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Favourite area of the map?


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for me, rockstar created the most beautiful and real game world when they made rdr2, the map feels like such a huge area, encompassing deserts, forests, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, prairies and plains and whatnot. I've genuinely just stopped dead in my tracks while playing a mission to just take it all in - but i've never really settled on one favourite area. it seems to me you need a bit of variation or you'll get bored.


anyone else feel the same? some places i find myself coming back to just to enjoy the atmosphere. i'd say tumbleweed has a particularly creepy vibe about it that i really like - saint denis is probably the greatest little town in sandbox game history for sheer beauty and depth. i'd probably take cumberland forest as my favourite rural area if i had to pick. 

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I’m not sure it’s my favourite but I know the area between Horseshoe Overlook and Valentine like the back of my hand.  I know the way to Clemens Point from there pretty well too as well as to Rhodes.  Once I got to Saint Denis though I stopped being able to travel just by the sights, probably due to how big it is.  Could’ve done with spending more time getting to know it probably.

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Old Man With No Name

Rathskeller folk in New Austin.


I know, it just a ranch without nothing, but i had so many memories from first rdr in the past. Im still visit this place and killing ranchers in there


and the castle in mexico

Edited by GroveStGTAV
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Cutter De Blanc

There is an area in Scarlett Meadows by Robard Farm, there is a tree between two scarecrows, and under that tree is a campfire. That is one of my favorite areas. 


Also all of Rio Bravo/Gaptooth Ridge, hard to pick one spot there, maybe Del Lobo rock

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I like spending time in Roanoke Ridge during the day. Near the rivers mostly or around Van Horn Trading post.


The Grizzlies is another fave spot.


Edited by Virtual-Antics
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Lemoyne outlaw
6 hours ago, Alexlecj said:

Scarlett Meadows.


i 100% agree. i just love the red soil and southern charm. in fact i would say lemoyne might be my favorite state. because i also love the bayou too. although im not a huge fan of saint denis. i mean its cool that they added it. but im with arthur and john that the countryside and wide open areas are better. especially for a western. for gta its fine to have a big city. but its different for a western.


i will also add another one of my favorite areas is the heartlands. i love the cool twin stack pass and wide open plains. its very nice. and valentine is probably my favorite town.  maxresdefault.jpg

Edited by confederatestatesgta
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Horseshoe Overlook, Heartlands, all of Lemoyne, Big Valley, Cumberland Forest.

Edited by Dan_1983
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Love a lot of areas but this one gives me the ultimate feeling of nostalgia



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I love the area around the Wapiti Reservation and Calumet Ravine. It's one of my favorite fishing spots. Just beautiful and peaceful up there.

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The Heartlands of New Hanover, Tall Trees, New Austin and the swamps of Lemoyne. 

Edited by Jabalous
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Wholeheartedly agree the playable map is beautiful. In terms of meeting all my needs , Saint Denis is always the winner if I want to cover all the bases(Sell to fence, ammo stockup, new clothes etc.)With that being said, Tall Tree's forest and the Bayou NWA/Black water marsh at night provide some of the best atmosphere I've ever experienced in a game....Pretty much the only time in a video game that I've found myself drawing my gun and spinning on the spot in fear xD

Edited by HeOfManyGames1
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