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Reduce draw distance?


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Hello, i'm new in the forums and i also know that some people may have talked about this before, but i didn't find topics like this one so i'm going to make it.


My PC isn't good at all to handle GTA V very well, it runs, it have some bugs that i know are because of my PC but maybe this should help, i want to reduce the draw distance more that you can in game and hide all those bad rendered things with fog, like you can do in GTA IV, i didn't found timecycles for this kind of things or make it like you could in GTA IV, adding fog and those kind of things so if someone can tell me how to do it or at least try it, it would help me a lot. Anyways thanks for reading and i'm aware that my english is bad, is not my main language so sorry for that :/.

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  • 3 months later...

GTA V does not have Draw Distance, but it has Distance Scaling (in Graphics) and Extended Distance Scaling (in advanced Graphics)

These settings control the amount of detail that is shown on distant objects. Turning those down, together with Population Density, should help.

If the lowest possible in-game settings still don't run well for you, there is a way to turn off all shadows:

Open Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\settings.xml in notepad, find ShadowQuality and set its value to 0. This will make the game run faster on any PC but it might look ugly.

edit: and maybe keep a backup copy of settings.xml before changing anything, in case the game does not like it.

Edited by AirWolf359
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