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Ring Dang Do

Camera Crew tips

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Ring Dang Do

Last few weeks I have been taking more pictures (selfies) than ever before and trying different outfits than actually playing the game (bankrupt now) and it’s been a rather frustrating process. Best pictures can be taken with the camera but unlike in singleplayer you only have about 2 poses and you can’t have a weapon out etc. Other option is cinematic but that’s a hit and miss, I can spend over an hour trying to get the correct angle which never comes as it’s hard to control and you don’t have much daylight to play with either. Rantover/


With this in mind I thought I would make a thread where people can post about their camera taking tips and tricks and even offer themselves up as camera crew as well for any takers.


What is your best state and location to take pictures in?


What time of day do you prefer to take pictures in for the best lighting?


Uploading PS4 pictures


* Take pictures with the camera and upload to the social club, then download the picture onto your phone. 

* Download the PS4 messaging app on your phone and send the screenshots to someone on your friends list, open the app on your phone and download the pictures onto your phone through the messaging history.


Camera Tips 


* The camera is on a tripod and can be placed on top of objects, so you can place the camera on top of a rock for a higher up picture. 

Best Locations & where to avoid 


* Lemoyne - Usually I avoid the state of Lemoyne as it gives off a yellow/green filter or a reddish filter depending on where you are standing. 
Below are 2 unedited pictures taken in Lemoyne at the same time. Top picture was taken with the camera and you can really see the yellow/green filter where as the picture below it was taken with the screenshot button.



* Heartlands - I like the lighting in Heartlands and there’s some good spots for pictures as well. Just outside Valentine there’s some rocks near the stable you can place your camera on which is ideal as it’s near town if you want to switch gear or get a haircut. Negatives is that it’s prime spot for griefers like this who will stand behind you in defensive mode then try and light you up with your back turned 



Camera Crew


If you want to put your hands up to take pictures for anyone then I can add your name to the list. If anyone wants they can PM me and I can be your snapper


Edited by Ring Dang Do

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