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[SA] Original style improvements list


Recommended Posts

I do NOT own any of these mods. It's just a list. Credits goes to mod creators.


About: I thought it would be nice to have a list of mods that improves SA at one place.

The main focus is to list lots of HQ & HD textures to leave your San Andreas more complete.

Inclusive including bug fixes and cool scritpts etc, that improves/upgrades the gameplay.





RoSA  - Covers alot of buildings, trees, roads etc in HD.  By .MS



HD peds By Vados

Insanity peds (homies)  - Adds Grove Street members in a nice HD look. By Ezekiel

Insanity CJ - CJ in great quality! Including lots of the clothes. By Ezekiel

(SA) A.I. Remastered C.J. - Changes CJ and including clotchs in a higher quailty. With most of the help of AI enhancing By Zeneric

Tattoos reworked  By damiann69

Mobile hands - By Forver L

Cutscene Characters Remastered (characters HD) By Ezekiel



Insanity Weapons Items By Ezekiel

Improved default armoury By Yhdf



Project Behind Space Of Realities (BSOR) By YourCreatedHell

Foliage improvement By Clara



Rikintosh's Small Details  - Alot of vehciles with nice textures, including seats and rims and alot more. By Rikintosh

ECG - Enhanced Classic Graphics - Vehicle.txd By Junior_Djjr

Trains: Walter: Walter's Brown Streak , Walters Freight  By Zeneric

HD wheels - By Jur1zz

GTA SA Drive Club  (High poly Infernus) and NRG 500 in the works By Ezekiel

HD paint jobs - All paint jobs in HD by Homeboy94



Silent Patch - Fixes lots of problems and issues. Higly recommanded! By Silent

Framerate vilgante - Fixes alot of FPS caused issuses like vehicle horns hard to turn on/off and swimming too slow. By ThirteenAG   
Script fixes - Fixes mission bugs and alot more By Noskillx and Matt1010 (for topic design and testing)

Ragdoll bullet physics By Madleg

Project 2DFX - Increasing draw distance and adds lod lights

Widescreen Fix - By Wesser

[PLUG|OS] Widescreen HOR+ Support - (alternative to above) By thirteenag

Mod Mix sets  - Lot's off different improvements and different settings to make your GTA how you would like it.  By Junior_Djjr



Animation Fix v1.5  - Fixes losts of animation bugs, such as weird/ugly faces



SkyGFX - Adds the nice grapichs seen on the PS2 and Xbox

and other grapich improvements. By The Hero

Real Linear Graphics v1.2.2 - Adds realistic colors. By Junior_Djjr



Mesh smoothened countryn2ipl  - Leavs the desert in high poly models. Wich looks really great! By Zeneric

GTA San Vertex Colour Fixes + Improvements  By _RJSingh_



Skyline Timecyc  By sborges98



Escalator Physics Fix  By Staunton Assassin

Z Maps + PC Fixes (fixes for map)  - Fixes misslaced objects etc By  El Dorado (format  C : )  

Mugetsuga's Pack Fixes  - General minor map fixes. Wich looks better (is this allowed to post?) By Mugetsuga, Xamugel (for the pack)



Collision in interiors fix By Eastwood J.C

Jetpack and cellphone icons By The Eddo

Combat FX Upgrade - Adds nice HD particle effects By WarButler

Xbox map features  - Adds the objects that is present in the PS2 and Xbox version. By Hrod Wolf

AI weapon walkstyles - Fixes the walkstyles of peds, while holding wepons. By Staunton Assassin, Junior_Djjr


General improvements:

Project Props By (creators list)

[REL|SA] PS2 map + map fixes By El Dorado


Recommanded topics:

San Andreas: PS2 Features To PC - A nice list of PS2 stuff. Such as timecycle, the PS2 timecycle is more exclusive. It does have

orange sky and more. Recommanded to use with SkyGFX.








Last updated: 2021-03-23


Edited by Davve95
I'll add more of the suggestions posted!
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I think that you should include those Grove Street gangsters that Ezekiel made a while ago. They looked pretty good IMO.

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10 hours ago, Jinx. said:

I think that you should include those Grove Street gangsters that Ezekiel made a while ago. They looked pretty good IMO.

Yeah, I agree. It was alredy added but was a missleading title.

I fixed it.


AshGamer007 @ Thank you! I added both.

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I'm not exactly a big fan of RLG. It's useful for ENB/Renderhook, yes, but with stock graphics it's eh.


You should also include Ragdoll and some vegetation mod (I think Ezekiel did one too?)

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What about having this as an alternative to RLG? I think it works best with the color filter off though.


Add Better Skybox and Improved Armoury as well.


Also, rename RoSA to "RoSA Project Reborn." Maybe add the original developer's names as well?

Edited by Deere
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If we're talking about keeping the atmosphere of the game as close to vanilla as possible, then this timecyc might be the best fit: https://www.mixmods.com.br/2018/12/24h-fixed-original-timecycle-colours.html. But you could include multiple timecycs for different preferences I suppose. For me, RLG is best used with Junior's Simple Bright Reshade config and Better Skybox with LaDiDa's textures, but perhaps that's straying too far from the idea of this list... It's a nice setup though, apart from the occasional issue with the Skybox.


It might also be worth including a link to the 24hr timecyc asi for the ones that need it.


Ezekiel's remastered cutscene characters would be a good addition for sure: https://www.mixmods.com.br/2017/06/cutscene-characters-remastered.html

They need DK22Pac's Mobile Specular Lighting mod to fix the hands. edit: apparently not any more!

A non-HD alternative could be lowpolyped's retextured Grove Street characters. Maybe also his CJ head? Or the A.I Remastered CJ.


How about some map fixes? There's this: https://www.mixmods.com.br/2018/10/z-pc-maps-fixes-correcoes-para-o-mapa.html

and also Mugetsuga's Fixes: https://www.mixmods.com.br/2018/06/mugetsugas-fixes-pack.html


Animation Fix plus running with heavy weapons: https://www.mixmods.com.br/2017/10/animation-fix-corrigir-bugs-de-animacoes.html


Other suggestions: Widescreen Fix, Project 2DFX, Enhanced Particle TXD, Sky Gradient Fix


Anyway, just some ideas!


Edited by WarButler
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I think The Hero or someone else did a fix that doesn't require Mobile Specular Lighting. Could be useful for getting normal maps work with Ezekiel's remastered characters.

Also pls include Combat FX Upgrade.

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  • 1 month later...

I added Combat FX and some other ones.

WarButler, yeah! How could I have missed them haha ("other suggestions")

Sorry for bumping.


Edited by Davve95
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  • 1 month later...

Does this work in the Rockstar Launcher Version of GTA:SA?

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  • 1 year later...
  • 9 months later...

vados pack make a bug to shop peds like ammu nation guy, pizza.chicken,burger staff etc.
pizza,chicken,burger staff only have visual hand bug (make you can't see the food).
but for ammu nation guy, this make you can't buy weapons.


Also insanity homies, make my games crash. (If i remove normalmap.asi, it works), but the peds looks weird than HD.

Edited by fmiryan56
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