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Wagons: Any Top Speed Tricks?


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Now that I’m doing a full long distance Trader delivery every other day, mashing X for 15 minutes is killing me. I’m sure it’s going to give me RSI or tendonitis or lumbago or something. 


Is there any any way to travel at top speed without mashing X?


With a horse you can use the cinematic camera, but it seems like on a wagon the nearest thing is looking down sights (where the wagon will follow your waypoint marker automatically)... but that seems to make the wagon travel slower than mashing X. 


I need to get these goods delivered as fast as possible, but without giving myself a permanent injury in the process. 

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6 minutes ago, LooseCanon said:

Getting up to speed then holding the button down doesn’t maintain that speed? It does on normal wagons.

It didn’t feel like it. Might need to organise a delivery wagon race to be sure :)

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If not full speed it should be pretty close to it I'd think, I use that a lot with my small wagon sales and I can't tell the difference in speed personally. Sometimes I think I maybe do/can, but in the end I never can tell lol.

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When in a wagon if you press and hold L2 to aim the horse will "auto-drive" and maintain whatever speed you sere at. You might need to tap X/A a few times when it slows down for corners but its much easier.

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Just hold down the X-button in cinematic mode and you'll go top speed and auto-navigate.  They won't let you fully autodrive when doing deliveries.

The problem though happens when you go to the medium wagon - because turning is a pain with that thing and you only have one horse pulling it.  So if you have a lot of turns on your route, the best advice would be to take the turns as WIDE as possible and stay on the trails.  

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