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The most mysterious song on the internet.

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Hello. I don't know if somebody already started a thread about this. If that's the case, feel free to ignore it (or close it, if you are a moderator). You maybe heard about a song which name, band that composed it or even year of release is totally unknown. Rumor has it that it was played on a german radio named "Music for young people" (in german, obviously) between 1982 and 1984. In 2007, an user of spiritofradio.ca called bluuue uploaded an extract of the song in said page. People have been looking for the band since then. A couple of months ago, the whole song was uploaded on Youtube. I'm sure no one in here knows who composed the song, but I like to listen to any theory you have. Personally, a part of me wants to know the band, but the other part wants it to remain in darkness. Any information (or theory) is welcome. I know the story of this mistery thanks to a mexican youtuber named Yoshimitsu Cáleon. This is the song, in case you don't know it:


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I was first made aware of this song through a YouTuber called Whang, who made a video dedicated to it and an update a month later. I love mysteries like this, and I love the lengths people go to when an idea is planted in heads. My theory is it's an unsigned, unknown and otherwise unremarkable band who got lucky and received airplay all that time ago. They made no other imprint on the music scene and to this day are blissfully unaware of their newfound success. Part of what makes this so captivating is the obscurity. If there was even a scrap of information from the very beginning, things wouldn't have escalated to what they have now.


Interesting thing to note is this was made public around the same time as Boards Of Canada celebrated 30 years of Warp records with an intimate mix running nearly two hours in length. In said mix there are many songs that people are hearing for the first time, some baring similarity to the styles displayed in this very song. Some theorise that the same artist who made this song found their way into the mix with another song entirely. Those looking for something similar to this might well be interested in hearing it, which is linked here.

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