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What's the best order to complete the storyline?


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I was just thinking about how could be the best order to complete the storyline, since I just been thinking about a few youtube users making King Courtney mission Kingdom Come before the Donald Love mission Grand Theft Aero which I think it doesn't make sense because Claude didn't meet Catalina again yet. And also I was thinking about when should I make El Burro, Marty Chonks and D-Ice missions?

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just take it slow, live the awesomeness of liberty city with its crimes. i do the same for gta 4.

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The logic order for payphone missions is to make them when you are on their respective islands, it wouldn't make sense to complete Marty Chonks missions if you already have the mafia, the triads and los diablos as enemies.

But as Max.pain said, just chill and do whatever mission you prefer, as long as you don't skip any of the ones that disable when you complete another beforehand.

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Complete the paramedic and the taxi jobs at very beginning before Trial by fire and The pick-up.


When you unlocked Staunton complete Shima before Uzi rider, also complete Smackdown before Waka-Gashira Wipeout.


In Staunton complete the firefighter and vigilante jobs before Kingdom Come.



I think that's all.

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All 4 strings of payphone missions should be done shortly after they become available if you're looking for story cohesion. 


Marty's missions have no bearing on the story at all really, they're just simple missions that get you driving a few vehicle types and how to dispose of them. I would say do them before starting Joey's missions.


El Burro's should be done before working for Toni and pissing off the Triad because that makes El Burro's last mission a pain. 


It actually makes sense to do King Courtney's missions before Kenji's because you find out the Yardies are working with the Cartel to deal Spank in 'Kingdom Come', but Kenji gives the mission 'Smack Down' in which you have to kill a certain number of Yardie Spank dealers. The letter in 'Kingdom Come' basically says that Claude and Catalina have not encountered each other yet, so no reason to put it off until 'Grand Theft Aero'.


D-Ice's missions like Marty's basically have no bearing on the larger story. Just do them whenever, I prefer to get them over with as soon as I unlock Shoreside. 

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Make sense to do king Courtney's missions when you first arrive shows that Catalina has been keeping an eye and it explains why Claude is willing to betray his bosses considering he was set up twice now


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Since you say "storyline" in your question I'd like to point out that all payphone missions (including King Courtney) are not part of the storyline and they can be completed at any time after you first unlock them (even after The Exchange). Also all Donald Love missions after Grand Theft Aero are not mandatory for you to unlock The Exchange so they can also be completed later ;)


Edited by stef_92
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