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GTAForums does NOT endorse or allow any kind of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules.


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Join The New GTA V Online  Ps4 Role-play Community!!! We use police-cad.heroku.app for our CAD/MDT We Also have a discord sever coming soon


14 and up no exceptions

don't failrp discord rules go more in depth

be respectful

follow all laws as best you can

DO NOT SAY OTHER THINGS TO GET PEOPLE DOWN OR TELL THEM TO KILL THEMSELVES this will result in an insta ban and a report to discord or PlayStation or rockstar 

please use common sense

if area of rp is in Blaine county only don’t use super cars

use only realistic cars.

the insurgent or insurgent pickup are the only armored vehicles allowed and can only be used by the Police





1. Civilian-Just act like normal

2. Criminal-you do illegal things

3. Police-You must apply for this job. Your job is to keep the streets of San Andreas clean-ish.

4. Fire Department-You respond to calls of fire or if somebody’s life is in danger.

5. Paramedics/EMS-you save people’s lives by taking them to the hospital.

note: If the EMS and FD are not online police may choose to put somebody in the back and Transport them to the hospital

note: PD Must use a vehicle with lights and sirens insurgents aka The BOB Cat are allowed but for only a few reasons. SWAT, Or crowd control/riot

The Only Exception is for the Vapid Contender with these mods: Black Respray, blue under glow, cop horn, if you pull someone over you must call for a marked unit to assist you.



APPLY NOW (may only apply in the 1st -20th of each month)



Edited by LegoSnakeGaming

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Rio2098 and deathrabbit have been accepted I will get back to you shortly.

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