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Procedural generation and the next GTA


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How do you feel about there being random levels of some sort in the next GTA? Maybe random locations you will fly to? 
Image result for procedural generation  game  gifs

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IMO a good part of the charm of R* games is the meticulously handcrafted style of their maps. Not an expert in this by any means but you see so many attention to detail videos about their open worlds which really defines the GTA games and I think that same level of detail won't be achieved in a procedurally generated map. Also the missions in GTA are pretty dependant on map location, so if it is randomly generated then the missions wouldn't be as good consistently as in a handcrafted map I think. I think there's no need to tamper with what isn't broken.

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locations should be permanent..,

or at least visitable..,

a big part of GTA is the world..,

so that is mostly unchanging..,

if the world just disappears or is never seen again.., where is the recollection of that moment and experience..,


the creator kind of works like a procedure generation in the sense of it allows the creation of something new.., though it's not completely new, or random..,


not all games could use it like com and etc..,

GTA/R* ain't one..,

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The implementation of procedural generation within a Pricedown tale would indeed conflict with the Creator’s principle of meticulous, manual craftsmanship of the map.


Having said that, their ambitious savviness is as sharp as the hands that slave over perfection in increments of millimeters. The Creator wants the beholder to love every space, and conjure up a kind of flood plan or schematic to where these spaces evoke charm, mystery, peril, suspense, et cetera... all the better to weave a memorable tale that will give a charge to the player’s skin, eyes, mouth and ears, all senses, as the experience sticks it to the player at a more intimate level than was previously conceived.


Pricedown is Pricedown, but it’s nucleus loves evolutionism and its mitochondrion was not built to settle for the bare minimum, but above and beyond the war that Joaquin Phoenix’s Jokers have dropped on its chances and the Creator’s many faces, from Behind Enemy Lines, to Heat, to Jaws.


I shook Pricedown’s hand in 2003 and that first-time Christmas feel was front and center every time, bumped up from ‘12’ to ‘1’. That was it; the ‘It’ factor, the game of the year that effortlessly took the wheel of my adolescence and drove away with time. 🙂 


Pricedown, I postulate, in the strongest of hearts that must fend off weak moments, is always asking the pipeline for a new ‘It’ factor. Something that is so damningly debilitating to the heavyweights of the gaming industry that will keep the public driving to the moment in their minds, juking the collisions with ‘no’ with just enough stutter steps to the end zone with just enough of a breakthrough to say ‘yes!’ 


I think that it would absolutely set a precedent for the Creator as a breakthrough to unleash procedural generation on the code and map, if the name of the procedural game, it’s attack plan, is MIRACL3 that takes the waypoint anywhere that Google Maps or Bing can front for landscape. If procedural generation could tailor the map to the desire of individual escapades that every player would like to embark on and shape his/her own game in a simulating setting... that MIRACL3 would reign until humanity’s existence ceases up. 🎉🏆

Edited by XXVIII
I corrected a spacing error.
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That word of the day calendar must really be paying off, holy moley.

I think procedural generation could definitely be used in the next game.  Not necessarily for the entire map for the reasons you guys have already mentioned.  I was thinking along the lines of what the OP said, implement it on missions, or in isolated incidences where it would actually make sense without breaking the world.

Racing events in a stadium could be given a lot of replayability if they were always unique.  Hunting minigames/missions with randomly generated woods.  Could be really cool if done right.

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yeah ditto what they said, it wouldn't be good in freeroam but it would be pretty cool in missions and races and stuff, specifically online. maybe track player's habits and if they're in the lead in a race or whatever, generate the road ahead to be tougher for them specifically. Kind of like the blue shell in mario kart but a lot more subtle, you know? It'd be cool to see it experimented with, at least

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To generate locations? No, procedural world generation doesn't get the same amount of detail than a location hand-crafted by hundreds of people, and you'd take away that feeling of knowing a game map better than you know your own neighbourhood..


If it gets implemented in any way in a GTA game, it would be to generate things like piles of trash, or prop placement, so they look different every time you pass by, creating a more 'alive' feel to the city. Or in an Online gamemode, like randomly generated tracks (like the Stunt Tracks from GTA Online), or a PVP arena with random cover placement.

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What R* said about it...




Unfortunately there’s no procedural system yet that we’re happy enough with to make the worlds we make. Our worlds are handmade. Our artists will use certain procedural tools, but they’re all curated by the artists. It’s the same for the content we make. For it to make you feel anything, it has to be made by humans. It has to be written and designs and shot and acted and processed and put into place very carefully. For things that happen in the world, we have to very selectively know when they’re going to happen.



I'd be interested in the implementation of procedural generation for the areas that reside beyond the games's defined map. I can see R* making a clever solution to replace the infinite ocean with infinite land that is procedurally generated. Think of an infinite desert that connects with the Las Venturas desert. 

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