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Solo Lobbies


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Despite it being a lot slower paced and more reliant on player interaction as a whole, the question still remains a deep sore in the back of my mind, why do we not get solo lobbies? GTA Online had the option to join in to a private server where you could run your businesses efficiently without the involvement or presence of other players. It would tune the griefing down significantly and the those without the ability to compete a fair chance, minus the whole idea of it being a grind in the West with concept of a dog eat dog world, I would really love to see this feature and would keep me coming back for plenty of more hours. I've got almost 1100 hours in-game and ran 7 man posses doing strangers and what not but I always find myself enjoying that single player aspect of the Online, I feel like I am truly my own character. That doesn't mean cut out the online experience as a whole, as one may want to obtain a certain role or save up enough for a gun to use in a public lobby. Please Rockstar hear my plea and make this a reality!

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I’m with you, I’m waiting to play online until I can do so in a solo lobby. I’m over trying to do the story and end up being gunned down as soon as I get near anything 

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  • 3 weeks later...

Yeah same here, i would play in a solo/private lobby, they got it in GTAV so why not in RDO ?

Its not that i always want to play solo but be able to play with my brother and some real life friends without the grief mobs that drive me away from the online part.


The grief also keeps me from investing in gold bars, its no fun at all like this.

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  • 2 weeks later...

GTAO did NOT let you sell or supply your business in non-public lobbies! Private lobbies only let you do missions!

Edited by ThePlake0815
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I dont think you should be able to do any money earning activities in solo-lobbies. No risk no reward.

The most fun I had was later last week doing a long distance delivery with 7 friends and we got attacked by half the server. it was a real back and too tussel and it was the most intense ive ever gotten playing. It was such a thrill and honestly perfectly showcases the ambient and emergent real time threats that can surface at any time - it really highlighted the best of the game to me.

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