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Californian State Roleplay


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Californian State Roleplay | Xbox / PS4 / FiveM

About Us
> Csrp is a newly established community with almost 100 members already! Csrp was established on the 29th July 2019. And is one of the few community's that is offering roleplay for all platforms. Ps4, Xbox One, and FiveM / PC. And trust me it is worth joining. We have a series of well trained staff members which know how to keep this community running. We have a well organised and maintained discord server which is easy to navigate through which is weirdly unheard of for alot of console community's especially. Something I have to show off for you. Each week the community gathers together and discusses what they want changed added or removed. At csrp we are not solely based on profit; this community was built from the ground up, around the users that play on it. What ever the majority want happened we will act upon. But enough of that... Don't believe me when I say this community is a one of a kind? Then try it out! Literally join for 5 minutes and you won't regret it. Now heres some specs and stuff on what we offer.


FiveM - Still Under Development
- Custom Vehicles, Skins, and Sound effects.
- In game C.A.D Menu (No more tabbing in and out of game :pray:)
- Open departments (alot of departments including National Guard.)


- C.A.D System.
- Private Sessions at least 2 times a day!
- Working Economy! (took us a long time to set up so I do brag about it a little)
- Active businesses. Casino, shops ect.
- And obviosly the departments. (Highway Patrol, Sherrifs Office, Los Santos Police Department, Civilian, Dispatch, Fire Department, Emergency Medical Dep, National Guard and to be honest more are coming...


- A wholesome community.

Join and you won't regret it! And to top it off we do giveaways weekly! Up to $50 ;). Will hopefully see you there soon.

Join here - NO TRAINING OR INTERVIEWS NEEDED! https://discord.gg/vFuuMps

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Hey I’m on Xbox and wondering that I can be in your rp I love rps but it always goes to crap when people start killing each other and hoping that these rps are better and have professionals 

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