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GTAForums does NOT endorse or allow any kind of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules.

Just 10 Suggestions for GTA Online.


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Number 1. Cops need a nerf please




First. I believe that cops could use a few factors of changes, the idea is to simply up the fun, and down the stress of the online mode or even single player mode. by nerfing the cops slightly.

Step 1. reduction in the cops accuracy by maybe just 10%, and their damage from shotguns by 30%.

Step 2. when trying to evade cops, the time to lose stars would be reduced by a bit, time to evade is based on star wanted level. max is 50 seconds. 

standing in a bush would cloak the player and hide them, and reduce the cops ability to see you, similar to something like Assassins creed

1 major issue i have with cops in Gta is how they are all Psychic. they teleport in front of you when driving, they know where you are at all times. 


Cops really shouldn't home in on you like they always know where you are, or spin around when you are driving forward, because they spawn in front of you

The number 1 issue i have, is their instant killing 1 shot headshot accuracy while you are driving, they can snipe you. i wish that cops could not 1 shot, or headshot at all.  any npcs, that should be a player only thing

it would be more fun if while in a car, damage to your health from Npcs, was reduced by 30%. but that you can also regenerate while in the car up to 100% if you were at 50% health. 

and for helicopters, they should have their respawn time increased by at least 10 seconds, it feels like taking out 1 helicopter spawns 2 more in its place. and they come back every 20 seconds.

they spawn so fast you can barely ever evade cops, because they always go to your exact location. 


i just want to have fun in GTA like i used to, the "ultra Realism yuh" stuff kind of kills fun in terms or acceptance of an overbearing grindwall. its nice to have a challenge, but cops are insanely overpowered

tap a car, 1 star, and you get 3 cop cars. 

1 star should give you 1 cop car, 2 cops, not out to kill you until you draw a gun. the cops in the game are shoot to kill no matter what you do.

punch 1 person, 1 star 2 cops show up and 1 shot you with a gun. i think the overall crime thing is lame. i just wish it was a little more fair versus the way it is now

like what if you could walk down the street and box - fight punch people, getting into brawls and stuff, melees. 

But as soon as you pull out a weapon, or gun, it changes, fists = no cops. melee = 1 star and the cops will be on their way, use any gun, shoot 2 people, 2 stars now. 

it really is the biggest centerpiece of the game, the combat, and opposition of the LAW, the law gun getcha, yes yes. 

=o crime is bad, but GTA is just a game, and games should be enthusiastic towards having fun. 

i mean, GTA online made like 6 billion dollars or something, it is a good, successful game, like the number 1. it would be nice for a bit of changes to the game. 


what if there was another new update, like a carnival island, with rides, minigames, and events every day. tons of prizes, cosmetics, and other fun games. 

and what if melee, fist fights overall had an update, with up to 5 melee fighting styles players could pick and use, with punches, blocks, kicks, headbutts, martial arts, grapples. 

melee is fun


---[Health idea]

A 2nd idea i have, just overall, is a change to the health system, from healing to halfway to full 100%. but it would still have a change

when brought below, 100% to 50% or lower, it will regenerate to 50% first, then after 10 seconds of taking no damage at 50% it would heal back to 100%

Snacks help as well, to speed this up. but you can heal back up to 100% instead of only 50%. 


Honestly, i wish we just could regenerate to 100% and have a new update to have up to 125% health. 

if you are low on health and eat a snack you can heal up to 125% health. it  stays up for awhile, then goes down after 3 minutes of being full

your health looks like this though [50%][50%][25%] 3 bars. 


Maybe the option to have a bigger snack supply of up to 30 of each snack.



3rd idea would be a reduction in the cost of all ammo across the game, the cost of ammo brought down by 30% across the board. 

its usually dumb to do a mission, and get barely 10-15,000$, then spend 10,000$ on ammo again and 500$ on 1 armor. like wow.

Overall it would be nice if there was a permanent 30% discount on all gun upgrades, purchases, and ammo. 


Recently, in a patch, i logged on to see that all my Ammo was now 0. on all my guns, this happened on the Casino release. it cost me 300,000$ 

no compensation at all. the day before, my ammo was full, then the update came out, and it went to 0. it took hours to get that 300,000 back. -_-



4th idea is the GTA, grand theft, aspect of the game. i wish, that the price of selling stolen cars would go up by 2x. doubling the payout of Grand theft in the game as a side currency income.

Still limited to 1 sale per in game day, and no "too Hot" vehicles still. minimum of 5000$ for any stolen cars, but a cap sum of 10,000$. 

"Too hot" cars can be sold to a place. but for no cash, just rep. 

^if you want to sell the Too hot car, it will start of a new side mission. the mission immediately becomes an option when you go to a customs shop.

it pops up, as a cellphone call, looking to sell the car?. you say no, and it does nothing, but say yes, and you start a 3 star wanted level chase with cops.

Evade the 3 stars, lose the cops, and then, a location pops up on the map to deliver the TOO hot car. you will be given 1000 - 2000 RP based on the car delivered. 

Maybe the player could also be given 5000-10,000$ for their trouble. but who knows.


it would be better if simeon gave out better rewards to. i wish that GTA online had "Mayhem" missions, where no cops or cops only would show up.

the mayhem missions spawn randomly every 5 minutes, and creates a "survival zone on the map, in online while in these zones, no players can hurt each other. 

but you compete to dish out as many kills or as much damage as possible. currently we have stuff like this, but it is pvp only and players wreck each other

this would be more Pvevp oriented, where players compete, but can not hurt each other. 

it would be nice to see more Pvevp missions that are competitive but dont encourage pay to win trolling... i mean how many players take you out on the flying motorcycle



5th idea is to increase the overall payout of all cash from all missions, modes, races, events, ETC. of all kinds in the game by just 20%. 

the game can be such a grind, i get its to influence people to buy the shark cards. but honestly, its exhausting, running 1 mission 400 times. just to get the 6 million to afford anything in the game

every decent cool car, or house, stuff is all 2 million to 6 million each. and even then, spending 80$ real money, gets you like 8 million in game currency. its pretty insane really

a slight increase to the payouts, or even a permanent 2x RP and cash for everything in the game, would be pretty cool. 

like doing races, gets like 3000$. and then you go and look, and see that you need 2 million for anything. most of everything. woo, fun....


i really wish there was an easier way for heists to be set up, or to allow more 2 player heists. and make all heists replayable

failed so many times with public heists, and each time you fail, the payout drops significantly.



6th idea i have, is to allow players to have Private lobbies, simply from in game, to keep out all the "trollish" ness that comes with being forced into public lobbies.

it would be nice, after all these years to just let players play with their friends. i have joined and played so many lobbies that simply are not fun do to players and their behaviors

arguments, fighting, screaming, all the time, people are terrible you know. 

they use the "pay to win" like vehicles, the flying bike, the flying delorean, the bullet tanks, jets, and fly around killing everyone, all the time. the pvp aspect is awful.

it would just be better to make it optional, i get "passive" mode. was a bandaid to that, but than it hampers every other aspect of the game, its anti fun


It would be as easy as, a player sets up a lobby to friends/invite only, and they can play 100% of the online game in that lobby and with friends, without dealing with the harassment of others.

its just obnoxious when people are always attacking you, while you load in, killing you in the process, and destroying your vehicles, or whatever. everyone hates it

i've been in so many lobbies, listening to people Screaming at eachother, there could even be a "ghost player" option. 

simply open the lobby menu, and ghost a player, and now that player can no longer damage or hurt you or your car. it would be like passive mode, but you can still play the game normally

that 1 person cannot get in your car, can not hit you, hurt you, or damage your stuff in any way. 


When GTA 5 starts up you can, pick story or online from the start, then if you pick online

You can -Join public, Start Private, or join friend, these 3 options will show up while Online is loading, this would be a very helpful change. considering the 1 minute load time wait.



7th i wish we had an option to permanently turn off the Cellphone spam, and notification spam in the top right corner.

a simple 1 check option, and you will receive no more NPC phone calls ever again

And another check, and you will never see the top right tutorial pop ups at all. 

simple quick easy no more annoying calls. i literally got called 9 times in 3 minutes, and its just a hassle. 



8th another quick set option, is auto Bank deposits, of all cash. straight into your bank stash, and not on hand cash.

doing a mission gives you on hand cash. then you quit and exit. 

while loading in, the game throws you into a full lobby, and some guy kills you while you are loading in. taking your cash. -_-

-on the other hand, you load in and quickly enable passive mode, then. pull up your phone, go to internet, then money, then the faze bank, then the deposit, then they amount, then yes, then are you sure...

now its deposited, woo, that was a ton of menu screens. what if all you had to do, was pull up your phone, and there was an auto app right there on it. to deposit all on hand cash. 

pull up the phone, select deposit cash, from the phone, and done. simple and easy. no 8 menu screens to sift and load through while standing still out in the open, where public randoms can kill you easy

its happened a bunch of times after doing a bunch of missions.

But honestly rockstar, i wish jobs would dish out double the RP and Cash at all times to ease the grind. even then, i have bought 1 20$ card, simply to get a bit of a start, then i saw how much the game costs.

like really, to get "Everything" it is way over 300 million or more dollars, the casino alone was probably 68 million. i wish the casino had better payouts, its fun to do the games, not slots, yeah

i'd really love to see more gambling games in the casino, just for fun. it would be nice if it had better odds. or more skill based minigames. Thank you for the casino, i like blackjack. 

PLEASE LET US RUN in the casino, cause that Walking speed is really really slow. -_-


---[MC-CEO Thematic Lobbies]

9th i wish MC jobs had better payouts as well, or more customization, options, and missions, jobs to do. 

Maybe a rework of the lobby systems in general, for when you want to actually MC, you can join MC lobbies, where only Motor clubs can join.

These lobbies, they house up to 4 MCS, and you can only join if you are in an mc, you and your whole MC will be pulled into it, and it is a public only lobby.

this way people looking to do work, or pvp challenges could engage with others looking to actually do those types of modes

it would also be there for the CEO variants as well. -private lobbies you could group up with friends, join into your mc with them, then the president can join their MC into the MC lobby if they wanted


---[Side store ownership minigames]

10th what if there were Residual industrial income places, that the player can buy, to gain constant flows of cash. 

Such as 1 fast food places, you can buy them, work at them with minigames, to go up the rank, at rank 5, you can purchase and own the place.

working there gives you rp and cash, and when you own it you can gain constant income of up to 1000$ a ingame day. 

these places, all of them, have 5 ranks, at rank 5 you can buy them out and own them. they are all individual, and any player can own any of them, up to 5. 

5 Types. 1 Clothing stores, 2 car repair shop/dealership, 3 fast food, 4 jewelry/music store, 5 gas stations.

1 Clothing stores can give up to 1000$ a day   [make outfits for a person that matches their desires] 

2 Car repair/dealerships give up to 1500$ a day [fix cars, deliver the car to its owner] 

3 Fast food is up to 1000$ a day   [minigame is making food, or handing out correct orders] 

4 jewelry music stores are up to 2000$ a day [match gems to right person, or music genre to right person]

5 gas stations are up to 500$ a day [pump gas - wash cars]


each one has a minigame side mission to do, and you do that, rank up, then buy the place for an amount to gain daily income. 

with up to 5 as a max, that would be about 2500 - 10,000$ per in game day.  you can own 5 of any, and customize all of them as you like.

Your rank at a store will not decrease, once you hit rank 5. it can be yours. doing the minigames gives out cash. every store around the game world can be bought if it is "For sale"



Thank You rockstar. for the years of gaming you have granted to us. xO



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3 minutes ago, MSK 2019 said:

Send your ideas to officially gta online feedback page https://www.rockstargames.com/GTAOnline/feedback


i tried but they have a limit of words, like only 300 i think. iam an enthusiastic person, and have a bunch of feedback, but, the limitations of that are not enough.

it barely could hold the first topic. like only 5 lines of it. 

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