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Official General

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Official General




This is a concept thread that focuses on MY OWN take and interpretation on CJ's life story and the State of San Andreas in the year of 1994, two years after CJ return to Los Santos in the original San Andreas game. This concept thread was created and put together by myself, and everything you see playing out in the screenshots is exactly how it happened as I played it, and everything you see in the screenshots are exactly what exist in my own San Andreas game. What you see in my game images is reflected in what I have written to tell this story and there is also material in the story that gives a nod to GTA V as to give clue of what would happen in future times, so keep an eye out for the words matching what is in the images, as it will make the story more interesting and enjoyable ( I think at least anyway ) . I have put so much work into this for all big San Andreas fans on this site like myself, and I am confident that despite the lengthy nature of this concept thread, you will enjoy every part of reading and looking at it, get comfortable in your seat and have your popcorn ready....



Now, lets what has been going on with Carl Johnson, better known to us as CJ. Yeah, what happened to CJ ? Well, after his final revenge mission against Big Smoke and Officer Tenpenny was over in the period of 1992 by the end of 1992. Going into 1993, CJ had already established himself as multimillionaire with around $10 million dollars in his bank account, and he was still raking in lots more money in profit from his real estate assets, his car dealership business in San Fierro, and his many other investments in various businesses, such as trucking companies, supermarkets, construction, restaurant franchises, and aviation. Even more money was also coming to CJ from his gang, the Grove Street Families through their control of the huge amounts of territory they had recaptured from the Ballas in Los Santos under his leadership. CJ by this time, was no longer lived in Ganton, or anywhere in the ghetto for that matter. CJ was now living in a luxury $ 12 million-dollar mansion, complete with a large outdoor swimming pool and driveway high up in the hills of Mulholland, the richest and wealthiest neighbourhood in the whole of Los Santos. 


From 1993 until 1994, for the first time in CJ's life everything was going perfectly well for him in every way imaginable. With his business interests and investments paying off so handsomely , CJ was living the real high life Los Santos style and just loving it. He owned two of the most expensive and flashiest cars money can buy in San Andreas parked in his driveway -  a red Infernus and an almond-coloured deluxe range Stafford, not stolen, all legally bought and paid for with straight cash. He dressed in the smartest and most dapper-looking custom-designed suits and wore real shiny, expensive gold and diamond jewellery, including the latest range of Crowex watches. On a nice sunny day, he could be seen playing a round of golf with other rich guys at the Richman Country Club, or relaxing by his outdoor pool in his outdoor chair with a nice drink and some breakfast or lunch, or simply taking a nice cool dip in his pool for refreshing swim. At sunset, he could be seen speeding on his favourite new toy, a jet ski on the calm blue waters off Santa Maria Beach, or simply cruising in his favourite red Infernus sports car along the boulevards of Market or Vinewood with all the other supercars. He dined and ate in the city's finest restaurants, and partied away the night in the hottest and trendiest nightspots in Los Santos popular with LS's rich and celebrity crowd, like the brand new, swanky Bahama West nightclub in Market ( he loved pulling up at the club's entrance in his red Infernus sports car to show off to the crowd queuing up ). He always had very beautiful and attractive women in his company or at side whenever he was about and about the city socializing, and due his rich man status ( as well as his looks ) he always ended the night in bed in with them, having real good sex with hottest women every other night. And CJ was still maintaining relationships with all of his original girlfriends across the state; he always stayed in their good books as long as he kept lavishing expensive gifts and lots of money on them. CJ now only travelled to the other cities in San Andreas by plane on first-class flights. 


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Official General

After a while of living in his Mulholland mansion, CJ had stopped regularly visiting his old Ganton hood as he had been doing before, only visiting once in a while to see his brother Sweet, who still lived in Grove Street. His sister Kendl no longer lives in Los Santos, she moved to San Fierro with Cesar ( we will see why later ). CJ eventually forgot about his his hood and his Grove Street gang altogether. Anyway why did he need to go back to his hood ? He was not living a life of gangbangin' and hustlin' anymore, he no longer had to worry about being harassed and arrested by the cops, because he was living a very rich, very enjoyable, and legitimate lifestyle. Life was just too good for CJ at that moment, too good to mess it up by going back to the hood and getting caught up in some more gang bullsh*t again. Not surprisingly, CJ got on the wrong side of Sweet once more. Despite it being mostly CJ leading the GSF back to victory, uniting them in their fight against the Ballas and regaining their hood back, Sweet was still the leader of the Grove Street Families, and many GSF gang members still respected and looked up to him. But clearly, CJ did not care about all that gang stuff anymore, he was too busy enjoying his vast riches and wealth, and he left all of that gang stuff to Sweet to worry about and take care of. Sweet soon noticed that CJ once again seemed only too concerned with the making money, material gain, and enjoying the finer things in life. One day as the two brothers hung out together at the Los Santos Observtory in Verdant Bluffs, Sweet lashed out at CJ as he had done before, bashing him for lacking in morals, thinking of only himself, and being selfish once again. This time, CJ snapped back at Sweet, fed up of Sweet's constant criticisms and pressure to get him to follow his big brother's ways. CJ got very angry and raged at Sweet for forever always telling him what do and how to live his life. CJ also went on to badly insult Sweet by saying that Sweet had made nothing good of his life and that he was still a low-life bum for choosing to stay living in the ghetto. This lead to a major argument between the two brothers, and they nearly came to blows in a fistfight which was stopped by a passer-by. After that, CJ decided that he really had enough of Sweet, he'd had enough of the Grove Street Families, and he'd had enough of the gang and hood life altogether, so he returned back his Mulholland mansion vowing to Sweet that he would never come back. The two brothers stopped talking to each other, and Sweet was now left to lead and run the GSF all by himself, but CJ still collected his weekly share of the money earned from the GSF's gang territories. CJ's sister Kendl had liked San Fierro so much when she first visited it back in 1992, and she convinced her boyfriend Cesar that the both of them should move there together to start a new life, where they now live a married life in San Fierro's nice Paradiso district and are both expecting a baby.  Cesar used the money he earned with CJ very wisely, and he now earns good money from a legitimate auto repair shop business that he owns in San Fierro which repairs and modifies sports and racing cars, while Kendl mostly stays at home waiting to become a mother. CJ still made visits to San Fierro to see Kendl and Cesar in San Fierro ( and still does ), to enjoy the city's more peaceful and calmer atmosphere, and to occasionally to check on his garage and Wang Cars business. Aside all from that, CJ continued to live and enjoy his high life of luxury, forgetting about Sweet, his old gang, and the hood. UA5eWDX.png

Back in the hood, in Grove Street,  many members of the GSF began feeling very disillusioned and unhappy with Sweet as the gang's leader. Sweet still insisted that the under his leadership, the GSF must not get involved in dealing hard drugs like crack, and that the ban on dealing hard drugs must be strictly followed by all GSF members. The Ballas, despite losing a lot of territory to the GSF were still making lots of money from dealing hard drugs, mostly in the crack trade. As the Ballas and other LS gangs like the Vagos made millions of dollars selling crack, drove around the streets in their flashy, high-end and luxury cars, and showed off the expensive jewelry they wore, all the GSF could do was sit back and watch as their most hated enemies and rivals very nicely reaped the rewards of the hard drugs trade. Many GSF gang members began to feel very resentful at Sweet for his ban them dealing in hard drugs and they grew very jealous of the Ballas; they also began to wonder why Sweet was happy being the same old person living an average life in the ghetto, while his brother CJ was so successful and very rich, living a life of luxury in a mansion in the hills. To them, that all of that " putting in work for the hood and keep out hard drugs " talk by Sweet was a load of bullsh*t, and it was not making the gang any real money. Many GSF gang members began to see selling crack and other hard drugs as the best way forward for the gang; they felt it was the fastest way to make lots of money and increase the gang's power, and Sweet was holding them back from it all. The only drug Sweet allowed the GSF members to deal in was weed, maybe some PCP, but nothing else. Even the maximum profit from dealing in weed and PCP did not remotely make anything near the amount of money to be made from selling hard drugs like crack. Weed and PCP simply was not bringing in enough money for the GSF gang, and its members could no longer ignore or tolerate this situation. 




The unhappy GSF members started having secret meetings at night plotting how to overthrow Sweet, their numbers quickly grew, and once they were big enough in numbers, they felt strong enough to challenge Sweet. Remembering the very treacherous ways of that traitor Big Smoke and how he nearly destroyed the GSF, the unhappy GSF members did not want to kill Sweet or betray him to an enemy gang again - at first they just wanted to see that Sweet either changed the rules and allow them to deal hard drugs, or if not,  step down as the GSF leader.  Sometime later, Sweet was held his weekly GSF big gang meeting, and the GSF members in attendance told him that they were not happy with his rules against dealing hard drugs, saying that it made them miss out on big money profits, and it made them weaker than their main enemies and rivals the Ballas, hoping that would make him change his mind. Sweet, as stubborn as ever refused, and gave them a long boring and many times repeated speech about putting the hood first and it's local community. The unhappy GSF members still argued their for the rule to be dropped, which enraged Sweet, as he felt was  being disrespected, and a fierce argument broke out, with Sweet reminding them of what happened to Big Smoke who had the same ideas. Sweet closed the meeting, still insisting that he is the leader of the GSF and that everyone in the GSF must follow him, and those who did not would be dealt with ! This left even more GSF gang members feeling very unhappy and angry too;  they decided it was now time for Sweet to go. Later that same night, Sweet was quietly thinking to himself in his living room, when a GSF gang member broke into his home and pointed a shotgun at him - he told Sweet that the rest of the GSF did not want him as their leader no more, and that he must leave Grove Street immediately or be killed. Sweet was shocked and surprised, but he swallowed his pride, and came to his senses. He now fully realised that his leadership was no longer wanted in the GSF. Now feeling like a very broken man, Sweet's ego had been badly hurt, and he could not imagine continuing to be a member of the GSF and not be it's leader, he was just too used to it and he could not see himself as anything but its leader; but now there was nothing more he could do about it. The GSF chose a new gang leader that supported the gang dealing in hard drugs and as soon as he took charge, he sent out word to all the GSF members that the gang's rules on no dealing in hard drugs has changed, and that the GSF gang will now be entering the trade in hard drugs. All GSF gang members were now allowed to deal in hard drugs, and they started doing it straight away.  Sweet did not know what to do next, so he finally he decided to call CJ and have a face-to-face talk with him to try see if he could help, as they had not spoken for many months, since the start of 1993. CJ came back to Grove Street to visit Sweet, and Sweet explained everything to him. CJ was not too surprised as he knew how stubborn and hard-headed Sweet could be to see reality, but he did feel sorry for his brother, but also realised he could not do much for Sweet in this situation. CJ advised Sweet to go and live in Red County where he could lay low for a while and gather his thoughts until they could figure out a plan. Sweet agreed and went to live a quiet life in Palomino Creek for some time. CJ then went to speak to the new leader of the GSF that had pushed out Sweet. After CJ had a long conversation with him, the new GSF leader agreed that Sweet was welcome to come back to Grove Street and re-join the GSF, but he and the rest of the gang made it clear that Sweet was never going to lead the GSF again. CJ called Sweet to tell him this, but it was not enough; Sweet wanted to be the GSF leader again and would not accept anything less, and from there onward, Sweet quickly slid into a sad state of deep depression, knowing he really would never lead the GSF again.


At the start of 1994, Sweet did return to Los Santos and lived back at his home in Grove Street, but he was never the same again - and unfortunately he gave into drugs and started smoking crack to deal with his depression. Yes that's right, Sweet had become a crack addict ! CJ tried his best to keep Sweet off the crack, but Sweet's crack addiction quickly got worse and spiralled out of control. Sweet quickly became desperate and broke, so he started committing very petty street crimes for money to support his crack habit, like robbing random strangers in the street at gunpoint, store hold-ups, burglaries, and easily stealing older model cars. As time went on, Sweet's petty crimes were becoming much more dangerous and riskier each time - even other GSF gang members started to keep their distance from him. Sweet started robbing the crack dealers of both their drugs and cash at gunpoint whenever he would go to buy crack from them, and on one occasion he ended up shooting and killing a crack dealer that resisted his robbery attempt. Halfway through 1994, Sweet was found dead on the floor with a gunshot wound to his chest at the entrance of an apartment building in the Ganton Courts, in his own neighbourhood of Ganton, Los Santos. The Los Santos Police Department investigated Sweet's murder, but no one was arrested or charged for it, because there were no witnesses to the crime. The LSPD stated in their official public report that " a 30 year old African-American male and Los Santos native called Sean Johnson, known to his family and friends as 'Sweet' was shot and killed in the Ganton Courts as a result of a drug-deal that went wrong, by an assailant unknown ". Sweet's murder went unsolved and the case was closed. 


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Official General

CJ, as expected was devastated with grief. He was no stranger to multiple family tragedies, as he had already lost a younger brother in car accident, had lost his mother to gang violence, and now his older brother Sweet had been killed in a failed drug deal. Kendl came back from San Fierro for the funeral, and she and CJ spent some time comforting each other. Kendl's grief was so much that she swore to CJ that she was never coming back to Los Santos again once she returned back to Los Santos, not even for another family funeral. But CJ could not spend too much time grieving over Sweet's death - halfway through 1994, he now also had MAJOR problems of his own that really needed dealing with ! As stated before CJ continued to live his life riches and luxury with all his millions after his fall-out with Sweet. But the problem with CJ was that because he had so much money and lived so well, he really thought his riches would last forever. Between 1992 and 1994., CJ would just non-stop spend lots and lots of money on the best and most finest things in life. The first sign of things goings downhill for CJ started in late 1993, when CJ started taking very regular trips to Las Venturas to gamble in the casinos, and he would always to Venturas by plane in first-class flights.







Very soon, CJ liked Venturas so much that decided to live there. Not only was CJ a hopeless gambling addict, he was also a very bad gambler and he always lost a lot more money than he won. CJ's gambling losses were not a bad thing at first, because he had a lot of money still coming in from his businesses, investments and his  gang territories, so he could cover these losses for some time. But CJ's life of supreme luxury, big spending, and indulgence in Las Venturas got bigger and much more excessive each time. Aside from gambling, CJ stayed in most luxury and high class hotels, spent numerous nights driving around the city's streets in his flashy red Infernus sports car visiting all the best and most expensive bars and strip clubs in Las Ventuas, where he would spend tons of money on the hottest and sexiest women, including the top hookers, sexiest strippers ( he had sex with the strippers too ), and many rounds of drinks for himself and his friends getting merrily drunk each time. CJ loved Venturas so much, he saw it as his own personal money-spinning paradise where he was always guaranteed to have a good time every day and night he was there, he just could not get enough of it. But it all began to catch up with him when he started falling into debt with local loan sharks. CJ's losses at the casino tables became so great that the money he was bringing in from his businesses, assets and gang territories was not enough to cover the losses. CJ started borrowing money from loan sharks in Las Venturas, that is how bad his situation got, and when he could not pay on time, the loan sharks would sometimes send enforcers and assassins to kill him, and a few times CJ killed some of his would-be assassins in gunfights. The Las Venturas Police arrested and charged CJ with murder twice, but both times dropped the charges against him after determining that CJ had killed in self-defence. Eventually CJ just wanted a peace of mind and finally settled his huge gambling debts with the loan sharks by selling off his prized, super-luxury Mulholland mansion, his other homes and real estate assets, his businesses and all of his beloved expensive flashy cars and jewelry - all sold off to pay the debts. With that settled, CJ was pretty much broke, with only a few thousand dollars left in his bank account, and he was living in a low-rent apartment in the Redsands West area of Las Venturas. After he heard news of Sweet's death midway through 1994, CJ decided that it was time to leave Venturas and return to Los Santos to bury his brother, and to also just to come back home to his hood in Grove Street where he belonged. 


Now that CJ returned back to Grove Street and moved back into the Johnson Family house all over again, as the home was still owned by CJ and his now only surviving sibling, his sister Kendl who now lived far away in San Fierro. Pretty much broke and with nothing to his name, CJ's girlfriends all left him, and now he was all alone. CJ found himself living a very normal life in the hood once more. Since the GSF gang changed it's rules and started dealing in hard drugs, the new breed of GSF gang members were rising fast, making a lot of money from selling crack and other hard drugs, and they could be seen around the hood driving nice cars, wearing expensive jewelry and flashing their money around to the local sexy hoes. Now that he was completely broke, CJ found this very hard to deal with, as it was not too long ago that he was living a high life and swimming in money, riches, and wealth. No more luxury mansion, no more flashy expensive cars, no more high society living, no more trips to Las Venturas to gamble in the casinos, no more of the finest life San Andreas had to offer for CJ, no more of it, as he had no money. CJ was no longer receiving money from his gang territories, because he had ignored his original GSF gang buddies for too long, so they cut him out of the new action. In order to live, CJ was forced to live off state welfare checks until he was able to find himself legitimate employment to earn his money, like a regular 9-5 job. 


CJ thought long and hard about his situation and the way he felt. No, there was no way he could live a normal life like that, after all he was always a gangsta, born and raised in the hood and lived the gangsta life, it was always in his blood. There really was a meaning to GSF's slogan of  GROVE STREET 4 LIFE. CJ decided that somehow or another he had to rise back to the top again, and he went out to do it in the only way he knew best; the gangsta way. CJ went to speak to the new leaders of the GSF, but they bluntly told him in order to join the gang again, he would have to prove himself again, as he had been away for too long and forgot his gangsta values that were important to the GSF. The new GSF leaders also reminded CJ that the GSF are much different gang than they were before when his brother Sweet was the leader; the GSF were now into selling crack and other hard drugs, and their objective was to expand their drug dealing operations by gaining more territory in Los Santos and across San Andreas State - they told CJ that these were terms he HAD to accept, knowing that Sweet was his older brother. CJ told the GSF's new leaders that he did not care, he just wanted to make a lot of money fast and help the GSF rise back to the top again, even if it meant selling hard drugs like crack. The new GSF leader took CJ's word and sent CJ out into the streets to prove himself again. Once again, CJ had to go back into the streets to put in some work for the GSF gang but in a new, and more ruthless way. 


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Official General

CJ was back to committing petty street crimes once again, but this time it was not the real low-life stuff that brought in very petty cash, like burglarizing homes for household goods or running errands for prostitutes. CJ started carrying out street crimes that got him quick cash in nice amounts. CJ first started robbing stores at gunpoint, carrying out store hold-ups all over Los Santos, getting a few thousand dollars here and there, and on a good day, he may bag $10,000 dollars. But CJ needed more for his plans, so he started robbing restaurants and clothing stores too. The 247 stores, Cluckin' Bells, Burger Shots, Well Stacked Pizza, Binco, Zip, Didier, Victim, he robbed them all. Soon after, CJ was driving all over the state robbing stores and restaurants, and then he started robbing the Inside Track betting shops like he had done before too, all through the summer of 1994, and managed to escape the police pursuits. Sometimes, CJ would go on the streets at night and rob pimps of their cash and jewellery, as the pimps always liked to wear lots of gold and carry large wads of dollar bills in their pockets, but that was also very risky, because many pimps know they are targets and they carry knives or guns. Looking for more ways to make good money fast, CJ decided get in touch with his old car import/export contacts at the port and docks in San Fierro to see if he could still make money stealing cars, and as always they had lots of work for him. CJ began making regular trips to San Fierro bringing stolen high-end cars and making even more, fast, nice amounts of cash. Within 3 months, CJ had made $250,00 dollars.  But this time, CJ did not spend this nice chunk of fast cash quickly; in fact he spent very little money on himself at this point, and saved most of the money to buy wholesale amounts of hard drugs from various drug-dealers and resell the drugs to customers on the street to make a profit for himself. 






CJ then contacted Cesar and asked him to help him set up a cocaine connection Cesar's old friends in the Varrios Los Aztecas gang or VLA, who were also now into dealing in hard drugs. Cesar agreed as long as he was not asked to be involved. The VLA had good connections south of the border with drug cartels in Mexico, and they got good coke prices for CJ, and CJ made very good cash profits from buying cocaine and turning into crack to sell on the streets. CJ did not have much previous experience in drug-dealing in the streets when he first got into it, he was more of an expert at stealing cars. Drug-dealing in streets is very dangerous territory where deadly violence can strike at any moment, but CJ's gang background meant that he generally always carried a pistol with him at all times anyway, so he was always well-prepared for the deadly violence aspect of drug dealing in the streets - there was always the threat of a rival dealer trying to kill him or somebody trying to rob him of his cash or drugs. CJ would sometimes get into regular shootouts with rival drug dealers over crack sales and turf, but luckily he either always came out the winner or survived the gunfights, and there were times that he would have to shoot and kill a few foolhardy, desperate customers that would try to rob him. CJ learned how to hustle drugs fast, and once he really knew what he was doing, he was raking in decent profits from his illegal drug sales. CJ quickly understood that certain drugs sold more in some cities and towns, and less in other cities and towns, so he would travel to other cities like San Fierro and Las Venturas and the small countryside towns to sell certain drugs and make bigger profits there. This time, when whenever CJ took trips to Venturas, he took the train instead of expensive flights, he chose to stay in the cheapest motels, stayed away from the casinos, bars and strip clubs, only going there to sell drugs, make his profit and return back to Los Santos. CJ got in touch with his  good friend The Truth to buy his weed supplies, and the Truth was only too happy to provide him with seemingly unlimited supplies of high quality weed grown on his farm in Flint County that he still owned. CJ made very good money selling The Truth's weed in cities and towns across San Andreas. 



By late 1994, CJ had amassed nearly $1 million dollars in cash from all of his money-making criminal activities. CJ took all of his money and went to the new leader of the GSF to show them what he had made within the 6 months since they last sent him away go and prove himself. The new GSF leader was amazed at how quickly CJ made such a large amount of money, and he was greatly impressed at what he saw. So far, he had seen no one in the new breed of crack-dealing GSF gang members make money this fast. The new GSF leader asked CJ to show his cash to the other GSF gang members, and he then asked CJ what did he intended to do with the money. CJ replied that most of the money will be put back into the GSF gang to help them expand their territory, their drug-dealing operations in crack and other hard drugs, and buy more guns. The new GSF leader looked at CJ and smiled; he was happy to see that the gangsta in CJ had returned, and CJ had more than proved himself. The new GSF leader then summoned all the nearby gang members and announced to them all that CJ is now once again, a senior member of the Grove Street Families and will be the leader of his own crew within the larger GSF. CJ, surprised and a little shocked just gave a brief smile and slight nod of his head in agreement to acknowledge that he was now one of the GSF gang's leaders. CJ then pulled out his Glock pistol, cocked and loaded it, and then said to the rest....


"  Grove Street this is now our time to really grow. It's still 1994....and me and all of you, my homies better be ready for war "



However, the new GSF leaders made it clear to CJ that even though he has been re-admitted to the gang as a senior member, things had changed; there was no longer one supreme leader like Sweet anymore, it would be a group of leaders directing the GSF. The Temple Drive and Seville Families had their own leaders too. However the GSF OGs were happy to have CJ at the forefront of the gang's operations as long as the money was coming in. 

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Official General





The year is 1994 in the State Of San Andreas. A lot has happened here in the last two years since 1992, when CJ returned back to Grove Street after his time away in Liberty City. Many things have changed. Many things have change for the better. Many things have also changed for the worse. Some things have not changed at all; they just remain the same. But one thing about San Andreas that will always remain the same, is the fact that this state is a huge place full of riches, wealth, and beauty where big dreams had are to be had AND to be realised ! There are many ways to achieve these big dreams - it is just a matter whether you choose the right ways or the wrong ways. Whichever way you choose, there will always be big rewards to be had if you succeed and big prices to pay if you fail - as we have seen with CJ's story so far. The bittersweet irony of San Andrea's beauty and greatness is that if you cannot make it there, the whole world around you can feel like such an ugly and cruel place. And that my friends, is San Andreas for you. Let see what's been happening......


Overall, the economy of San Andreas has been doing very well since 1992, it keeps growing and growing in almost every sector, government, finance, banking, real estate, construction, technology, media, entertainment, you name it, it has it. More and more buildings are popping up, and more road networks are being built, the cities in the state are still rapidly expanding (especially Los Santos), new businesses, companies, and enterprises are springing up everywhere, and there is a thriving market for them all. As of 1994 San Andreas's economy is booming so much and it is so large that as a state alone, it would be the 5th richest country if it were a country! Hundreds of billions of dollars are being generated in San Andreas each year, more money that it has ever seen. It is no wonder immigrants and other Americans from other states keep moving here in huge numbers. In the last two years, San Andreas population went up by more than 20 percent. Simply put, for many, San Andreas is the state of choice and STILL THE PLACE TO BE. 

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Official General




Current population of whole metro area : 5 million people ( 4.7 million in 1992 ) 


Demographics : White 35%, Hispanic 30%, Black 20%, Asian 10%, Other 5%


To live and die in Los Santos.....you just can never get enough of Los Santos. Well, what has changed ? Not much, it is more of the same here, but bigger and better. The tropical splendour of Vice City still wows us of course, but The City of Saints is even more of a living paradise on Earth. Vinewood and it's world-famous movie industry still keeps San Andreas as the media entertainment center of the world. The current city mayor unveiled the recently finished redevelopment of Pershing Square, and the result is amazing scenery. Oh, by the way a new metro rail system has been built for the city's mass transit needs, the buses alone are just not enough for the exploding population. The LS Metrorail Tram now serves the city's residents who are either too poor or tight-fisted to buy themselves a decent car to travel. The population has nearly doubled. Because of Los Santos close proximity to Mexico, the number of Mexican immigrants into the city has swelled in a major way and continues to grow. 

























Business in the City of Los Santos is just booming non-stop, and its economy bursting with growth. More and more new companies, franchises and brand names are springing up and strongly competing with the already established ones. Los Santos STILL has a huge gap between the rich and poor, and there is still a massive urban crime problem ( with the gangs mostly ), and issues with major police corruption, but it is not viewed so much as a big problem to the city's fathers as long as they can ensure the city retains it's position as a money-rich, golden paradise. 




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Official General

Tourism has risen to record levels, bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars to the city's coffers. Within two years, the city's government custodians have made sure that  beaches have never looked more amazing - they have carried massive developments and high-standard maintenance to make sure that Los Santos's beaches remain the best and most enjoyable on the West Coast ( pictured above ). Once you hit Verona Beach or Santa Maria Beach, your feet will be glued to the sand and never want to leave. The palm tree-lined, pristine golden yellow sands and calm, royal blue waters will have you wanting to spend the whole day lying on the beach under the sun, swimming, and jet skiing, and if that does not interest you, then surely the never-ending, and ever-increasing herds of extremely attractive and sexy people that frequent Los Santos's beaches will keep you there from daylight to dawn ! For the men, the scantily-clad sexy beach ladies will have you dribbling with lustful joy and for the ladies, the muscular looking, well-oiled beach guys will have you fainting with admiration at every glance. 














Wait someone said on the beach from daylight until dawn ? Yes, that's right, there are now great night time entertainment venues on the beaches, so check out the new and extremely Santa Maria Beach Resto ( pictured above ). It is a real nice relaxing seaside bar and grill restaurant by day, and a most vibrant, beachside nightclub by full sunset were live music is being spun by the finest DJs in the whole of Los Santos and everyone dances the night away at full swing (be warned about self-control fellas, sometimes the ladies dance and get so hot they go topless). 




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Official General

The nightlife in Los Santos now MANY times much better than it was in 1992. Since then, two new popular nightclubs are now around, and they are the talk of the town. LS's young and rich, all the A-list Vinewood movie stars, TV personalities, the chart-topping musicians, to the top gangsta rappers can be guaranteed to be seen partying in the super-glizty and glamorous interior of the new Bahama Mamas West nightclub in Market on a Friday night. The Tequi-La La is another new hot nightspot in town and it can be found in West Vinewood. If you can afford to spend your nights in these places, get dressed in your weekend's finest and join the crowd ! There is still no shortage of fun to be had on a night in Los Santos. On Vinewood's boulevards,, there are theatres, movie houses and live shows galore, and there are plenty of enticing, stylishly sexy ladies and high-end prostitutes waiting to be picked up and taken back to a classy hotel or a cool crib for a real good time. Take your pick to suit your taste, either way, there is something for everyone that has big wads of cash to spend for a good night out in Los Santos !





And what about the other side to Los Santos ? You know, the ghetto, the hood (or the barrio to Hispanics) ? 









Ganton, Idlewood, Jefferson, East Lost Santos, Las Colinas, El Corona, the hoods of South-Central and East Los Santos largely remain the same....well, mostly anyway. These very low-income areas are still predominantly inhabited by African-Americans and Hispanics. There are some noticeable changes around that you will see later explained here. But for most part, it's the same ol' thing in the hood. The gangbangers, local homies and eses on the street corners outside liquor stores drinking 40 oz beer bottles, smoking on some endo, or driving around in lowriders blaring out their favorite gangsta rap beats. Even though the Grove Street Families gang have taken most of their original LS hoods back and more, street crime is still very high, shootings and drive-bys still regularly happen, and in certain LS hoods it's gotten worse than it was before. The police (or Five-O as the hood calls them) are still patrolling the block in their cars and harassing and arresting the homies and eses with tough tactics. The crackheads aimlessly wandering the streets looking for their next hit. Gold-chain-wearing drug dealers on the block selling all kinds of weight, weed, crack, coke, heroin, you name it. The neighbourhood hoes and putas are walking around wearing next to nothing trying to get the attention of OGs and hustlers getting money. But some of these same hoes and putas are not be ignored - they look much better, more sexier, and more prettier now though, they make much more extra effort to look hot. The reason being is that there are now many guys in the hood that are making very good money hustling in the crack trade, and these hoes want in on that cash too, and if it means using their bodies and looks to get it, they sure will. This crack thing is really changing things in the hood for both the better and worse as you will see later.










Current population of whole metro area : 2.2 million ( 1.9 million in 1992 ) 


Demographics: White 40%, Hispanic 20%, Asian 20%, Black 15% Other 5%























San Fierro is on the rise in a MAJOR WAY. The city government's forward-thinking approach in promoting and supporting the technology companies to invest in San Fierro is the key to city's great economic success. Within 2 years, the completion of major urban projects, a new mass transit system, and the rapid growth of Foster Valley has crowned San Fierro the technology and computer industry center of the United States. Before most San Andreas viewed The City of Love as a place to just go for a weekend getaway for a more quiet relaxed atmosphere, experience the joys of it's peace and love hippy crowd, frequent it's trendy bohemian bars and shops, and soak up its most beautiful surrounding natural scenery and stunning architecture, both classic or modern. Now it is seen as the City of High Tech industries and VERY well-paid jobs, and for this reason, more and more people from other parts of San Andreas are moving to San Fierro, along with highly skilled foreign immigrants with good knowledge of IT (most of them from the Far East, especially China and Vietnam, and yes, Chinatown has more Chinese people than ever). Even people from Los Santos are moving to San Fierro, many of them fed up of LS's insanely expensive living costs, superficial attitude in LS society, and the never-ending high levels of gang violence. San Fierro's whole metro area population has grown by half a million in just 2 years, and it continues to grow. Booming and good times are here, but it does bring with it some real serious problems too. Still, San Fierro is now a highly desirable place to live and work for many. 



















San Fierro's Easter Bay Airport has now established itself as the largest and busiest airport in the whole State of San Andreas, which has further contributed to the city's rapid economic growth and boosted its international trade. Even better, the airport has been refurbished and improved with more runways, more planes, and advanced technology. San Fierro's seaport has also seen increased international trade, and its long-established shipping industry remains strong. The new mass transit system looks very sleek and it runs much faster than the traditional old-style trams and it even covers the Bayside and Foster Valley too ( pictured above ). The new Cranberry Train Station and Coach Terminal is now finished and open to the public and it looks amazing. It is the best-looking train station in the whole of San Andreas and it has all the latest technological features to go with it. 




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Official General

Like most other cities, San Fierro does have another, darker, side to it's character. The city's more dangerous and seedier districts experience more than their fair share of the crime rate. Pimping and prostitution is still a major problem in the streets of the southern part of the city. The rapid expansion of the drug trade has seen the number of drug addicts heavily increased in San Fierro's streets, especially in it's predominately African-American and Hispanic neighbourhoods, and along with that, in increase in crime. For many years, San Fierro's crime had been relatively low, compared to other San Andrean cities like Los Santos obviously. But the key words here is that it had been relatively low, it's all past tense and that was 2 years ago. We are now in 1994, and the crime rate everywhere in San Andreas has changed drastically. We will explore this in more interesting detail later, so stay glued.


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Official General




Current population of whole metro area : 510,000 ( 496,000 in 1992 )


Demographics: White 50%, Hispanic 30%, Black 10%, Asian 5%, Other 5%

















Money, money, more money, heaven-sent beautiful women, never-ending fun nights under the shiny lights, and a hedonistic paradise, there really is no place like Las Venturas, the City of Fortunes. Los Santos may be the city were big dreams can be realised, but Las Venturas is the city were big dreams can be realised IN A DAY OR OVERNIGHT !! Not much has changed in what Las Venturas offers and represents. Well, what else can it offer, when it offers everything a person could ever dream of all in one place ? The promise of instant riches in the form of huge cash winnings gambling at the casinos, supreme high class living in the most luxury hotels ever seen, eating big in the finest restaurants, glamorous and glitzy nights to enjoy in the most swanky bars, watching the world's biggest boxing fights in the Outdoor Arena of Caligula's Palace, getting married on the spot to the love of your life, the most elegantly and smartly dressed people in the world walking the streets, the finest and most sexiest strippers with the biggest titties and juiciest butts you ever saw, wow ! And still there are just more and more ultra pleasures and delights Las Venturas has to offer. The only thing that has physically changed about Las Venturas is that the lights are bigger and brighter, more people keep visiting (and staying), and more money keeps flowing ( pictured below ). 






Oh and, the crime rate in certain parts of Las Venturas has greatly risen and turned into no-go areas due to unforseen circumstances....which again, will be explained in more detail later. However, Las Venturas is the one place anyone must see and experience before they die and finally depart this Earth. That is the God's honest truth. 




Now let us get down to business and move to the more serious and darker stuff that GTA San Andreas '94 is all about.....





For the last 2 years since 1992, it has been boom, boom, boom, and no bust for the state of San Andreas, these are golden times and there are many winners that are have benefited and gained nicely from it all. But where many people are gaining everything, there will also be many people that have very little or nothing gained, and in San Andreas the gap between rich and poor has grown much bigger than ever to record levels.  The resentment the haves are getting from the have nots has never been more intense and severe, and many streets in San Andreas's cities are not as safe as they were 2 years ago. The most serious crime problem for San Andreas, is that its illegal drug trade  is now worth billions of dollars a year, it is expanding like wildfire and  thriving like it has never before, which will be looked at in more detail in it's own section. Now all the major gangs in the state are at war with each other to control the drug trade. All of this has lead to the huge rise in the crime rates throughout the state of San Andreas within the last two years ( pictured above and below ). 


According to the official crime statistics released by the San Andreas State Justice Department, as of 1994, the crime rate has gone up in San Andreas by a huge 50 percent, incredibly in just two years. This is a very worrying trend that the state government has only now just recognized and is struggling to contain as a result. Focusing on the crime statistics of cities alone, the crime rates are even more shocking. Let us look at street crime to begin with. In Los Santos, street crime has gone up by 90 percent, and San Fierro has seen rises of 50 percent, while Las Venturas is a bit better with a rise of 25 percent. There are now a lot more shootings, assaults, robberies, muggings, car jackings, store hold-ups, and burglaries happening in the streets of all 3 cities. Cash-carrying armoured car robberies have also seen a massive increase, as the gap between rich and poor in San Andreas widens more than ever. Prostitution and pimping has also increased in all 3 cities, more vulnerable women are being forced or tricked into prostitution daily and under the control of violent but very flamboyantly dressed pimps making a lot of money from their carnal misery. Also, race-hate crime and racially aggravated violence has increased, and police forces in San Andreas have reported that they have seen an increased neo-Nazi and white racist gang activity in certain parts of the state, especially in the predominantly white countryside towns. 


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Official General

The police forces of all 3 cities are currently engaged in a long, hard struggle to bring as much bad guys to justice as they can, but they have not yet made great progress. This statewide crime wave is just getting way out of control and if not something is not done soon, we may be witness another re-occurence of the 1992 Los Santos riots if people finally get fed up with the law and take to the streets again. The shocking level corruption from police officers like LSPD Officers Tenpenny and Pulaski of the C.R.A.S.H scandal of 1992 badly tarnished the reputation of the Los Santos Police Department (LSPD), and it is still fresh in minds of many of Los Santos's more poorer residents, so public confidence in the LSPD is still very low, and corruption is still rife within the LSPD's ranks. However, the San Andreas state government have come up with a great idea to combat the restore public confidence in it's cities police forces while trying to reduce crime levels and stamp out police corruption at the same time. Police officers have been given a large increase in salary for more job motivation and as an incentive to be honest. 


There is also a major drive by the police departments of all the 3 major cities in San Andreas to hire more ethnic minorities and women as police officers ( pictured above ). They now believe that ethnic diversity in police forces will enhance the police department's relationships with local African-American, Hispanic and Asian communities in all 3 cities, and a side benefit of this is that it would make it easier for the LSPD to plant undercover officers in the Black and Hispanic street gangs. Now in the streets of all 3 cities, you can now see many Black, Hispanic, Asian police officers, and also female officers on patrol. The Las Venturas police department is still mostly white and male, but they are making some progress with regards to hiring ethnic minorities as police officers. But being a police officer in San Andreas is now more of a dangerous job than it has ever been, especially with the LSPD. With the bad guys now armed with bigger and better guns these days, the number of police officers killed in the line of duty has greatly risen too, especially since the C.R.A.S.H scandal back in 1992. 


Since 1992, 20 police officers have been killed in the line of duty across the whole State of San Andreas according to official  police information statistics, and this has averaged out to 10 police officers being killed every year, which is extremely high, and 1994 has not ended yet ! Many police departments in San Andreas are under-funded, lacking in having enough resources, and in need of more police officers and better weapons to efficiently fight the serious crime wave currently  plaguing the state. Quite frankly, many police forces all over San Andreas are struggling to contain the high levels of crime in their jurisdictions. There has never been a more dangerous time to be a police officer in San Andreas ( pictured above ). As the gangs and criminals of San Andreas are becoming much more dangerous, more violent, and more armed, the job of police officers across the state has become an everyday matter of  life or death and whether or not they will make it home after completing a shift. A police officer's service pistol has now become a more essential piece of work equipment than it has ever been before in San Andreas. 


However just last year in 1993, for six months there was a major clampdown on gangs in Los Santos carried out in a joint effort by the LSPD and FIB ( pictured above ). Hundreds of gang members in Los Santos were arrested, charged, and later convicted of serious crimes ranging from drug-dealing to murder, and also many gang members were killed in shootouts with the police while the arrests where carried out. The heavy clampdown on gangs in Los Santos also resulted in the LSPD and FIB seizing millions of dollars in cash, drugs, and firearms in raids on gang hangouts, stash houses, and hideouts. Heavy law enforcement clampdown has been a great success in combating the LS gangs and disrupting their criminal operations. But another negative effect is that many LS gang members have left Los Santos and migrated to other cities and towns in San Andreas to seek new opportunities and to escape the intense pressure brought on by the heavy law enforcement clampdown back in Los Santos. 



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Since 1992, drug trafficking and drug-dealing in San Andreas has risen to record levels ( pictured above ). The drug trade in San Andreas right now is at an all time high, it generates even more billions of dollars each year. More narcotics than ever is flowing in from Latin America, and quite frankly, there is very little law enforcement authorities in the state can do about it, no matter how many drug raids and seizures they carry out. Cocaine, crack, heroin, weed, ecstasy, crystal meth, and steroids, you name it, you can now get it anywhere in San Andreas at even more cheaper and affordable prices and drug-dealing at street level is dominated by the Los Santos gangs. Most illegal drugs are now more freely available than ever before. This means more and more huge cash profits for drug dealers and gang members. But where there is a lot of money to be made in the underworld, there is also a lot of greed, which in turn leads to a lot of bloodshed, violence, and death. With the stakes now very high, the illegal drug game in San Andreas is now as deadly as ever, and for those who play the game, they know the great risks that come with it; death or jail. Many end up in jail, but right now, most are ending up dead. Violent disputes or turf wars over illegal drug sales always result in shootings and murders. Whether it's a drug deal gone wrong, an argument over poor quality drugs, or a territorial dispute, more and more dead bodies are turning up everywhere across San Andreas in drug-related homicides. The murder rate ands crime in general across San Andreas has nearly quadrupled since 1992, and most of it is linked to the rapid expansion of the illegal drug trade across the state. For many criminals and gang members, these are very, very dangerous times, but also times of more golden opportunities to capitalise on than they have ever seen before. So where are these illegal drugs actually coming from ? According to the San Andreas State Justice Department's crime information and statistics, the street level dealers are primarily African-American and Hispanic males, but the drugs come from a variety of sources within and outside of San Andreas :




Most of the cocaine in the state of San Andreas now comes in through Mexico, all the way from South America on an overland route. Because of Los Santos's close proximity to Mexico, it has given the LS gangs an even more direct and easier access to source narcotics and which has led to them gaining more more money and power. The Mexican drug cartels sell the drugs to Hispanic middlemen drug dealers who then sell the drugs to street gangs, who then use it to make crack to sell in the streets at a profit. Mexican-American street gangs like the Los Santos Vagos and the San Fierro Rifa have very close, strong ties to the Mexican drug cartels south of the border. The Mexican drug cartels will also sell cocaine to other independent drug dealers to sell on the street at a profit. Cocaine is most expensive to buy in San Fierro and countryside towns, and the cheapest place to buy it is in Los Santos. The price of cocaine in Las Venturas varies at different times of the year, it goes up and down constantly. 


This drug is dangerously addictive and as such, it commands a very high price in all 3 cities and everywhere else in the whole state. As of 1994, most of the heroin in San Andreas is imported from Asia and brought in to San Andreas by the Chinese and Vietnamese gangs in San Fierro, so it is the cheapest there. Black tar heroin from across the border in Mexico is now available in San Andreas, and it is brought in overland by Mexican drug cartels and sold on in the same way as cocaine, as explained above, but Mexican black tar heroin is of lower quality compared to the Asian heroin sold in San Fierro. Sometimes, gangs from Los Santos go up to San Fierro to buy the better quality heroin from the Triads or Da Nang Boys. 




Weed - Now grown in many rural and countryside parts of the state where there are very fertile soils and better quality fresh air. It is known as San-An Weed outside of San Andreas and it is apparently of very high quality. Drug dealers and gang members go to the countryside to buy the weed and sell it in the cities and towns at a very good profit. The FIB believe the biggest supplier of weed in the whole state of San Andreas is a shady, mysterious character only known as "The Truth and he has not yet been identified by law enforcement. Weed fetches the most expensive price in Los Santos. The profit margins for weed generally ranges from moderate to low, but since it always in good supply and the demand remains constant in every part of the state, it remains an important, steady source of income for the drug dealers and street gangs. 


The Russian Mafia are the main providers of this illegal drug in San Andreas. The Russians are only involved at wholesale level and they sell it to drug dealers and gang members to sell on the street at a profit. This drug sells like hotcakes in downtown Los Santos and Las Venturas because of their famous party and nightlife cultures, and it costs the most in those two cities. Overall not very popular in San Fierro, but it is very popular with the gay crowd in the city's Queens district, and those guys buy it a lot.


Other illegal drugs
Other drugs - steroids, magic mushrooms ( in the two images above in that order ) and crystal meth are all produced in various secret underworld laboratories across the state of San Andreas by all kinds of criminals, drug dealers and sometimes gang members and then sold on the streets at a profit. Steroids are very popular with male customers in districts of Los Santos with the beaches. White American outlaw biker gangs in Tierra Robada, Bone, and Red Counties are the dominant suppliers and sellers of crystal meth. 


The State of San Andreas has ongoing issues with its ever-thriving illegal gun trade, gun control and gun sales regulation, and its illegal gun trade is worth a whopping 300 million dollars a year. There are serious concerns about the fact that despite the state having one of the strictest gun laws in the whole country, guns just seem to keep ending up in the hands of those who should not be having them in the first place - the criminals, drug dealers, and street gangs. The street gangs are much better armed and have more guns than the police these days, so that says it all about the situation. The State of San Andreas gun laws state that individuals that are either convicted felons, have a history mental illness or are known gang members or gang-affiliates are banned from buying and owning guns. But many legal and licensed San Andreas gun dealers working in stores like Ammu-Nation are suspected to be secretly selling guns for very high prices to people prohibited by the law from buying guns. By illegally selling guns under the table, gun store owners or employees sell them for triple their normal retail prices, so there is clearly a lot of money to be made. The bottom line is that the streets in many areas of San Andreas have become even more dangerous than ever, and it has now become essential for street criminals, drug dealers, and gang members to carry guns with them at all times - this just further serves to fuel the demand for illegal gun sales. Gun-running is now a big business in San Andreas. Illegal gun sellers are now operating everywhere in the state and are making big profits from buying guns and selling the guns to criminals, drug dealers, and gang members. More guns, more money, more homicides, it is simple maths really. The gun sellers travel to the countryside towns in the counties outside of the 3 main cities to buy their guns, because over there the local gun laws are much more relaxed than local gun laws in the 3 main cities, and guns are much cheaper in the countryside towns too. The gun sellers then come back to the 3 main cities to sell their guns at profit to their main customer base - the criminals, drug-dealers and gang members. Police intelligence reports state that LS gangs are now sending their own members out to the countryside to buy guns and bring them back to Los Santos or San Fierro. the Simply put, there is no shortage of the best firearms for the bad guys of San Andreas, and the police and law enforcement agents all across the state face even more of a deadly threat fighting crime than ever before. 




The illegal gun trade has been boosted even more by the wider range of the new, latest, and better model of guns now available in legal gun stores. The older, standard American-made Colt M1911s pistols were once the main pistols being used by the bad guys, but now the Glock 9mm is the weapon of choice. The Glock is now America's favourite pistol and the new generation models are now on sale. The brand-new German Heckler and Koch USP combat pistols were only released into the American gun market last year in 1993. Newer models of other pistols like Berettas, Sig Sauers, Desert Eagles, Colt Anacondas, .357 Colt Pythons, Colt Hardball M1911s are also now out for sale. Mac-10s are now also on sale too, along with newer model Tec-9s, shotguns, and assault rifles. Demand remains very high in San Andreas for the best guns. 

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Official General






Well, here we are. Straight to the point, the murder rate in San Andreas has reached insanely high levels between 1992 and 1994, and continues to keep rising ( pictured above ). The murder rate has shot up in all 3 major cities in San Andreas and all the towns. So far this year in 1994, Los Santos has recorded more homicides than everywhere else in the whole state of San Andreas combined. But as we all know already, Los Santos is the main hub of street gang activity and the illegal drug trade in the whole state, so there is no real surprises there, however Los Santo's murder rate dropped sharply in 1993 and then increased greatly so far in 1994. San Fierro's homicide rate has already risen by 50 percent since the start of 1994; high murder rates were something the city's police department had never seen before prior to 1992. So far this year in 1994, the SFPD has investigated a record 215 murders in the San Fierro and Easter Bay Area. Las Venturas also saw a massive increase in homicides within the same time period. Before 1992, the Las Venturas Police Department on average recorded no more than  20 homcides a year. Between back then and now in 1994, the LVPD have recorded up to 142 homicides, and now investigate on average 80 murders a year. Official figures from the San Andreas State Justice Department ( shown below ) give us a more clear idea of the murder rates of all 3 cities :


Year = number of murders


* Los Santos = 1201
* San Fierro = 100
* Las Venturas = 64


* Los Santos = 985
* San Fierro = 189
* Las Venturas = 95


* Los Santos = 1016
* San Fierro = 273
* Las Venturas = 142 


The stats are just beyond shocking. The increases are huge and within a short space of time. So the reasons for so many homicides happening in the state of San Andreas ? The same reasons that have been around for some years now - the illegal drug trade and gang activity. Police reports state that : 

* The majority of the murders committed are either drug-related or gang-related. 
* The statistics also show that most of the victims are gang members and drug dealers, usually young Black and Hispanic adult males aged between 18 - 25. 
* Many innocent people are being killed by stray bullets in gun fights between rival gang members. 
* The most common cause of death for the homicide victims is by gunshot wound. 
* The majority of gang-related homicides go unsolved because the witnesses are too scared to give evidence to the police in fear of being punished with violence or death by the gang members, and the victims that are gang members themselves have a street code that requires them not to talk to the police if they survive shootings or violent attacks. 

Gang-related shootings and drive-bys are even much more common as ever these days and they occur very frequently in areas known to have gang activity. Gun battles between rivals gangs used to mostly happen at night, and in the streets of no-go areas of the city such as the ghetto, public housing projects and dark alleys, but now they happen anywhere and everywhere, street corners, busy high streets, the inside of bars, clubs , strip bars, restaurants, stores, public buildings and even in casinos. Violent turf wars between murderous, gun-toting street gangs have been raging in streets of Los Santos for many years now, but there is a new trend emerging from this. The Los Santos gangs are now spreading outside of Los Santos and migrating to other cities and towns across the state to expand their illegal drug dealing operations. Police reports confirm that  LS gangs like the Grove Street Families, the Ballas, the Vagos and the Varrios Los Aztecas are now present in San Fierro and Las Venturas, and the latest reports state that they are also now present in the countryside towns too. The big problem with all this, is that the LS gangs have brought their deadly rivalries along with them to their new base of operations too. This is the main cause behind the sudden and huge spike in homicide rates in San Fierro, Las Venturas and the countryside towns. This will be looked in more detail in the section covering the gangs themselves. 



Just hold on ! What about San Andreas's innocent murder victims ? Anything to say about them ? Well, murder is just a fact and part of everyday life in society and unfortunately that includes innocent victims as we all know already. But in particular, the number of innocent victims killed by stray bullets in gang shootouts and gunfights has risen dramatically, and it is a downright tragedy ( pictured above ). Because most gang members are not expert shots and like to fire indiscriminately at their targets using semi-automatic and automatic weapons, too many innocent people are being killed in these bloody gang wars across the state, and something really needs to be done as the images above show.

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Official General



These are definitely golden times for the gangs of San Andreas. As of 1994, the gangs continue to grow in numbers, strength, and influence. Gang membership has increased by 50 percent and there is now a total of at least 120,000 known and active gang members throughout the whole state of San Andreas according to official police crime statistics. Los Santos still remains the main hub of gang activity in San Andreas, but gang activity can now be found and seen everywhere in San Andreas, and not just Los Santos, and this is mostly because the Los Santos gangs have migrated out of Los Santos to other main cities of San Fierro and Las Venturas, and small towns in the state for more opportunities to make a lot of money selling illegal drugs in places where their drugs can sell for much more money than they do in Los Santos. The migration of LS gangs to other cities and towns in San Andreas was also down to them trying to to escape the increasing pressure of law enforcement coming from a heavy clampdown on gang activity by both the LSPD and the FIB last year in 1993 as part of a special long campaign to combat gang activity lasting 6 months. The profits the LS gangs make from selling illegal drugs in other parts of San Andreas outside of Los Santos has proved too lucrative, and they are making much more money than than they have ever seen before. The arrival of LS gangs in San Fierro and Las Venturas is the main reason why the murder rates of these two, once low-crime cities have greatly increased and gone through the roof. Many of the quiet, small towns in the countryside have now been turned into deadly  war zones by invading Los Santos gangs that are trying to take over and control the local illegal drug trade of these towns - some of these countryside towns had never had a murder happen for many decades before 1992. Now we are in 1994, gang shootings and gunfights between rival gangs are now commonly occurring in the countryside towns, mostly at night, and homicides in these towns keep on rising year after year. The migrating LS gangs selling drugs in other cities and towns outside of Los Santos, and then send the money they have made in profit back to their gang leaders back in Los Santos, usually using couriers on either motorbikes or in SUV vehicles. 







The gangs all over San Andreas are collectively now raking in hundreds of millions of dollars from the illegal drug trade state-wide. The newfound prosperity of the gang members is very visible to see in the streets. Many gang members now look and dress better, and the gang members making good money can be seen openly flaunting their riches - the many images of them provided here show that they now wear a lot more expensive and flashy jewellery, and they drive around in high-end or luxury cars in streets of their territories ( pictured above ). The gangs operating in the rich areas of Los Santos and Las Venturas especially, are making so much money that they drive around in the flashiest sports cars like Cheetahs and Infernuses that easily cost $100, 000 dollars or more. The LVPD has observed that gang members from Los Santos and San Fierro can also now be seen in Las Venturas spending large wads of cash at the casino tables too ( also pictured below ). 




The main reason for the huge in increase and expansion in gangs, gang membership and gang violence in San Andreas is the lucrative illegal drug trade, with rival gangs in bloody wars with each other for the greatest market share. The majority of gang members are African-American and Hispanic males between 18-25, with the older members mostly acting as leaders or high-ranking lieutenants with many years of gang membership experience, and these guys are known as 'OGs'. As expected, gang members in San Andreas are now much better armed than they were before, they almost always carry firearms wherever they go ( or being 'strapped as they like to call it ), and the guns they prefer to use are pistols, small sub-machine guns, sawed-off shotguns, and AK47 assault rifles. Gang members in different cities, prefer to use certain kinds of pistols and firearms over others. Gang members in Los Santos and Las Venturas prefer to use Glock and Beretta pistols, Tec-9s, and Mac-10s, while those in San Fierro prefer H&K USP and Sig Sauer pistols, and Uzis. 

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Official General

The image below shows a police intelligence map that outlines the territories belonging to the main gangs of San Andreas :



NOTE : The territories of the Triads and Da Nang Boys are not shown highlighted in colour, because they do not have dress colour codes like the other gangs and they have not really expanded their turf outside of their home location city, except for a presence in just one countryside town, Angel Pine. 




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Official General


Ethnicity : African-American 

Current number strength : 25,000

Home location : Los Santos

Presence : Los Santos ( Ganton, Idlewood, Glen Park, Willowfield, Temple, Santa Maria Beach, Jefferson, East Los Santos ), San Fierro ( Doherty, Hashbury, Ocean Flats ), Las Venturas ( Redsands East and West, Whitewood Estates ) and in the towns in all San Andreas counties. 

Criminal Activities : Drug-dealing, gun-running, burglaries, store hold-ups, robberies, car theft, murder, assault.

Enemies : The Ballas, the Vagos, the San Fierro Rifa, the Da Nang Boys.

Allies : The Varrios Los Aztecas, the Triads.




The Grove Street Families gang, also known as the GSF, are now once again the most dominant and largest Black street gang in Los Santos, and in the whole State of San Andreas for that matter. They appear to have finally won their gang war In Los Santos with their most hated rivals, the Ballas. The GSF currently now controls more territory in Los Santos than any other street gang and this has been bringing in a lot more money for the gang. The GSF used to only sell weed and PCP, but they have very recently within the last two years, they decided that they are no longer against the sale of hard drugs and they are now heavily involved in the sale of narcotics, particularly crack cocaine, which has been making them an even more great deal of money. Recent police raids and arrests at homes and bases of GSF members have resulted in many seizures of crack cocaine, and recent police investigations show that the GSF get their supplies of weed from a major weed grower in the countryside known as as "The Truth", whose real identity is unknown, as stated earlier. The GSF have also expanded their gang operations outside of Los Santos and they have managed to capture new territories in southern San Fierro and the north side of Las Venturas, where they can now be seen in the streets of both cities in increasing numbers. GSF gang members have also been spotted in the countryside towns. Their recent foray into narcotics sales and large-scale territory expansions has lead to the GSF engaging in even more serious and violent deadly conflict with rival gangs, especially with the Ballas. The GSF is allied with the Varrios Los Aztecas, but they are still enemies with the Vagos and the San Fierro Rifa, and while gang wars between the GSF and those two Hispanic gangs are rare, they sometimes do occasionally happen ( latest Los Santos Police intelligence reports that Black v Hispanic gang warfare is now on the rise in Los Santos ). GSF gang members have diversified their criminal activities having also recently become heavily involved in gun-running and in large-scale car theft rings in San Fierro. The leader of the GSF is reputed to be the 26-year old Carl Johnson, also known as CJ, but he thoroughly denies this. Johnson is very well-known to the LSPD as being an GSF gang member, but the last police report on him states that he is now a multimillionaire with many successful legitimate business interests and investments, mostly in real estate, automobile sales, and casinos. Mr. Johnson himself has repeatedly insisted that he is now living a crime-free life and is no longer involved in gang activity or affiliated with any gang.



Ethnicity : African-American

Current number strength : 20,000

Home location : Los Santos
Presence : Los Santos ( Jefferson, East Los Santos, East Beach, Marina, Verona Beach,  Santa Maria Beach, Temple, West Vinewood ), and in San Fierro ( Ocean Flats, Doherty ), Las Venturas ( Whitewood Estates and Redsands East and West ), and in the towns in all San Andreas counties.
Criminal Activities : Drug-dealing, gun-running, burglaries, store hold-ups, robberies, car theft, murder, assault. 

Enemies : The Grove Street Families, the Varrios Los Aztecas, the Vagos, the San Fierro Rifa, the Da Nang Boys.

Allies : Formerly the San Fierro Rifa. Now, none. 




The Ballas were once the most dominant and largest Black street gang in Los Santos with the most territory two years ago, but they have now once again been overtaken in Los Santos by their deadly and biggest rivals, the GSF. Numerous Balla gang members and their leaders have been killed in gang wars with the GSF within the last two years, and as a result, Balla gang membership numbers have fallen significantly and the Ballas have lost so much of their Los Santos territory, but the Jefferson district still remains a major Ballas stronghold and centre of power. Even then, bigger numbers and territory does not always mean better. Make no mistake, the Ballas are still going strong and they have gotten much smarter in the process. While the Ballas were at the height of their power back in 1992, they had connections to San Fierro through the Loco Syndicate, a powerful Mexican drug cartel ( now defunct ). From that time, they saw San Fierro as prime territory for crack sales and they decided to expand their territory there once they saw they were losing territory to the GSF back in Los Santos. The Ballas migrated to San Fierro and very quickly established themselves there in the predominantly African-American neighbourhood of Ocean Flats, pushing out the local drug dealers there and taking over the local narcotics trade. The Ballas now completely control all of Ocean Flats in San Fierro, which is a very large area and prime crack-dealing territory, but the GSF are now trying to move in there also, which has sparked vicious, bloody wars between the two gangs that are still ongoing in the area. The Ballas have recently made moves into Las Venturas and have taken over some territories in the city's outer limits, but once again they find themselves clashing with the GSF over gang territory in Venturas.  The Ballas have a much more longer and deeper experience of dealing in hard drugs/narcotics than the GSF, so they have recently been concentrating most of their attention, efforts, and resources in that area rather than constantly trying capture more gang territory. The Ballas have learnt new drug-dealing skills and strategies from their previous dealings with the Rifa and the Vagos; police informants say that the Ballas have started growing their own weed supplies in a secret location in the countryside, somewhere in the Paleto Forest. As a result, the Ballas are still making so much money from crack and other illegal drug sales and their smaller numbers has made them a more unified, more organized, and ruthless gang than the GSF. Just like the GSF, the Ballas have recently diversified their criminal activities and moved into gun-running and large-scale car theft. The Ballas were once on good terms with the Vagos, but they have recently fell out with the Vagos over multiple drug deals gone wrong; there is a trend of some renegade Balla gang members going around robbing Mexican wholesale cocaine dealers, which has angered the Ballas OGs, ruining their business dealings with the Vagos. This time, the Ballas are now enemies with all the Hispanic street gangs in the San Andreas, but the GSF remain as the Ballas main rivals and enemies, and bloody gang wars between the Ballas and the GSF continue to occur. 



Ethnicity : Hispanic ( Mexican-American and Mexican )
Current number strength : 30,000+
Home location : Los Santos 
Presence : Los Santos ( Las Colinas, Los Flores, and East Beach, more recently Verdant Bluffs ), San Fierro ( Garcia and Battery Point ), Las Venturas ( Rockshore East and West, Pilgrim and Creek ), and in the towns in all of San Andreas counties. 
Criminal Activities : Drug-dealing, drug-trafficking, gun-running, burglaries, store hold-ups, robberies, car theft, money-laundering, extortion, protection, human trafficking, murder, assault. 

Enemies : The Grove Street Families, the Ballas, the Varrios Los Aztecas, the San Fierro Rifa, the Da Nang Boys.

Allies : None.




The Vagos are the largest gang in whole State of San Andreas, they have a seemingly endless supply of manpower, and they keep growing and growing, showing no signs of decline at all - and they are the one gang in San Andreas that seem to want it all too. They are heavily involved in the narcotics trade as they always have been, and but now they have developed very strong connections with powerful Mexican drug cartels south of the border, and they grown their own weed high up in the hills of upper Los Santos near Red County. This has put them in the lucrative position of being the main suppliers of cocaine, heroin, and weed in Los Santos and Southern San Andreas, and they seek to the control the drug at both wholesale and street level. Their territory in Los Santos has not changed much, they still control all of the hillside sections eastern Los Santos, but they have greatly expanded their territory outside of Los Santos into San Fierro and Las Venturas and now have a major presence in those two cities and also in all the small countryside towns. Their main setback is their appetite for constant gang warfare with everyone around them - they are fighting vicious gang wars on 4 fronts with the state's two other main Hispanic gangs - the Vagos are at war with the with the Varrios Los Aztecas in Los Santos and Las Venturas and they are at war with the Rifa in San Fierro and in Las Venturas also. They are still enemies with the GSF and more recently, with the Ballas. This constant gang warfare with every single other gang in San Andreas sometimes holds them back from being even more rich and powerful if they completely focused on their profitable criminal operations. But the Vagos always love a good gang war, and if a gang war does not find them, you can be sure that they will start one. There is the word on street that states that the Vagos now have an agenda to take over the territories other ethnic gangs and "make them completely Vagos-run and Hispanic", which can also be interpreted as some kind of attempt to start a race war, but there are still further investigations ongoing to confirm this. The Vagos are indeed a very fearless bunch, they are more homicidal and violent than ever, and they seem to have no qualms about going to war with every gang they come across. Having said that, the Vagos suffer from a similar deficiency to the Families; the Vagos are not strongly united as a single gang like the Varrios Los Aztecas are. There are many different Vagos sets each with their own leaders that like to act and operate independently of each other and sometimes they clash with each other; they all only seem to come together when anyone of them go to war with other rival gangs. But the main strength of the Vagos lies in the fact that all Vagos sets usually always co-operate and assist each other when it matters most; making money and fighting rivals. The Vagos have recently issued a rule to their members that they must not do drive-bys, and if they do, only exceptional circumstances - they do not like the fact that innocent Hispanics may accidentally get killed in drive-bys when they happen. Instead, Vagos like to walk up to their rivals and kill them there on the spot instead, especially with sawed-off shotguns, which is their favourite heavy firearm of choice. The Vagos have now found another lucrative trade in trafficking guns south of the border to Mexico ( which has lead to them being even more heavily armed than before ), and also smuggling illegal immigrants from Mexico to cross over the border into San Andreas. Police intelligence reports state that the Vagos have their secret headquarters in some shacks high up in the remote hills above the predominantly Hispanic Las Colinas neighbourhood, which apparently is also where they grow their weed, and they have invested a lot of their drug money in legitimate business fronts in their territory like corner stores, liquor stores, Mexican restaurants, and money-wiring companies. The Vagos gang have grown very rich and powerful from their criminal activities over the last two years, and San Andreas law enforcement authorities and agencies have been observing their success with the utmost great concern. 

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Official General


Current number strength : 20,000
Ethnicity : Hispanic ( Mexican-American and Mexican )
Home location : Los Santos 
Presence : Los Santos  ( El Corona, Verdant Bluffs, and Little Mexico, more recently Las Colinas, Los Flores, and East Beach in eastern Los Santos), and in Las Venturas (Rockshore East and West), and in the towns in all San Andreas counties. 
Criminal Activities : Drug-trafficking, drug-dealing, gun-running, burglaries, store hold-ups, robberies, illegal car racing, car theft, murder, assault.

Enemies : The Vagos, the Ballas, the San Fierro Rifa, the Da Nang Boys.

Allies : The Grove Street Families, the San Fierro Rifa. 




The Varrios Los Aztecas, also known as the VLA, are still the main rivals and enemies of the Vagos. The VLA have always been smaller in their numbers than the Vagos, and they still are. The VLA membership numbers are about just over half of what the Vagos membership numbers are, but they are always heavily-armed and they have a very tough and tenacious fighting spirit that has seen them through to victory in their many bloody gang wars with the Vagos,. They have already taken back their original home territory of El Corona and Little Mexico from the Vagos after winning a major gang war against them, but they are now trying to capture more territory outside of El Corona and they have their eye on the barrios of Las Colinas and East Beach, which is strictly Vagos territory. This is because VLA's home territory is quite small, and they have recently changed their minds over being against the sale of hard drugs. Having earlier made some good business connections with the Mexican drug cartels south of the border, the VLA are now fully involved in selling narcotics, and they deal mostly in the cocaine and crack cocaine trade, and some heroin, and now that they are making a lot of money, they see the need for more territory to make more money from their illegal drug-sales. VLA have diversified their criminal activities into large-scale car theft and illegal car races. They are making good money taking bets on these illegal car races and they are alleged to be stealing high-end and luxury cars for car theft rings based in San Fierro. The VLA have even expanded their territory out of Los Santos and into southern Las Venturas in Rockshore East and West, where they clash with the Vagos once again in more gang wars. However the VLA are in a truce with the Grove Street Families and the two gangs have agreed to not trespass on each other's turf or to aggravate each other into a gang war, but the VLA are still enemies with the Ballas. The VLA has no presence or territory in San Fierro because of a recent alliance and pact that has been made between them and the San Fierro Rifa back in 1993, and this is due to both gangs being at war with the Vagos. The combined numbers of the two gangs in alliance means that both the VLA and the Rifa can now compete against the much bigger Vagos for manpower; the Vagos number just over 30,000 and the VLA and Rifa number together up to 28,000, putting their rivalry with the Vago on more or less an equal footing. The VLA and the Rifa have agreed that their members can freely join each others gangs - if a VLA gang members decides to move to San Fierro he can join the Rifa, and if a Rifa gang member moves to Los Santos, he can join the VLA. The VLA have agreed with the Rifa not to make any territorial intrusions into San Fierro in return for both helping each other in their gang wars with the Vagos, and in return, the Rifa will not try to expand their territory into Los Santos. In reality, the VLA and the Rifa are effectively operating as a united single gang, with the VLA being the southern San Andreas branch and the Rifa the northern San San Andreas branch; however the two gangs still somewhat remain completely independent of each other and retain their own identities. 



Current number strength : 10,000
Ethnicity : Hispanic ( Mexican-American )
Home location : San Fierro ( Garcia, Doherty, and Battery Point )
Presence : Found in San Fierro, mostly in Garcia, Doherty, and Battery Point. Now also found in Las Venturas ( Pilgrim and Creek ), and in Angel Pine, Flint County. 
Criminal Activities : Drug-trafficking, drug-dealing, gun-running, car theft, extortion, protection, murder, assault. 

Enemies : The Vagos, the Ballas, the Grove Street Families, the Da Nang Boys.

Allies : The Varrios Los Aztecas.




The San Fierro Rifa, also known as just 'The Rifa' suffered greatly after the fall and destruction of the Loco Syndicate back in 1992-1993. The Loco Syndicate was very powerful and rich Mexican-American drug organization that was led by T-Bone Mendez, who had also been a Rifa member himself, and the Rifa was the organization's street arm. With the Loco Syndicate backing them, for many years the Rifa enjoyed major dominance of San Fierro's crack trade and had been making a ton of money. But after Mendez was killed in a drug deal in 1992, the Syndicate was destroyed in further gang wars with its main enemies and rivals at the time ( namely the Triads ), the Rifa quickly lost their majority share of the narcotics trade in San Fierro, and they were reduced to being just another average street gang engaging in petty street crime and drug-dealing for a while. San Fierro Police intelligence reports that the Rifa are now making a major resurgence in their city. The Rifa gang membership numbers have increased, they are making deep inroads into the crack cocaine trade in San Fierro and once again, they have grabbed a large share of it, but they do not dominate it like they did before when they were in partnership with the Loco Syndicate. They have even returned to their crack factory that been blown up by their rivals back in 1992 and have started making crack there in large quantities again. Things are now seem to be looking up again for the Rifa, but out-of-town gangs from Los Santos are now in operating in San Fierro, and this has lead to more rivals, more enemies, and more gang wars for the Rifa. The Rifa are still present in San Fierro, but they are now in a major gang war with the Vagos for control over their original territories, the heavily Hispanic neighbourhood of Garcia and Battery Point, and they have lost most of Doherty to the Grove Street Families ( GSF ). The Rifa however have made moves into Las Venturas and they have some territory there in Pilgrim and Creek, where they clash with the Vagos again. The Vagos are the now the Rifa main rivals and enemies, but sometimes they clash with GSF and Balla gang members too. The Rifa are now a lot more violent than they used to be too, they have hardened their tactics and approach to conflict with or resistance from their rivals ad enemies. The Rifa are now allied with the Varrios Los Aztecas, as the two gangs have a common enemy in the Vagos, and they have both agreed to help each other in their gang wars with the Vagos, which has been explained in more detail in the section above. The Rifa are still the largest home-grown gang in San Fierro, and interestingly and uniquely enough their membership ranks have traditionally been mostly made up of American-born and American-raised males of Mexican descent; they tend to feel uneasy about and less trusting of recently immigrated Mexican-born Hispanics. 



Current number strength : 10,000
Ethnicity : Chinese and Chinese-American. 
Home location : San Fierro ( Chinatown ) 
Presence : Found in Chinatown, San Fierro, in Las Venturas ( casino business interests only ), and in Angel Pine, Flint County. Some Triad gangs have a small presence in Los Santos.
Criminal Activities : Drug-trafficking, drug-dealing, legal and illegal gambling, extortion, protection, counterfeit, money laundering, murder, assault. 

Enemies : The Da Nang Boys.

Allies : The Grove Street Families.



The Triads's story so far is a very interesting one. The Triad crime organizations in San Fierro that were led by the blind, but powerful Triad boss Wu Zi are no longer present in San Fierro's Chinatown - they have permanently relocated to Las Venturas where they have very lucrative, legitimate casino investments and interests that are paying off very handsomely. Wu Zi himself, and his close associates have publicly stated that he is now a casino chairman of executives and that he has no longer has any connection to Triad gangs or organized crime in general. So who runs the criminal underworld in Chinatown then ? It is still the Triads. Confused ? Okay, here is the explanation. The Triad gangs in Chinatown are now mostly made up of up-and-coming, younger American-born thugs of Chinese descent in their 20s that are involved in local protection, extortion, the sale of counterfeit goods, and illegal gambling rackets, with the occasional drug-dealing here and there (mostly in Asian heroin). These guys do not wear smart suits like the older generation of Triads, instead they dress in urban American-styled clothing, and they lack the traditional values of strict discipline, order, and honour that the older generation of mostly Chinese-born Triads had brought with them to San Fierro, and this is showing in the wild activities of the new breed of Chinatown's Triads. The new generation of Triads in San Fierro are now in even more beef with the Da Nang Boys, and their gang war has spilled a lot of blood on the streets of Chinatown. There are now more shootings, gun fights and murders in Chinatown than the district has ever seen in its entire existence. The new breed of Triads don't care for low-key, low publicity, and discreetness - they are loud, brash, and very hot-headed. This new breed of  Americanized Triad gangs of San Fierro can be more described as a street gang, rather than the structured, orderly mafia-styled crime organization that original Triads are usually described as being, but even so they still very rarely venture out of their territorial strongholds, and stay confined to Chinatown.  Police reports state that Triad gang members have been seen selling Asian heroin in the small countryside towns of Flint County, particularly Angel Pine, and some Triad street gangs are now known to be operating in certain parts Los Santos.



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Official General



Current number strength : 7,000
Ethnicity : Vietnamese 
Home location : San Fierro
Presence : Found in Easter Basin, San Fierro, but recently has been seen in Chinatown, San Fierro, and in Angel Pine, Flint County. 
Criminal activities: Drug-trafficking, illegal gambling, extortion, protection, counterfeit, human trafficking, murder, assault.

Enemies : The Triads, the San Fierro Rifa, the Vagos.

Allies : None.



The Da Nang Boys do not seem to have much constructive and beneficial criminal ambitions as a gang. They seem to be more interested in aggravating the Triads in Chinatown, and they constantly invade the Triad's turf, which has recently led to many shootings and murders in violent wars between the two gangs. The feud stems back from 1992, when the older generation of Triad gangsters led by Wu Zi (and helped by some hired Black and Hispanic criminals from Los Santos) had thoroughly defeated the Da Nang Boys in an explosive, bloody gang war. The Da Nang Boys lost many of their men and they still have not forgotten this; they are still licking their wounds, and now that Wu Zi and his own Triad faction are no longer around in San Fierro, the Da Nang Boys have taken to launching violent attacks against the new breed of Triads at every given opportunity. Having said that, the Da Nang Boys still have their trademark criminal activities that provides them with a steady stream of income. They are pretty much are involved in the exact same criminal activities as their Triad enemies, but one thing that makes them stand out is their huge involvement in human trafficking. They are still the number one specialists in illegally bringing in immigrants on ships from the Far East and into the United States through San Fierro's docks.The Da Nang Boy's territory and control of the docks areas in Easter Basin and Esplanade remains unchanged, and they are still unchallenged there, as the other gangs in San Fierro have no interest in criminal activities at the docks. The Da Nang Boys are also very quickly becoming Americanized like their new-breed of Triad enemies, with the main difference being that most of the Da Nang Boys members are still foreign-born, but they now wear much more American-styled clothing in attempt to quickly assimilate and fit within their adopted American surroundings. 


Other criminal groups in San Andreas 


Outlaw Biker gangs (various different kinds)




Current number strength : 50,000 - 80,000
Ethnicity : White American (Usually of Anglo, Celtic, Germanic, and Nordic stock). 
Home location : Anywhere in the countryside and desert areas of San Andreas.
Presence : Found in countryside and  desert towns, villages, and settlements, throughout all of the counties in San Andreas. They do not like big cities very much. Very rarely seen in Los Santos and San Fierro, but are occasionally seen in Las Venturas.
Criminal activities: Drug-trafficking, drug-dealing, illegal gambling, prostitution, motorcycle theft, extortion, protection, murder, assault.

Enemies : Varies, can be enemies with any gang or organized crime group. More often than not, they form business alliances rather than rivalries. 

Allies : Varies, changes from time to time. Very much dependent on what interests or benefits them at the time. 


There are many different outlaw biker gangs operating in all over San Andreas such as the Cobras, the Angels Of Death and the Lost MC, but they are mostly present in Red, Flint, and Bone Counties, and are mainly into producing and dealing drugs ( mainly crystal meth and weed ), gun-running, theft of motorbikes, street crime, and drunk and disorderly violence. Occasionally, they hire themselves out as muscle, acting as enforcers for anyone that can pay their asking price . They also own and operate numerous unlicensed drinking bars that offer illegal gambling and prostitution services (usually hiring out their own girlfriends or mistresses as hookers to truckers, travellers, and drifters).  These outlaw biker gangs operate on a strict Whites-only membership policy, and strangely enough they claim they are not racist at all - but at the same time state that they cannot accept non-Whites in their ranks, as it goes against their core principles and foundations ( most of them are White Americans that have moved over to San Andreas from the Deep South ). In any case, police investigations report that the White outlaw biker gangs of San Andreas are usually happy to do business with Black and Hispanic gangs such as the Ballas and the Vagos, as long as it makes them good money, and very often the biker gangs buy from or sell drugs to other non-white gangs. In fact, White outlaw biker gangs are also major players in illegally selling firearms to Black and Hispanic street gangs in the 3 main cities - it's easier for them to buy guns from legal gun stores, so they buy and sell them on for more money. The White biker gangs generally avoid cities, but they are sometimes seen in Las Venturas and very rarely in San Fierro and Los Santos. White bikers gangs very rarely engage in gang wars and gang shootouts - they are more likely seen having shootouts with police; they really hate the police for some reason. However the biker gangs will not hesitate to blast with their guns if called on to do so. 


Racist Neo-Nazi gangs


There are actual racist White supremacist skinhead gangs present and on the increase in San Andreas, and their members are strictly White and American-born of course, and mostly in their 20s. With many young White males fed up of being seeing many parts of San Andreas coming under the influence of the Black, Hispanic, and Asian gangs, many of these racist White skinhead gangs are now springing up and they publicly state their belief that " they are taking a stand to save America from non-Whites who are ruining the country ". Racist white skinhead gangs mostly live in the mainly White-populated suburbs or countryside towns of San Andreas, they do a little bit of drug-dealing here and there, and carry out robberies and other street crimes (against ethnic minorities mainly), but their favourite criminal activity is racially aggravated violence. They sometimes venture into ethnic minority neighbourhoods and commit random acts of violence against the non-White residents. The racist White gangs sometimes carry guns, but they do not often shoot their victims, they more tend to use their fists, baseball bats, or golf clubs to attack, and they certainly are not much of a threat to the other more street-hardened non-White gangs of San Andreas. So far, none of the White outlaw biker and racist skinhead gangs are known to be in any major war with the other gangs of San Andreas according to police information and data. White racist supremacist gangs can be identified by their clothing that usually always bears some kind of racist emblem or symbol that represents White supremacy, such as the swastika and the Confederate Flag. 


It has been known by San Andreas law enforcement for a while that Italian-American Mafia crime families from Liberty City have casino business interests and a strong presence in Las Venturas, and the Russian Mafia has a small, but growing presence in Los Santos. However the overall presence of the Italian-American Mafia and Russian Mafia in the State of  San Andreas is very small, and both of these crime groups usually operate on a very low-key level and are keen to avoid attention from law enforcement, so they are very rarely seen in the public eye or openly engaged in gangland violence. At this moment all of the resources used by San Andreas police forces and law enforcement agencies are concentrated on gathering intelligence on the street gangs and putting them away in prison, so we don't have much information on organized crime groups other than the street gangs we have mentioned. 

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Official General


This section covers the main gang wars in the State of San Andreas that are currently ongoing at this present time in 1994. All the information is drawn from the results of official police investigations and statistics, law enforcement intelligence gathering, and from confidential informants. 

Los Santos gang wars 





The Grove Street Families gang, or GSF now control the largest amount of gang territory in Los Santos. The GSF defeated the Ballas gang in a huge gang war last year, and they took back most of their original territory they had lost to the Ballas back in 1992. The GSF have complete control over most of East and South Los Santos and that includes the 3 predominantly Black areas of Ganton, Idlewood, Willowfield and Glen Park. The GSF have also captured small amounts of territory in the other predominantly Black areas of Jefferson and certain parts East Los Santos, which is where the Ballas are still remain very strong, and the Ballas still mostly control those areas. The GSF have also captured some more territory near East Beach, very close to Vagos turf. There are not much gang wars in the GSF's main territories of Ganton, Idlewood and Willowfield, because they have driven out all the Ballas from these areas and have them under their complete control, so those areas have very little gang violence. Shootings and drive-bys are now far less common in Ganton, Idlewood, and Willowfield, and all three of these neighbourhoods are now much more peaceful, and a lot safer, but regular street crime is still very common as usual in the ghetto. However the neighbourhoods of Jefferson and Glen Park are a different story. Jefferson is prime territory for drug-dealing and it is still mostly a Balla stronghold, it always has been, and the Ballas have sworn that they will never give it up. The GSF have made some inroads into Jefferson, but they cannot quite yet seem to capture all of it, despite the numerous gang wars they have launched against the Ballas in their quest to achieve total control of the area. The Ballas have made it clear to the GSF and their other rivals and enemies that they will throw everything they got at them and fight to the death to keep their Jefferson turf, and right now this die-hard fighting spirit mentality is working for them, because the Ballas still control most of Jefferson and nearby East Lost Santos, they have managed to fight off attacks from the GSF. The Ballas successful resistance comes at a great cost, because the constant invasions of GSF gang members on the Balla's Jefferson turf has resulted in some of the most vicious gang wars that Los Santos has ever seen, with heavy losses on both sides. The Ballas gang war against the invading GSF has literally turned Jefferson into a total war zone, with shootings, gun battles, and drive-bys happening there almost everyday, day and night, at any time, and it is probably the area with the most murders in the whole of Los Santos. It is so bad in Jefferson right now, that residents living there have had to put bulletproof steel shutters on the windows of their homes to protect themselves from the hundreds of stray bullets that fly pepper the buildings during these regular gang shootouts and gunfights between the Ballas and the GSF. GSF-controlled Glen Park experiences a lot of gang-related gun crime due to the close proximity to Jefferson The Ballas do have more territory than the GSF in other areas of Los Santos, and they are still in control of Marina, Verona Beach, the western end of Santa Maria Beach and some parts of Temple and West Vinewood. However, the GSF has recently taken over some territory in Temple and a huge chunk of Santa Maria Beach after pushing the Ballas out of these areas in a series of short, but still bloody gang wars. Overall, the GSF are currently the most dominant gang in Los Santos. 







Los Santos's two main Hispanic gangs are locked in a new gang war with each other territory once again. This time, the Varrios Los Aztecas are the main aggravators in this gang war, they have been intruding on the Vagos territory in Las Colinas, Los Flores and East Beach. VLA gang members selling drugs on Vagos territory has sparked this new war between the two gangs. Before all this, there were almost no gang shootings in Vago's Los Santos territories, because the Vagos had so much control and dominance over these areas and turned them into such fortresses, that none of the other LS gangs would have dared attempt to move in and take it over. However, the VLA now see things differently and they highly desire the Vago's territory for their expanding drug-dealing operations. Now there are deadly gun battles between the Vagos and the VLA that regularly occur  on the streets of Las Colinas, Los Flores, and East Beach. The VLA don't seem to be making much progress yet, as the Vagos still retain a vice-like tight grip on their Los Santos territories, and the VLA are loosing more of their members than the Vagos are in this new gang war for the Vagos's territories in eastern Los Santos. But the VLA are now more ruthless and relentless than ever, they keep coming back even more aggressively and from time to time to inflict heavy losses and casualties on the Vagos. The Vagos themselves have made attempts to take over Verdant Bluffs, which is VLA territory, and that has sparked off another gang war between the VLA and the Vagos on another side of Los Santos. The VLA seeming to be clearly winning this other gang war with the Vagos in Verdant Bluffs, as the Vagos are just not strong enough there yet, so many Vagos gang members have been killed there in gun battles with the VLA in recent months. Both the Vagos and VLA seem to refrain from drive-by shootings though in their gang wars, they prefer to walk up to their enemies and blast them at close range with shotguns. The Vagos will sometimes do drive bys on their other enemies, the GSF and the Ballas, because walking into their territories for a gang attack on foot is way too risky. The VLA still remain very strong in El Corona and Little Mexico, so the Vagos have not yet made an attempt to take over it like they did back in 1992. 

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Official General

San Fierro gang wars














The City of San Fierro has gone through a most dramatic change within the last two years. Gangs from Los Santos first appeared in San Fierro in 1992, but local police intelligence reports stated that at first, this was purely to buy cocaine from the Loco Syndicate to take back to Los Santos for resale and profit. Up until this point, San Fierro's gang problem was not very serious, their main gangs were the San Fierro Rifa, the Triads, and the Da Nang Boys - the Rifa had no enemies or rivals in their territory, and the despite the big, but brief 1992 gang war the Triads had with the Da Nang Boys, both the Triads and the Da Nang Boys generally stuck to their own territories. Most drug-dealing in San Fierro used to be only carried out by independent small-time dealers or small, weak groups of dealers with no major territorial aims. In short, leading up to the 1992, San Fierro generally a very safe place with a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Now we are in 1994, that has all changed. All areas of San Fierro south of Chinatown are now plagued with vicious, bloody gang wars fought out between invading sets of gangs from Los Santos that have come to the city to expand their criminal operations and capture new territory. The Grove Street Families, the Ballas, and the Vagos are now all present and operating in San Fierro. GSF, Ballas, and Vagos gang members operating in San Fierro look and dress differently to their Los Santos counterparts because of the much cooler weather there, and they don't want to stand out too much, so they don't show off their gang colours as brightly as they do in Los Santos. There was a time when shootings and drive-bys were very rare in San Fierro's streets, but now they sometimes happen in the more dangerous sections of the city on a regular basis. Thanks the Los Santos gangs that are now here to stay, it is now sometimes common to see gunfights, gun battles and drive bys suddenly erupt in the streets of San Fierro at anytime, day or night, and also very often in the Pleasure Domes strip club, because LS gang members love going there. On certain days, the gun violence can get really bad, but it still not as much as Los Santos. The city's law enforcement authorities have never dealt with high levels of gang violence and gang activity before, and as a result the San Fierro Police Department is really struggling to at contain it all, which is evident in the fact that the number of SFPD officers killed in the line of duty has rapidly risen in two years. The main reason for the Los Santos gangs coming to San Fierro is to sell illegal drugs there and make more profit, because there are some drugs that sell for a lot more money in San Fierro than they do in Los Santos. This means the LS gangs need new territory, and when they all come at San Fierro, they bring the rivalries they had back in Los Santos with them - a perfect recipe for explosive gang wars, and that is what San Fierro is now experiencing at this time. However, thankfully nearly all of San Fierro north of Chinatown is still very safe and low in crime. The Los Santos gangs are now in San Fierro, they are here to stay, and they are now fighting each other and the native San Fierro gangs over territory. 

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Official General








The Grove Street Families gang and the Ballas gang are at equal strength which each other in San Fierro. The Ballas completely control all of Ocean Flats. Ocean Flats is a large residential, and predominantly working-class African-American neighbourhood - and it also prime drug-dealing territory for the sale of crack, weed, and other illegal drugs which the Ballas dominate. The Ballas are well established there and are making a great deal of money, but GSF have recently been making attempts to expand their drug-dealing operations in Ocean Flats; the familiar feel of the area's Black majority population has drawn them there, but they are stepping on the Ballas toes, which has sparked off a vicious gang war between the Ballas and GSF. This has caused the number of shootings and levels of gun crime in the once-peaceful Ocean Flats neighbourhood to shoot up to dramatically to extremely high levels and turn the area into a mini war zone. Most of the gang-related shootings and drive-bys in Ocean Flats happen at night, but they are increasingly happening in the daytime too. Although the Ballas control all of Ocean Flats, the GSF are still applying strong pressure on them to try and take it over for themselves, and this has left many GSF gang members have killed on the streets of Ocean Flats in the process because of very fierce resistance from the Ballas. The GSF control the nearby smaller territory of Hashbury, but the Ballas too are trying to expand there - it is the same situation as Ocean Flats but in reverse, so a gang war between the two rivals is happening Hashbury too, with Ballas suffering more losses and casualties than the GSF in Hashbury. The GSF control most of the inner city streets, red-light districts, and industrial areas of Doherty, which is also prime drug-dealing territory, but it is too busy, too central and public a location, there is always a heavy police presence there, and the San Fierro Rifa and the Vagos are also operating in the area, as well as the Ballas. It is causing too many problems on too many fronts for the GSF, so they would prefer to take over the more spacious and quieter Ocean Flats instead, hence their intrusions into that area. Doherty is now more dangerous due to the area's high presence of many different gangs operating there, and gang wars between the GSF and their rivals are very common in Doherty these days. Right now, both the GSF and Ballas are have a strong presence in San Fierro, but the Ballas control of Ocean Flats, slightly gives them the upper hand over the GSF in San Fierro. 






The San Fierro Rifa were only major Hispanic street gang in San Fierro for many years, and they had enjoyed such a long time of total and peaceful control of their territories of Garcia, Doherty, and Battery Point. Being the city's only major Hispanic gang, they virtually had no rivals or competitors, until after 1992, when sets of Vagos gangs from Los Santos arrived in San Fierro to expand their criminal operations and capture new territories - another powerful Hispanic gang had come into town, and the Rifa now found themselves threatened by a fearsome new rival and enemy. After the fall of the Loco Syndicate in 1992, the Rifa lost many of their men in a one-off, but brutal gang war with Triads and their out-of-town allies, and their crack factory had been destroyed, severely disrupting their illegal drugs business.  The Rifa were heavily weakened by all of these attacks and setbacks, so when the Vagos came to San Fierro, they encountered very little resistance from the Rifa and quickly took over nearly all of their territories, killing many Rifa gang members in violent gang wars. However, now the Rifa have made a very strong resurgence and comeback, they now carry more and bigger guns - and they are now hell-bent on revenge and dead set on reclaiming back their territories back from the Vagos. This had led a major gang war in San Fierro between the Vagos and the San Fierro Rifa, and the Rifa now have a major presence and some control back over their original territories. However, the Vagos still have not given up control of their main San Fierro territory of Garcia back to Rifa, so right now both of the gangs have a 50-50 share and control over Garcia. Garcia is a primarily Hispanic neighbourhood, and the hub of Hispanic gang activity in the city, and gang wars between the Vagos and Rifa have now exploded in the area's streets, as Rifa aims to regain it back from the Vagos. The Rifa have been inflicting heavy losses and casualties on the Vagos this time, but Vagos have been hitting back hard also, so a bloody gang war of attrition is ongoing between the two gangs, with bodies piling up every week in Garcia, and there is no end in sight to this conflict. Sometimes, both the Vagos and Rifa gang members clash with GSF and Ballas gang members on their territorial borders with the GSF and trespassing Ballas in Hashbury. The Varrios Los Aztecas are not present or active in San Fierro, due to their special alliance and agreement with the Rifa that was explained earlier in the sections further above. 


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As stated earlier before, the Triads and the Da Nang Boys are currently engaged in a gang war with each other in Chinatown. The Dan Nang Boys still want to get back at the Triads after they lost the big gang war they had back in 1992 when the Triads were led by Wu Zi. There is no real strategic aim of the Da Nang Boys to take over the Triad's territory, they simply just want to show the Triads they can enter and trespass on their turf whenever they feel like it. However juvenile this behaviour coming from the Da Nang Boys may be, it has ignited serious violence between them and the Triads. What started off as petty fistfights in street brawls between these two gangs, has now escalated into shootings and gun battles, and Chinatown now regularly echoes the sound of gunfire from pistols, machine guns, and shotguns, and its streets stained with blood from victims of this gang war. The Triads are now mostly made up of a much younger, American-born breed of hot-headed new recruits that are easily antagonized and much more quick to retaliate with violence than the older generation of Triads that worked under Wu-Zi. The older, traditional Triad guys are still around, but they rarely show their faces anymore having more important business interests than gang wars in the streets. Having said that, the gang wars between the Triads and the Da Nang Boys only occur in Chinatown, and they do not happen very regularly as it does further south in San Fierro. The Triads have not made any intrusions on the Da Nang Boy's own territories either. 

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Official General

Las Venturas gang wars 








Las Venturas has not escaped the wide-reaching clutches of gangs from Los Santos expanding their territories - this not surprising as Las Venturas is only a two-hour drive away from Los Santos. All the 4 main Los Santos gangs are now present and present in Las Venturas. the Grove Street Families ( GSF ), the Ballas, the Vagos, and the Varrios Los Aztecas ( VLA ) are all now have their own territories in Las Venturas. There are two gangs from San Fierro that are present and active in Las Venturas, the Triads with their casino investments, and more recently, the San Fierro Rifa, who now have their own small bit of territory there. And the situation is almost exactly the same as it is in San Fierro and countryside towns - the invading out-of-town gangs in Las Venturas have brought more murder and mayhem to the city's streets. The LS gangs have brought along their deep rivalries with them to the City of Fortunes, and the murder rate and levels of gun crime has risen in Las Venturas fast, and gang-related shootings now account for most deaths in the city. Gunfights between the out-of-town rival gangs sometimes even break out right in the casinos ! The significant aspect of gang violence here though, is that the LS gangs in Las Venturas are confined to low-income residential areas of the city that are well away from the downtown and busy, commercial/entertainment districts. The Las Venturas Police tend to avoid the gang-infested areas and very rarely patrol them as long as the gangs do not venture out of their territories. The LVPD has decided it makes perfect sense for its police officers to focus on protecting the downtown, commercial and rich areas. All of this has turned the gang territories of Las Venturas into complete no-go areas and raging battlegrounds, where the LS gangs go to war, shooting and killing each other with near impunity.  Intense gun battles and drive-by shootings are just as common and vicious in Las Venturas's gang territories as they are in Los Santos's gang territories. One the bright side if there is one to all this, is that many LS gang members operating in Las Venturas make huge amounts of money, obviously due to their location, and they appear to be much richer and wealthier here than anywhere else in the state - this is only serves to lure more LS gang members to the City of Fortunes and bring more gang violence and criminality along with them.





The Grove Street Families ( GSF ) gang control all of Redsands West and most of Redsands East in north Las Venturas, the most prime drug-dealing territory in Las Venturas. A lot of prostitution and drug-dealing activity occurs in Redsands West, and it contains the most amounts of low-income residential housing and apartments complexes in Las Venturas and it is not too far away from the busy crowds of The Strip, which provides a steady stream of customers for drug dealing. The low-income homes provide cover and facilities in Redsands West for gangs, making it the perfect place for crack and weed dealing operations, and the GSF are making real good money from this territory, it literally is a goldmine for them. The Ballas gang however, will not stand by and watch their most hated rivals take all of the riches to be had in this area, so they have begun trying to move into Redsands West to take some or all of the territory for themselves. The Ballas presence in Redsands West has sparked off an intense, bloody gang war between them and the GSF, but the GSF are too strong in Redsands West and have inflicted heavy losses and casualties on the Ballas, but the Ballas just keep coming back, but so far with no success. Meanwhile, the gang shootouts in Redsands West continue and the bodies pile up. The Ballas control all of the low-income housing neighbourhood of the Whitewood Estates on the eastern edge of Las Venturas, but it is too far away from the downtown Las Venturas and close to the desert area, so it is not very valuable gang territory for drug sales, but nevertheless it is very useful as base for gangs to use as headquarters and storing illegal drugs in stash houses. Some GSF gang members show up in the Whitewood Estates from time to time and clash with the Ballas there in gang shootouts. Overall, the GSF slightly have the upper hand over the Ballas in Las Venturas. The GSF are currently not clashing in gang wars with the Vagos, Varrios Los Aztecas, and San Fierro Rifa Las Venturas, as none of those gangs have yet tried to move in on the GSF territory in the city. 





The Vagos and the Varrios Los Aztecas ( VLA ) gangs both control the low-income residential neighbourhoods of Rockshore West and East in south Las Venturas near the city's edge in a direct 50-50 split. But that does not mean they are getting along nicely here, as territory will always be a very sensitive issue for all gangs, and it always leads to violence and conflict. The Vagos and the VLA are constantly engaged in violent clashes in Rockshore West and East, and these areas are constantly plagued by shootouts day and night between the two gangs. The Vagos are also in beef with the San Fierro Rifa gang in the Las Venturas districts of Pilgrim and Creek. Pilgrim is an inner city area that contains a lot of cheap motels and a park where at night prostitution and drug-dealing activity is rife, and gangs see a good opportunity to set up shop here. The two gangs that have seized that opportunity in Pilgrim are the Vagos and the Rifa, and they both have equal control of the area, but once again it is cause behind occasional gang-related shootings that happen there. Vagos and the Rifa have the same gang territory situation going on in nearby Creek on the north-eastern edge of Las Venturas, and they are clashing over territory there too. However the level of gang violence and shootings in Pilgrim and Creek is not as bad as the other gang-controlled areas of Las Venturas. 


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Gang wars in the countryside towns in the counties of San Andreas 





As stated earlier, all the main gangs from Los Santos and San Fierro are now are present and operating in the small countryside towns of San Andreas, where they have directly caused the crime and murder rates of these towns to dramatically rise to never-seen-before levels. Levels of drug use in the small countryside towns has also increased since the big city gangs have spread out there to expand their territories and criminal operations, which the main purpose, once again is for the sale of illegal drugs. Illegal drugs (except for weed) fetch a very, very high price in the countryside towns because of the very high demand there. These countryside towns have no sea ports and they are not close to the Mexican border, so once the illegal drugs get there for sale, the price goes up by a lot.  The big city gangs have now caught on to this and they have branched out into the countryside towns to cash in on this golden opportunity to make even more money from their drug-dealing activities. As expected, this has lead to numerous gang wars breaking out in countryside towns, and shootings, gun battles, and even drive-bys now happen there a lot more than they did before, and mostly at night. The local residents of these towns have never seen such high levels of homicidal violence in their lives, and it has left many of them traumatized and terrified, many will not go out of their homes at night anymore. 





The Grove Street Families ( GSF ), the Ballas, the Varrios Los Aztecas ( VLA ), and the Vagos collectively are active in all the countryside towns. The GSF are strongest in Dillimore, Palomino Creek, and Angel Pine, and have a solid presence in Fort Carson. The Ballas are strongest in Blueberry and Montgomery, and have a solid presence in Angel Pine and Fort Carson. The Vagos are present in Palomino Creek, Blueberry, Fort Carson, and are strongest in Las Barrancas,  Las Payasadas, El Quebrados.the Vagos also have a some presence in Bayside and Angel Pine. The VLA are have a strong presence in Fort Carson, Las Barrancas, Las Payasadas, El Quebrados, Blueberry, Palomino Creek and Angel Pine. The San Fierro Rifa, the Triads, and the Da Nang Boys are only present and active in the small logging town of Angel Pine in Flint County, mainly because Angel Pine is closer to their home city of San Fierro - these three gangs do not seem to have ambitions in the countryside that stretch further than Angel Pine. The Rifa does have a small presence in Bayside, just outside of San Fierro.


The local police forces of these countryside towns are very small and not well-equipped to deal with the heavily armed, large invading gangs, especially those coming from Los Santos. Most countryside police officers are only armed with just pistols and maybe a shotgun, and many of them still use the much older Colt.45 M1911 models ( pictured above ), while the gangs are using the much better pistols like the Glocks, Berettas, H&K USPs, Sig Sauers, Desert Eagles, Colt Anacondas, in addition to machine guns, shotguns, and assault rifles. 


The harsh reality is that the countryside police forces cannot do much to keep the big city gangs of LS and SF out of their towns. 


Race wars between rival gangs ?



Apparently, according to the findings of recent investigations from various police departments across San Andreas and the FIB and sensationalized media reports from newspapers like the LS Times,, there has been an increase in incidences of racially aggravated violence between rival ethnic gangs and criminals across the state. Police informants claim that the Vagos have a secret long term agenda to take over other ethnic minority neighbourhoods in Los Santos starting gang wars in order to " make them 100 percent populated by Mexicans and people of Mexican descent ". There are rumours going around Los Santos that the Vagos do not want any Black people in the neighbourhoods they control in the city,. The Vagos certainly are currently engaged in violent gang wars with Black gangs like the Grove Street Families ( GSF ) and the Ballas over territory expansion and intrusion, and they are indeed killing each other, but whether or not that includes some kind of ethnic-cleansing campaign still needs to fully confirmed and concluded. The Ballas recently fell out with the Vagos over a major drug deal, so they are in beef with each other, while the Vagos still have beef with the GSF for helping the VLA defeat them in their last big gang war with the VLA. Having said that, this race war rumour may be debunked as other Mexican-American gangs like Varrios Los Aztecas are allied with Black gangs like the GSF, so it may well be that this information is being misinterpreted or over-exaggerated by the media. It is more likely the Vagos gang wars with Black gangs like the GSF and the Ballas has been falsely reported by the mainstream media as a 'race war', but who knows the real truth yet. There has been a rise in race-hate activity by neo-Nazi, skinhead White supremacists that have been going into non-white ethnic minority areas like the Black and Hispanic neighbourhoods in large cities and harassing and threatening non-white people, but very often these are just threats, unless they have weapons or guns, and even then they still get chased away by the local gangs. There are fears that these racist White skinheads may create big gangs of their own to complete with the Black and Hispanic gangs to spark off an even bigger gang problem for San Andreas, but that has not happened yet, because for most part they come from middle-class suburbs or countryside towns and they are very afraid of the tough street life in San Andreas's cities. Once again, media hype may be the cause behind fears and panic of such speculations on the subject. 


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Official General

And that my friends, is the story of GTA San Andreas so far, two years later in 1994, you wanted to know what happened after The End Of The Line, and now you know. The gangsta's struggle for success and riches still goes on and on. There really is no place like San Andreas !!!!




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Great read, like I've told you. All this content makes me wish there is some sort of definitive edition of San Andreas. Adding more gang activity and models, underworld drug selling minigame, etc. Also the addition of buildings and cut content of said things. Add more guns and vehicles,  also try to add cartels to the country side in the sense of them having their own ranches where they grow & develop their drugs. There is so much things i can't even fathom explaining everything. Please tell me your gonna do a mod of this. love the writing please tell me how much days you did this to complete.  Hey keep up the stories,  add more content to this please!!

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Official General
6 hours ago, ROCKSTAR MANIC said:

Great read, like I've told you. All this content makes me wish there is some sort of definitive edition of San Andreas. Adding more gang activity and models, underworld drug selling minigame, etc. Also the addition of buildings and cut content of said things. Add more guns and vehicles,  also try to add cartels to the country side in the sense of them having their own ranches where they grow & develop their drugs. There is so much things i can't even fathom explaining everything. Please tell me your gonna do a mod of this. love the writing please tell me how much days you did this to complete.  Hey keep up the stories,  add more content to this please!!

Thanks again brother !


The thing is, it is a collection of mods that I downloaded and carefully put together. So I have all the mods used here placed in a mudpack ready for easy installation and use, which I can share at anytime. It took me 2 weeks of my life to complete this, but the concept was born months earlier. I will always try and add more content, and I may keep up the stories too, there is always new ideas in the pipleline. And I would love to see new ideas from others if they can too. San Andreas is the supreme GTA to mod, don't miss out !


2 hours ago, kiwi047 said:

nice, great job

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it !

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Official General


Oh and by the way, Denise has put on more meat and got bigger breasts and booty !! CJ will enjoy here even more better than before 😉

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f*ck'a dog, that was a good read! Great job! My 1993 story was different but it also went on about gangs expanding all over San Andreas and more gangs popping up everywhere. I really enjoyed it! Only nitpick I may have is that I'd rather have the VLA and Rifa be enemies and the VLA to try expanding into SF, and have the Rifa and Vagos be allies. Do you have a list of all the mods by any chance?

Edited by Jeansowaty
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Very nice work, I'd love to have your mods' set.


I would have appreciated more if you developed about the investigation concerning Sweet's demise and the alliance between VLA-GSF & GSF-Triads.

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