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RIP Sid Haig

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My favorite psycho killer clown died over the weekend at 80 years old. Apparently, it was unexpected. I thought he still had a few years in him to play crazy old f*ckers. His career spanned from 70s exploitation films to my personal favorite guilty pleasure horror series House of 1000 Corpses and beyond. I will miss him.







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Yea I had seen his image posted at imgur front page image  gallery the last day or two, but no one had said his Demiss   tell  




R.I.P. and heavenly nightmares 

Edited by Craigsters

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Mister Pink

I remember seeing House of 1000 corpses in the cinema. And although I didn't think it was the best, it was still awesome because Rob Zombie. 


RIP Sid Haig. I also see he was the judge in Jackie Brown and was also in Zombie's remake of Halloween. 

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Evil empire

Unknown in the battalion but RIP

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Image result for house of 1000 corpses clown gif


R.I.P Captain Spaulding.

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"Don't ya like clowns? Don't ya think we're f*cking funny!"


Probably one of my most favourite lines in horror movies, ever. Damn I love Captain Spaulding.


RIP Sid Haig, you legend!

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Mr. Scratch

RIP, thankfully we get to see him as the Captain one last time in 3 From Hell.

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Me and my wife were talking about Sid Haig just the other day, couldn't believe it when I saw the news. He was a captivating and encapsulating actor that carved a niche in horror roles and seemed genuinely grateful for his new-found popularity. Every interview and interaction I've seen with him has been warm, approachable and accommodating. It always seems to be the way - he's such a terrifying presence in both House Of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects.


Sad stuff.

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I just watched 3 from hell, awesome movie. Except that I have seen all Rob Zombie movies and I loved the crazy character of Sid. Rest in peace you crazy f*ck!

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