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SJRPC - gta rp for xbox

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An International Community


XBox One


We’re looking for quality members!


♦ Tired of small group numbers and inconsistent roleplay?

♦ Sick of failed RP and disruptive behavior?

♦ Do you want a say in how YOU Roleplay?


Look no further than SJRPC!  Our International Community boasts a number of perks in a well-established setting -- we’re nearly 1 year old! Just take a look at some of our amazing benefits:

→ Our server is strictly 18+.  No children, no squeakers, and far less drama.

→ Our staff team prides itself on being approachable and democratic. No more power-tripping admins!

→ Our Open Door Policy ensures every member has a voice.  Make comments and suggestions without fear of repercussions and with the full knowledge that we take each suggestion seriously.   

→ We hold 9 sessions a week for RP with room to grow!  Sessions easily last 3-4 hours, sometimes longer. Time are convenient for U.S. and U.K. members!

→ CAD!  Multiple Subdivisions!  Begin as LSPD, BCSO, SAHP, SAFD, or Civilian and start your career today!

→ Our lobbies have consistent numbers 7 days a week!

→ Our Area of Patrol changes daily!  Trot the gang-ridden downtown of Los Santos, enjoy the Del Perro Pier, or cruise the sunny, Sandy shores in Blaine County.

→ Female Gamer friendly!  Join other female gamers today!

→ Inexperienced players welcome!  Enjoy one-on-one training to get the most of your experience.  


Don’t struggle to RP -- join a team that knows what they’re doing and be a part of something great.  Message me about joining today -- or follow the link below!



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