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Portland crane (import/export) glitch


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I am currently playing GTA 3, and I am halfway through the story (Arms Shortage is my last mission completed).

I was doing the Portland crane emergency vehicle deliveries, and managed to deliver nearly all vehicles. I noticed a visual glitch where the crane was invisible, but still functional. The cars floated up into the ship as the crane noise was playing. This wasn't a problem... until I got to the tank.

I managed to get the tank from Arms Shortage by pushing it all the way from Phil's place into my garage on Stauton, and delivered it to the crane. When I got there... nothing. The invisible crane didn't want to move it. There was no popup text, no warning, not even the crane sounds, nothing. The tank just stood there. I even spawned in a new one with a cheat to see if Phil's tank in particular was the problem. It didn't work.

I heard of a glitch where if a player dies while the vehicle is being transported, the crane will become stuck, and 100% completion would be impossible, but I am 95% certain I didn't die during any delivery.

I am playing the Rockstar launcher version of the game, so it might be a new glitch.

I also "downgraded" the game using this video tutorial:


Help would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't want to ruin you mood but there is a way to actually drive the tank right after the mission to the crane (without cheats).

Back on topic - are you sure that this problem still exists after you reload your save? Also try spawning a tank with a cheat so you can test if the issue happens to all tanks.

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