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Saddle stats


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I'm a little bit confused. Is Core Drain Rate and Regen Rate more important than Drain Rate? For example: I have the High Plains Cutting Saddle, where the Drain Rate is -25%, but the Regen Rate is only +12% and Core Drain Rate is only -12%. I am considering the Delgado Saddle, with Core Drain Rate of -22% and Regen Rate of +32%! But no decrease in Drain Rate (0%). The Delgado is better than High Plains Cutting in everything other than Drain Rate, and I already think my horse drains too quickly. What to do?

Edited by Comenius
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I don’t use any of the saddles that came with the Frontier Pursuits dlc for this reason. I’ve just been sticking to the one that was considered the best(don’t remember name) before the Frontier Pursuits dlc came out. It’s a damn shame cause that bounty hunter saddle looks awesome.

Edited by B Wrizzle
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Core Drain is negated by the fact you can feed your horse while riding at speed. Why worry about how quickly they get hungry when you can pick a wild carrot and fill their belly on the road?

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  • 2 weeks later...

I bought the one with all the doDads and extra blankets added the light and the special saddle bag for it


Looks super nice on the brown Turk


I was hoping for a tony soprano size saddle bag for any extra bodies..Bada Bing😎

Edited by Failed Again
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