself!” said Potiphar.


He showed Zeulika crying.


“No slave had ever been given the same opportunities you had yet you have squandered them! For this, you shall be arrested!” said Potiphar.


Joseph was put in jail. He was yelling to be let out and pleaded for a second chance, promising he wouldn’t do it again.


“Don’t worry. You’re not alone” said two other prisoners.


When Joseph awoke in the morning, one prisoner told the other about his dream about how there was three grapes on a vine and he squeezed one of them into the pharaoh’s cup.


“I think I know what it means” said Joseph.


“Was I talking to you?” asked the prisoner harshly.


“Yeah, and if you think you’re so smart, why don’t you explain this dream of his to him?” asked the other prisoner.


“God has blessed me with the ability to interpret dreams” said Joseph.


“Then what are you waiting for? Tell me what it means because neither of us have a clue!” said the prisoner.


“Alright, the three grapes represent that in three days, you will be let out of here by pleasing the pharaoh with wine in his cup” said Joseph.


“Wow! That’s great news!” said the prisoner.


“Oh yeah? Well explain this dream! I’ve been having it for the past few weeks and still don’t know what it means. So I was let out of this prison cell, but as soon as I got out, I was being chased by three ravens pecking at me” said the other prisoner.


“The three ravens represent that in three days, you will be let out of here as well” answered Joseph.


“That sounds like pretty good news as well, but continue” said the prisoner.


“However, they also symbolize that on that day, you will be sentenced death by the pharaoh” said Joseph.


“No! This can’t be true! You have to be either lying or joking!” said the prisoner.


“Unfortunately, I am not” said Joseph embarrassedly.


Three days passed and sure enough, both prisoners were let out.


“Don’t forget me!” shouted Joseph.


“Quiet! And stay here!” said the prison guard.


Joseph looked at the ceiling and shouted “God! First, I was bullied by my brothers then I was sold into slavery, and now I am stuck in this prison! What have I done to deserve this?”


Joseph was in the prison for two long years until he was finally let out by Potiphar.


As he was taken into the room, he said “So I heard awhile ago that you can interpret dreams. Is that so?”


“Yes and it’s a blessing from God” answered Joseph.


“Well, none of my wizards, magicians, or wisemen can interpret my dream that I’ve been having over the past couple of weeks. Not even one. So tell me how well you can interpret this one” said Potiphar.


“Ok. Let’s hear it” said Joseph. “There were seven fat cows grazing out on the field then out of nowhere, seven skinny cows came out of the water and devoured the fat cows. I have no idea what it means and neither do they. Do you? Remember, this is your second chance” said Potiphar.


“I know exactly what it means! The seven fat cows represent seven years of food being plentiful and the seven skinny cows represent seven years of famine” said Joseph.


“I trust you but all I want to know is how we can prevent this, for it sounds very serious” said Potiphar.


“We must keep the agriculture supply up as much as we can” answered Joseph.


“Alright then” said Potiphar.


He then showed Joseph to a whole crowd of Egypt, proclaiming to them that Joseph will become one of them again for his master plans. The crowd began chanting his name. All those years had gone by and Joseph became a noble of Egypt, for he kept the nation from starving.


As he was hanging out with Anaseath, he found his ten older brothers, coming to them in request for grains. He noticed them, but they didn’t notice him. However, he pretended to be a stranger.


“Who are you people and what are you doing here?” asked Joseph.


“We are a family of twelve brothers and we have come for grains to feed our family” answered Reuben.


Joseph then counted them and shouted “Liars! There are only ten of you!”


“One of them had been sold into slavery while the other is at home with our father and sister” explained Levi.


“Ok then but go back and collect this brother of yours. Until you can prove to me otherwise, this one will remain here in Egypt as my slave!” said Joseph.


Two guards grabbed Simeon by each arm and walked away with him as he was the one Joseph pointed to.


As the nine others walked away, Issachar said “God must be punishing us for what we have done to Joseph”. The rest were in agreement.


Joseph was sitting on the throne with Simeon fanning him and Anaseath.


“You’ve done your job, slave. Now go fetch me some olives! I’m hungry!” said Joseph.


“Yes, master” said Simeon.


As he went on his way, Joseph told Anaseath, “I know all ten of those people. They’re my brothers. It really tortures me inside how they all have to go through this though they’ve treated me no differently”.


“Don’t worry, Joseph. We, Egyptians, are your family and we have treated you accordingly far more than they have. If anything, they deserve it” said Anaseath.


“No, they don’t. I’ve been given a second chance and so should they” said Joseph.


Meanwhile, the nine brothers were in the land of Canaan with Jacob, Dinah, and Benjamin. They explained the whole scenario to their father. 


“Benjamin shouldn’t go! I don’t want him ending up as a slave like Simeon. It was hard on me enough as it is with Joseph and now, Simeon gone. I can’t afford to lose another son” said Jacob.


“Benjamin will be just fine. We promise” said Judah.


“If he isn’t, I’ll die of grief” said Jacob.


Jacob and Dinah remained in Canaan while the eight brothers took Benjamin with them. As they came to Joseph, Simeon was granted freedom. All eleven brothers were given sacks of grain but before they left, Joseph secretly gave one of them his cup.


Just as they were about to talk out, Joseph ran and stopped them all, shouting “Not so fast! Why would you repay good with evil? One of you has stolen my cup!”


As they all opened their bags, Joseph took the cup out of Benjamin’s.


He shouted “Thief! For this crime, you will remain here in Egypt as my slave!”


“Our father will die of sadness if Benjamin doesn’t come home! We sold our brother into slavery and have been living with this guilt for twenty years!” said Judah.


“Take me instead!” said Reuben.


“No! Me!” said Levi.


“Please, great one!” said Zebulon.


“When you threw me into that well, you meant it as evil but I helped keep a nation from starving, which God turned into good. It’s me, Benjamin!” said Joseph.


Dan then looked at Naphtali, and he shrugged. Joseph then exclaimed his name and took off his headdress.


All eleven of his brothers were amazed as they began to notice him.


“All these years, we thought you may have been dead! Father will be more than happy to know you’re still alive!” said Simeon.


Joseph told them to gather Jacob and Dinah, so that they could all live happily in Egypt. As Jacob and Dinah came to Egypt, they were introduced to Anaseath, as were Joseph’s eleven brothers.


Joseph also told Jacob all of what had happened. “I’m very proud of you, Joseph and I know Rachel is looking down at us from Heaven, smiling” said Jacob. He hugged Joseph.



The end.

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The effort you put into it is entirely worth it. :^:

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