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What band do you wish you could see live?

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For me, Death Metal band Bolt Thrower from the UK.


Unfortunately, their last drummer (one of my drum influences) died some years ago and they split-up to forever.



Edited by FearThoseWhoFearHim

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Mister Pink

I always regret not seeing Beastie Boys when they played here a few years ago. It still bothers me. I've always wanted to see AIR live too. But they're don't play here often. Wouldn't mind seeing U2 live for their 80's/90's work. Still hard to get tickets for them even in their home city. 


Impossible concerts I would have loved to have been at were Led Zeppelin live in Madison Square Garden, 1973. Queen at Wembley '86.  Canned Heat at Woodstock '69. I'm sort of happy with all the acts I've seen over the years and right now, I'm not really missing not seeing anyone. One of my favourites, Boards of Canada only have played a handful of live gigs, years ago, so there's not really much chance they'll start again. Even so, I don't think the type of music will lend itself well to to a live show. 

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Standard Deluxe 59

Lynyrd Skynyrd as their original lineup. Unfortunately that will never happen because a plane crash in 1977 took the life of original lead singer Ronnie Van Zant and most other members who survived the crash have since died of other causes.


The Eagles when Glenn Frey was still alive. I regret not getting tickets for their show in 2015 when they came.


Led Zeppelin probably put on one helluva show, but that will never happen again.

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I wished to see Type O Negative but unfortunately Peter passed away and they come in my country (not my city) but I was still a teenager and a friend see them at the time.



... and I wished to see Nevermore... Warrel Dane passed away almost 2 years ago and he was/is always one of my top ten singers ever.



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I'm not much of a fan of live music, but I would like to have been at some of the more memorable and historic shows. I'd go back to the hay day of the likes of Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, the list is almost endless. It isn't so much that these titans are no longer with us, but they had a significant impact on the music world today. The chops you'd have for being a time traveler and being able to say you were there. You'd notice photographs of these landmark gigs and start to notice yourself in the background.


On the same vein, I'd like to say I was at Woodstock. It's one of the most lauded and spoofed music festivals of all time, and to say I experienced that same energy would be nice.

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@Rhoda Agreed on the jazz heydays, I've been lucky enough to see a few of the big hitters active in the 50s like Humphrey Lyttelton before they died. If you want a bit of a throwback, try and see someone like Joe Lovano doing one of his normal (IE not affrobeat/fusion) sets. I've seen him a couple of times and he's f*cking great.

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Guest Billy Russo

I wish I could have seen Linkin Park live. Chester Bennington had an amazing and extremely unique voice.

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Shyabang Shyabang



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the cocteau twins

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I'd love to see The Pillows live, but all of the stops on the last north american tour that they did were unbelievably far away from where i live, and I don't think they plan to do any more soon

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Any band? Either still playing or broke up? Either way the bands I wish I could’ve seen live would be... Reagan Youth. They were the sh*t. I love them to this very day.

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