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Treasure map worth?


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How much do you net from a single treasure map? I have 12 that I didn’t do yet, and I’m wondering if it’s worth doing?

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Rewards from Treasure Maps are somewhat random. There is a huge thread in the general RDO forums touching on the subject. I've gotten anywhere from 25 RDO$ to 300~RDO$, and from what I've seen around a gold bar or more. It varies, but my experience is generally a solid in between for the rewards.


It's worth doing in general. Though some prefer to let theirs build-up. But don't let them get to insanely stacked.


Here is the Topic on Treasure Maps. It's an old one, the newer posts are more on topic then older. But it's all relatively good information.


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You won't see 300$ without a treasure bonus, the non bonus ranges seem to be $25-200 and 20 or 30 gold nuggets up to 2 gold bars. On average I seem to get around 100 bucks and 1 gold bar from a map (didn't do any math for that, likely a bit higher average on bars) so I definitely say they're worth it for something that you pick up/find randomly and takes little effort to secure the treasure. 


Also you can have one of each map on you, up to 29 total I believe, you can't carry duplicate maps so any duplicates you find on bodies you won't see at all, and any dupes in the mail will be unavailable to pick up until you have used up the corresponding map in your satchel.

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$100 and 1 gold bar is about the current average i find. I gold bar is basically $25 dollars.
So $125 is about what i get if i averaged out the various amounts. I have 9 maps banked and about 70 chests found.

Getting a tonic is a little bonus i get about every 4 or 5 chest.
Pamphlets? I have 3 tonic recipes i found in chests, and i only used the horse med once for a daily.

Right now i do not need money or gold so i am going to bank my treasure maps for now.

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Next-Gen Vercettis
On 10/13/2019 at 11:49 PM, Foxwolfe said:

You won't see 300$ without a treasure bonus... 

What's this? 

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8 hours ago, Next-Gen Vercettis said:

What's this? 


Ya know how they do bonuses on things, like bonus XP on freeroam missions etc etc, it's that but bonus gold/money from treasure chests. They've only used it once so far and it ran for a few weeks I think, but you won't see an amount like 300$ from one without it unless they change the payouts.

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On 10/23/2019 at 12:43 PM, Next-Gen Vercettis said:

What's this? 

One week they gave a bonus % on treasure maps. I don't remember what is was, maybe 25-30%?

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You ain't getting any richer with them maps sitting in your pocket, and every time you're in the area of one and you don't exploit it-- only means you're going to have to spend time later on having to ride all the way back when you finally do decide to collect.

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I average $77 to $132 or so, plus a tonic .27 gold bar/plus or whatever. So I figure they are worth it, even using fast travel from my camp/somewhere to get near the treasure location. I'll usually wait until I have 3 or so, then do all of them at once when I just did a resupply at the camp.


Pamphlet! Yeah, I got one recently that I did not have. It was "Special Horse Stimulant"; Some of those are pricey, at the fence, so cool deal I guess.


Or I get the Cattail Pond one, like I did just now, over the railroad tracks with the two dead skeleton prisoners. In that one I got...




Opened it and got nothing. If you do eagle eye, it still has the glowing yellow sparkles, but get nothing.


I looked it up, many players have had trouble with that and wrote tickets and some got a response from Rockstar like, "Oh yeah, we know we are working on that..."


I'd wait and save them all, until that bonus, but the dupes are waiting in the "ether" for you until you finish the current one (like you'll finish Cattail Pond, or whatever, then you when you get stuff from your camp lockbox you'll get "Cattail Pond", which was not there before that.) So there doesn't seem to be much point unless you KNOW that bonus thing is happening at some point?


So if you have 12, you probably have a bunch more of the "dupes" once you do those. What I mean by "dupes", is how "Hennigan's Stead Central" and Hennigan's Stead North" are two different ones (so you can have those), but if you were to receive another "Hennigan's Stead Central" you'd not get it until you did the first one and then opened your lockbox/mailbox again.

Edited by Krommer
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