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Help! I pre-ordered the game and got charged 3 times...


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Hey everyone,

I just pre-ordered the game through the Rockstar Games Launcher but for some reason my credit card got charged 3 times in total. 

Basically, I wanted to make the purchase through PayPal and when I got redirected and filled in all my details, the launcher returned a transaction error:

So I thought it's just a bug, restarted the launcher and tried the same thing again, only to receive the same error. After that, I switched the payment method to VISA and paid directly via credit card. This transaction was successful and the game was added to my library. 

However a couple of minutes later, I received additional charges for the two previously failed transactions. I'm not sure how this can happen since when there was an error, it shouldn't charge you and cancel automatically and that's what I thought happened.
My question is how do I get the money (2x 59,99€) back? I tried submitting a ticket to R* customer service but the page is broken.

Please help ;( 

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I had the same thing happen here. Rockstar Support Twitter directed me to the Rockstar Warehouse. Big help that was considering they can't even find the order, much less allow you to submit the refund request.


Any ideas? I literally just want to refund one order here.

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At least I'm not the only one. 

So far, I was able to submit a ticket through HERE

Just click on the envelope that says "Contact Us". The thing is I'm not expecting a reply sooner than a couple of days, which is annoying cause I really don't want to lose that much money. Hopefully they'll be able to help, they must be expecting problems with their new launcher, this is a serious one though.

EDIT: You can also find the email confirmations of the purchases from Rockstar and add the order numbers to the ticket. That should help them take care of it faster.

Edited by Trash_Ok
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That's what I've done, especially after an order that I was told was "Cancelled" suddenly went through as well.


This is more than a serious issue with their launcher, this is unacceptable.

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Update - My issue was solved!


After submitting a ticket, Rockstar confirmed it was a mistake on their side and gave me a full refund for all the failed transactions. 



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Sa,e thing happened with me :( got it sorted, they let you keep the free games too - sadly I selected the same free games each time

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It happened to me too using PayPal. I submitted a ticket and received the refund within a couple of days.

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