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Medium warehouses, are they worth it?


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After experiencing how much of a pain in the ass it is to sell your cocaine lockup, weed farm, and meth labs when they're full when you don't have friends available to help you, that got me thinking about crate warehouse sales. Might it be better to get medium sized warehouses? Could that be the Goldilocks effect for a solo player trying to sell a full warehouse? Does anybody know how many trucks/trips I would have to take to deliver a full medium sized warehouse?

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It's no use, you might as well get a large one instead.

Or get a small one.


Small warehouses hold up to 16 crates. You can use them for single vehicle sales (up to 9 crates) or for storing the expensive specialty items.

A full small warehouse sale is 2 vehicles


Medium and Large warehouses both result in 3 sale vehicles when sold full, however a large warehouse gets you a more money per crate. (20k vs 17.5k)

You might want to use a medium warehouse if you are going for 2 delivery vehicles (39 crates) but most people do full large warehouses for maximum profit, or small warehouses with 9 crates for a single delivery vehicle.

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Coffee Grinder

If you use a small WH. just do 9 crates. 1 vehicle for delivery. 126k sale. That's at regular money.  I like to do 27 crate sale for 432k.  I have not done any larger sales yet. It is my understanding that a 111 crate sale will sell for 2.2 million regular money.  If you see the plane prompt, change session immedietly.( Titan glitch and you can lose everything.) As for MCs just do 1 puchase supplies. Let cook then sell solo. You can make all deliveries solo. Close down weed. Not worth it plus sometimes you get 3 vehicles. Impossible solo. Just do Coke , Cash, and Meth. If you have Nite Club, assign techs to make more money. They are not cheap you will make it back fairly quick. You do not have to have MC running or organization running to produce Nite Club money.  All of this being said I only sell in SOLO public lobbies. I don't need bonus monies.

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You can easily sell a whole 111 crate warehouse in the 30mins it gives you, even if if you get the 3x Cubans sale. You even have time to scout the drop off points (get in sale vehicle to trigger, then get out and pick up an armed aircraft), in the event it gives you a sale with 3x enemy helicopters. These were the days before R* started forcing you to play with others. It is recommended that you do it in a solo public session though, so as to avoid leaving stock unguarded on the map.


The Per-crate price goes up the more you sell, so selling smaller amounts is a waste of time.


9 crate sale: $14,000 per crate.

16 crate sale (full small warehouse): $15,000 per crate.

27 crate sale: $16,000 per crate.

42 crate sale (full medium warehouse): $17,500 per crate.

111 crate (full large warehouse): $20,000 per crate.


I've never had the Titan glitch, and I'm at over 2,000 crate missions. Wouldn't quitting out/changing sessions return your product to the warehouse if a drop didn't trigger?


Edit: Knowledge base topic:



Edited by whywontyoulisten
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10 hours ago, whywontyoulisten said:

I've never had the Titan glitch, and I'm at over 2,000 crate missions. Wouldn't quitting out/changing sessions return your product to the warehouse if a drop didn't trigger?



I have had the Cuban glitch, it just didn't drop the cargo on one of the points... Just changed sessions, lose some crates but not the full shipment.

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Med warehouses NO. 2 large WH and 1 small for special crates is the way to go for solos.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I might as well throw my two cent in this i have a medium warehouse and a vehicle warehouse also a nightclub all three can do solo that my opinion and it very easy.

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