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[PS4] If You're Looking for Solid Players to Complete Heists and Other Jobs - Post Within

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This thread is for all Players looking for trusty side-kicks, who won't quit on you.


If you can drive, hack, pilot, etc.

Leave your PSN here and preferred Role.

Hopefully someone will get back to you.


Here's an example:


PSN: maryjanespade

Preferred Heist Role: Prison Officer

Edited by GAME Radio FM
Wasn't finished

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Don't need help with anything, but I'm usually joining heists on call. If anyone needs help.

Psn: Carlin_stanhope

Preferred heist role: anything you need.

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I need help to farm experience... Anyone can help?

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PSN: spencer_fishhook

in need of people to fill roles for my clubs and businesses, and to preform heists 

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Rather than making a new thread and sh*tting up this board, I'll post here. 


I recently bought a Nightshark because I heard it can withstand over 20 rockets and it's true. If anyone needs an armored drug/gun runner, let me know in game ASAP. 


PSN: maryjanespade 


I'll be on all night tonight. 

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I know method to save Heli and car on Pac Standard. I'm a Filler only. I have a mic. If you play on hard with saved heavy combat gear. I fill on Doomsday also. add me with the subject "Heist": ALLWORLD19

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Hello friends, (PSN) Thank you. I am looking for some patient soul to help me catch up on the heists, hanger, facilities and such things. I haven’t played in over three years. However, I purchased a facility and hanger. Basically, I need a few people or someone to let me in their circle for some guidance. I am completely cool with being an objective player, but willing bring my guns to town anytime. I have a buzzard and do missions usually to earn money. 




add me on psn or reply


Thank You 

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This is a very helpful thread but can we also write for both consoles and not just PS4?

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