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LSRP (PS3 RP Recruitment)

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Have you or are you currently looking for a professional Roleplay group thats active and has patrols daily?

Are you tired of FailRP, and unethical Roleplays or staff members?
Well if so, you've came to the right place to become apart of one of the most professional,active, and one of the best PS3 RP groups there is. Who are we? We are LSRP (Los Santos Role Play)



Discord Link: https://discord.gg/sgsNJt8

You must have discord to Roleplay with us, we offer a CAD and MDT customized for our every day users.

We want the most realistic RP there is possible, and to make our environment the most professional there is.


=[Roles, and Hiring]=

So we have many roles to choose from, and here are the choices.


Special Roles:


Air Force


USMC (Marines)

Coast Guard

I.A. (Internal Affairs)


Regular Roles:

Law Enforcement








State Police

BCSO (Sheriff)

Highway Patrol



Staff Roles:

- Staff Trainer

- Head Staff

- Senior Staff

- Junior Staff

- Head Administrator

- Senior Administrator

- Administrator

- Head Moderator

- Junior Moderator

- Moderator

- Staff

- Staff In Training

- Probationary Staff


We are looking to hire mature,professional,active, and eager staff members to be apart of our team. We have a lot of Roles to choose from, and a lot of "Bump Up" opportunities for staff positions. If this seems like something you're interested in, please come visit us on our discord channel and speak to Shawn Blackwood (Termination#2040) Or Another

If you'd like to participate and have some ideas, or suggestions of your own please let our Staff members know so we can look at each individual idea and your idea, or suggestion could be used in our server, or could be implemented else where.


Hope to see you on the road of LSRP.


(We also have different ranks in LSPD, Highway Patrol, Etc), So come visit us today!

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