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Oxygen and Wanted Hud Position Address

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Hi Is there a way to remove them or position addresses?



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I'm sorry if my answer is not useful or is incomplete, but it's a little bit confusing the Wanted Stars position address stuff:


Wanted Active and Inactive PosX: 0x58DD0F
Wanted Inactive PosY: 0x58DFB3
Wanted Active PosY: 0x58DDFC
Wanted Active PosY 2: 0x58DEF5

Wanted Height 2: 0x58DCAA
Wanted Active Height: 0x58DD70
Wanted Inactive Height: 0x58DF5D

Wanted Width 2: 0x58DCC0
Wanted Active Width: 0x58DD86
Wanted Inactive Width: 0x58DF79

Wanted Space Between: 0x58DFED


Please have in mind that inactive wanted stars are invisible in GTASA but visible in III / VC.

With a little trick you can make those visible in SA too. If you haven't interest in modifying the inactive wanted stars then you can ignore that part.

Also, i don't remember very well because i have a lot of time without touching that script but i think the flashing stars have their own pos Y, you'll have to experiment with these addresses in order to know what exactly are those you want.


Remember there is the gta_sa.ida, please check it in order to know what exactly are you doing.


I don't have the breath bar addresses, but maybe you could figure it out if you have the address of the DrawBreath() function, which is: 0x589252

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