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Grand theft auto: a liberty city tale

josh coley

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                              Grand theft auto: a liberty city tale



                                    set in the year 2010 in liberty city and the state of alderney, 2 years after the events of grand theft auto 4,

                                                      grand theft auto: a liberty city tale has you play as 31 year old frank destriero who has recently taken over

                                                      the pegorino crime family and renamed it the destriero crime family. aspects from previous gta games such as 

                                                      empire building and properties have returned and are better than before. the map from gta 4 returns but now has 

                                                      two new large areas added to it that are accesible by the player.





                               liberty city: returns from gta 4 with several new locations

                                                      stauntan island: a whole new section added to liberty city (based on staten island). contains a small residential area. is home to a forest wetland                                                          wildlife preserve and is where the city dump is located.

                                                      alderney county: a massive countryside area about the size of blaine county from gta 5 that is home to several small towns, farms, and forests.



                                                                                                                         Mafia managment:

                              mafia managment is a side mission and money making opportunity that can be done by the player outside of story missions.

                                                     mafia managment works similar to empire building in grand theft auto vice city stories. there are several enemy gangs you can steal

                                                    businesses from listed here.

                                                                                  angels of death: color: grey

                                                                                  spanish lords: color: yellow

                                                                                  pavano crime family: color: green

                                                                                  triads: color: red

                                                                                  russian mob: color: blue

                                                     to start a business, purchase a property or steal one from and enemy gang. then choose what type of business you want it to be. each business                                                             costs money to set up depending on the business level you selected. types of businesses include


                                                                  loan sharking



                                                                  gun running


                                                   after you've chosen the business type. you choose what level business you want. small time businesses are guarded by weak goons armed with                                                         baseball bats and pistols and dont make much money. medium businesses are guarded by goons armed with smgs and shotguns and make a                                                             decent amount of money. high roller businesses are guarded by strong goons armed with assault rifles and make very large amounts of money. 










meat cleaver










desert eagle


snubnose revolver




stubby shotgun

sawed off shotgun

combat shotgun


Submachine guns:

micro uzi

tec 9




Assault rifles




sniper rifles

sniper rifle

combat sniper








triggered explosive

gas can



                                                                                 More coming soon.....

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