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River God

Spirited Away

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River God

For every step she took,
The inner strength she held shook.


As her steps rang through her ears, 
She felt a longing, hidden for years.


His words rang through her head,
Warning her with a feeling of dread


" Don't ever look back"
She saw his smiling face
Soft glittering eyes, 
seeming so out of place.


Directed at her with such a tender care
Strong and sure, but with a wavering stair.


Her family called her, her footsteps grew slow
And something deep inside told her not to go.


To turn around and run back to the wonder
To the place that had changed her forever.


With a sudden halt, she forced her head forward,
hearing his warning
Staring skyward.


" Don't ever look back"
Said his soft voice


She ached to disobey
But she had no choice.


He said he would see her. 
He said he'd come through.


To be by her side.
It was the least he could do.


But as she ran forward, 
the path guiding her way


She longed for her next chance

To be spirited away.

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Poetry has never been my strong point. I normally try by best to give my own perception of it. I believe this is a poem about a dysfunctional relationship, of a woman who revels in the feelings of love regardless of the implications or who it is. She's more in love with being in love than with the partner she is with who is always letting her down. Or maybe it's that being in love for her is something akin to magic and she prefers the flimsy feeling even though it's dangerous, and her family know this. I don't know. But it's very well-written and rhymes in all the right places. 

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