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Red Dead Online: PC Mods!!!


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Ok, RDR2 has been announced for a PC release set for November 5th (one month away). With this, like GTA5 we can expect to see mods make their way into the Red Dead franchise. Can we get a section within these forums dedicated to mods?


One mod I hope to see is Mexico added to the game. Remember when Rockstar shut down the team who was working on a GTA5 mod that would add the entire RDR1 map to GTA5? Based on the images and footage those modders (White Team) shared with he community, Mexico was an impressive recreation of the first game. It can be done, it has been done, but it never saw the light of day unfortunately. Hopefully with this new PC version a Mexico mod won’t run into any Rockstar barriers. Why? because the first attempt at a Mexico mod (GTA5 map mod) the modders were creating a map that was owned by Rockstar, which is why they had to stop at Rockstar’s request. This time though.... the modders wouldn’t be creating anything that isn’t already in the game. Think about it... anyone who’s ventured outside RDR2’s borders knows Mexico is already in the game. All modders would have to do this time around is add textures to an existing space.

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9 minutes ago, djb204 said:

Can we get a section within these forums dedicated to mods?



This subforum is for Red Dead Online discussion, all PC related discussion including talk about things like mods should be in the PC subforum linked above.



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