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was michael right to do it?

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sometimes i feel that he’s the biggest judas ever but other times i think he did it for the family means he had every right to do it. i want to hear some opinions about this.

edit:for some reason i can’t add poll, whenever i try, the site loads itself again.

Edited by Max.pain

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M is one of the most questionable characters in the series. I never understood why he wanted T dead from the beginning, yes I know T is crazy and all but he never intended to harm him or his family.

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i think michael was scared T would do something crazy when he wants to get out of the game

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Do it as in what he did to Trevor and Brad? I'd say it wasn't right but somewhat understandable if you're in the 'family means more than anything' school of thought


Michael had a growing family with two young kids and with a criminal life being as it is he had the most to lose compared to his associates. Of course selling his closest friend out like that is a dick move and it's not a morally good decision, but then Michael wasn't living a morally good lifestyle in the first place so his choices were limited. Even in the story we see that he cares and tries to do his best for his family in his own twisted way, so if you want to be sympathetic towards M you can say he did what he had to do to help his growing family.


Of course he got a sweet deal from it with the money, mansion and his record erased and iirc he even says to Franklin near the end that if we get caught we'll put the blame on Trevor, so you can say he does do what's convenient for him. But then I don't think Trevor would take too kindly to Michael saying directly that he wants out of this and would probably keep coming back. So Michael probably had no other choice in this case even though it wasn't exactly right.

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Michael knew he was getting old and Trevor was crazy. He knew that if he'd have stuck around doing heists with Trevor and Brad eventually he'd die. Trevor wanted to keep on going. Like Michael told Franklin in Fresh meat "Look you wake up one day and your legs they just give and you just cant run anymore." Criminals can't just retire and I don't think Michael would just tell Trevor that he wanted out and wanted to stop doing heists and even if he did I don't think Trevor would take the news lightly.


The feds were already onto them it was only a matter of time before they either died or did time.

Edited by Zello

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I really like Trevor as a character. But it would be a nightmare to be around a person like that; he's a freaking psycho _and_ a dangerous liability in case of emegency. So yeah, Michael did not do a good thing there - but again, all those things he did with Trevor and Brad weren't really nice as well, were they?

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I’m actually gonna defend Michael on this one. Trevor was crazy and Brad was a jerk. He was actually quite smart for wanting to get away from both of them. If I were him I would’ve probably done the same with the feds on my tail. Also, he had known Trevor and Brad for YEARS prior to 2004 and ya know, there’s only so much of them you could take. Michael is one of the smartest characters in the game IMO, alongside Lester. He knows predicaments when he sees them and even taught Franklin very well about what it’s like to become middle aged and go into retirement. That’s a thing I really like about Michael. He’s also very blunt and knows how to get stuff done, much like many previous GTA protagonists. I know this is a bit off topic, but in ending B, I personally think that he staged the phone call from Amanda because he knew or could sense what was going down as an attempt to make Franklin feel bad and give up doing what he was about to do.

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50 minutes ago, ThatKyloRenGuy said:

he knew or could sense what was going down as an attempt to make Franklin feel bad and give up doing what he was about to do

hmmmm. i think michael would have just shot frank right there if he knew what frank was there for

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Grotti Vigilante

Michael's actions based on what we were given in the story are morally questionable. However, that's what makes him interesting as a character. A character that makes all the right decisions with no consequences for any possible bad ones they make (if they make any at all) is not an interesting character at all. Not to mention, making the right decisions wouldn't make them suitable for a GTA game since they would've already made the right decision to live an honest life and not one of crime. But that's going on a tangent. The point is, Michael was getting old and had a family to live for, and if he carried on doing what he did he'd have risked losing them or getting himself killed and leaving them without a strong protector, as well as turning Amanda into a poor single mother. He probably did what he had to do, but I feel GTA V sort of failed to expand on Michael's side of the story. We saw Trevor whinge about it to make Michael out as the bad guy, but that's all I remember. 

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