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bug textures red dead 2


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hello, for a few days playing red dead 2 on my ps4 pro, sometimes displays a very annoying texture bug and I can not progress (I can just keep walking or running) so I have to restart the game I noticed that the bug often happens in the city of Saint-Denis at night. here are some photos taken:

The game is up to date as well as the ps4, I reset the console, reinstall the game, disable the network, disconnect from the psn, disable the boost mode, rebuild the database .... think that the problem can come from the hard drive Seagate FireCuda ST2000LX001 2 to? (nine, I had it installed two months ago). I do not have this kind of bug in my other games.

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my hard drive or is installed the game is on the internal disk seagate FireCuda ST2000LX001 2TB instead of the original hard drive. You mean I put back the original hard drive, reinstalled the game on it and see if the problem persists?
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Ever since the recent update I have consistent glitches on rugs or blankets that are hung over balcony railings. They'll flicker and disappear and then come back, it happens from St Denis all the way to Strawberry

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this bug also occurs during the old update, maybe a bug on my psn account? my hard drive sshd too fast for the game? 
a graphics card / processor problem?
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Did you try clearing the game cache? Hold L1 and R1 when you boot up RDR2 

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hello, I maintained L1 and R1 at the start of the game but nothing special happens. still today going to saint denis to do a secondary mission, I arrive in front of the white mission icon and the character is not here! I can not do anything for progress and I have to restart the game. I do not understand

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Is there a chance that your HDD is dying?

The Audiophile Thread


XB271HU | TESORO Gram XS | Xtrfy MZ1 | Xbox Elite v2 | Hifiman Sundara | Fiio K9 Pro

i7 4790K 4.4 GHz | GTX 1080 Ti | 32 GB Crucial DDR3 | ADATA 256GB | Samsung 860 PRO 2TB

Xbox | Xbox 360 | Xbox Series X | PS2 | PS3 | Google Pixel 6 Pro

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I do not think my hard drive is dying. I had another hard drive in stock. So I installed the ps4 software and installed red dead 2 with my backups on it, and the textures 
problem persists ... maybe it's a bug in my psn profile?


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  • 2 weeks later...
thinking of a problem of bluray red dead 2 I bought the game again the problem persists, and even by reinstalling the game without 
the updates and making a new game the bug continues! I do not know what to do...
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Your HDD is dying, replace it as soon as you can.


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Hello, I had thought: I had given the original hard drive from the console and the problem was still there. I even installed the game on an external USB hard drive and always the same! can it be a memory problem? graphics card or motherboard?

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If your console has a warranty, then return it to your store.


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Get in touch with PlayStation customer care, even if they might not be able to fix the issue, they might be able to help you identify the problem at the very least. 

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