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Where will you create your Survival?

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Is in title, where would you create your Survival? Will you dismiss the token locations or will you redo them? Will you make a impenetrable MG safari booth or will you make a challenging, but doable survival?


I'll go with Paleto Bay, but a Paleto Forest tunnel also seem to be a nice survival spot.

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Gotta be the Altruist Camp for me.

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Spectre "2K"

the recycling plant or mission row police station if i'm able to enter interiors. If not, the kortz center 

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Benny Guy

Quite frankly any interior.


Oh...oh yes.

Humane Labs...Raid!

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Standard Deluxe 59

Depends if we can make them inside interiors. I think one in the doomsday facility would be interesting. If not, maybe one at the airport so you can hide in a hangar.

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Bolingbroke penitentiary.

Terminal Dockyard.

Marlowe vineyards.

Grapeseed main street. 

That Marketplace alley thingy in downtown.

Other gang locations near Grove Street.

Maybe the University just to trigger people. 😱

Edited by LennyGhoul

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If you can get inside buildings...


Vanilla Unicorn = "Survival In The Hood Gone Sexual Gone Wrong (Cops Called)"

Convenience stores, banks, the jewelry store = "Silent Alarm", "Tipped Off", "Staked Out" so they look like heists that went wrong.

Tequila-la-la or Yellow Jack Inn = "Shots! Shots! Shots!" or "This Round's On Me"

The Lost MC Clubhouse in East Vinewood. (Would work just outside too).


If not...


The Richman Mansion.

Fire Stations could work. The Davis and El Burro ones are close to gang territories. Davis = "Great Ballas of Fire".

Donkey Punch Farm Barn

The Skate Park under the bridge in La Mesa.


For farming/easy ones...


The Impound Lot could work if you could make enemies spawn in there and either hang back farther in the police station or parking garage.

Anywhere with dumpsters like the one in Slab City. I know I've seen some just not sure where all.

Anywhere with stationary trains like on Railyard Survival.

Lots of the mansions are closed off enough that even if you couldn't get in houses/garages.

The little industrial area near the Vagos projects, down by where the Los Santos River ends near the docks. (There's a Sightseer package that shows up there sometimes). The little road curls around so much it could funnel vehicles decently. There's some shipping crates there too for cover.

The Potshot Farm.

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Need For Madness Auto



Burger Shot Survival Map

Edited by Need For Madness Auto

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Currently I´m working on Mirror Park, it´s quite a solitary part of LS, I rarely see players hanging around there , but I like it.

I´m also planning on creating one in the Altruist Camp, The Lighthouse and Clucking Bell Farms.

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Once the cloud servers started finally working I finished the textile Marketplace alley on my list. My issue is that the bad guys to choose from is way more limited than I had hoped.

I also noticed that while in the creator mode and testing you have access to the inside the clothing stores and convenience stores, but in actual game mode they are locked, which is a little disappointing. 

Edited by LennyGhoul

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Need For Madness Auto

Here Some Of My Created Survivals,You Can Play It & Give FeedBack


1) Burger Shot https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/job/gtav/mvDk7-DD9Ee_NIk-_zDgBA


2)Strip Club https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/job/gtav/nPqbJfboy0eFXaK6_tlVcg


3)Michael De Santa https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/job/gtav/KVb4kys3Zke1b1I7-4EnAQ


Also try your best to bring atleast 3 players,Its Fun :)

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I know it doesn't belong in this thread but i'm actually clueless on where to post this. Is there a way to customize the 20 pickup spots with different weapons? There's an option that says "prevalent" , I did put the sniper rifle there and the same weapon spawned there in all 20 spots but if I do try the same thing with a different weapon for a wave 2 I do get only pistols showing up. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks :)

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