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never got millie missions

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Hi guys, so I may sound stupid but something is not right, so what happened was that I played the entire gta sa story missions, but it says that I only passed 95 missions (I havent got 100% yet) but I think it was supposed to be 99? if you guys dont know what I mean by millies missions is that, you get her keycard and stuff, can someone tell me if its still possible to get 100% or tell me if they ever had this happen to them? (Maybe its a bug or im just not playing the game in order)

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The Millie mission is one of a number of mission to rob Caligula's casino.  The complete list of missions are Architectural Espionage, Key to Her Heart (Millie as a potential GF), Dam and Blast, Cop Wheels, Up Up and Away and lastly Breaking the Bank at Caligula's.  The mission path is unlocked after completing Explosive Situation, it also unlocks all the Quarry missions.  When you entered the Four Dragons Casino, there should have been two mission icons if you checked your map.  The one to the left was for Woozie's office and the story missions required to allow CJ to return to Los Santos, and the one to the right for the casino robbery.  I would suggest visiting the Four Dragons to see if you can access the mission icon.


My memory is that they were not needed to secure 100% but were enjoyable missions nonetheless.  Could you have missed something else?  

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lil weasel

A note: Millie's Missions have a Huge Break after "completion" of most of them.

The Idea is for the player to forget about them. A Phone call from Wu Zi  comes after the return to Los Santos to return to Las Venturas to complete the final part. 

The Green Dollar Sign in the right of the Four Dragons is the Icon for the "Break the Bank" Mission set.

Getting the KEY Card is simply wearing the Gimp Suit on three dates with Millie, Millie then give Carl access to her home to fetch the Card.


If you are on a PC, you may load your current Saved Game to the website



It does not require membership or any complicated or Ad infested activities.


On that website there is a link to a 100% Check List, showing all completed tasks for the 100%

As well as MAPs showing Collectables needed.


Edited by lil weasel

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