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WANGAN Movement - Automotive Crew


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JOIN TODAY: WANGAN Movement (Social Club)


Most automotive crews these days, live by strict rules not to word your opinion on things that they enforce. Whether your car is too eccentric, or just steps out of line with their own demographic, they may suppress you, until you have no choice, but to adapt. We would like to give you a hard F-U, and tear down your 'clean' world. Anyone can create some "piece of art" that will gather the attention of people and have them compliment you. But only a true artist can bring something onto the streets of Los Santos, which will not only disturb some, but also infuriate them. This is your chance to spin some heads, and your wheels.


emblem_128.pngDARE TO CHANGE.

The rules state that in order for your tuning skills to be "acknowledged", all you need is a car that is nice and low. Do yourself a favor. Stop playing nice. We at WANGAN Movement would like to introduce you to new possibilities, ideas and inspirations on how to stand out amongst a crowd of those who prefer to play it safe. We will reward those with their own values. Take your daily Japanese tuner with that innocent looking spoiler, and simplistic aftermarket wheels, and trick it out to the max. Neonlights, crazed-out color combinations, anything that your heart desires - Just make sure, you can rock that style.


emblem_128.pngDARE TO CHALLENGE.

Showing off your ride, is just half the job done. To further prove yourself amongst us, you must show your skills behind the steering wheel. And like a former street racing group might have (almost) worded it: "Drag-racing is for the weak. We only do maximum technique." This however, also includes basic driving skills, including throttle management, parking, behavior on the road, and passing traffic. And if that sounds too boring for you, why don't you give drifting or Rally-X a shot? We will gladly test you in order to determine your talents. Speaking of which...


emblem_128.pngDARE TO LEARN.

Not everyone was born to be the next Senna, Röhrl, or Tsuchiya. And certainly not everybody can drive in Los Santos. Especially not your everday average joe behind the wheel of his useless crossover SUV. But if you cannot keep up with the pace, do not fear! We will offer you excessive training and details on how to improve your driving, and how to behave during events. Your training will go beyond hitting the apex, or catching the right angle. The most important lesson of any automotive crew, is to respect other drivers - whether it be your friends, the police, or others. Learn the basics of respecting the streets, and driving safely without harming anyone else, and you may be able to do the same thing at higher speeds across the freeways.


emblem_128.pngDARE TO AID.

When was the last time that you have studied your automotive lexicon? How many cultures do you know? How many race drivers? How do you check your oil level? All those questions shall be answered to you. And if you have something to offer yourself, feel free to talk up about it. New members will come in unexperienced, not knowing where to go or what to do. Once you have learned and acquired the basics, teach someone else. Sure, most of them will have to run the mile by themselves, but that does not mean that there should not be anyone else to show them the way.


emblem_128.pngDARE TO BE UNIQUE.

Everyone might bring something to the table that makes them stand out amongst others. Since we are still recruiting, feel free to deliver your own assets. Especially media creators with the right tools to spice up pictures or videos are openly invited to contribute their talents to this crew. For further ideas, suggestions, or related input, make sure to join our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/hNhba5k







Godspeed, you magnificent brothers!




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