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Possible gameplay offline

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BEFORE YOU READ understand that I don't want ANY hate for this. This is just my opinion and just something I have wanted in a game.

Also if the topic seems to jump around please PLEASE understand I'm not good with typing things out. I'm better at talking then typing if that make sense. I'm bad at typing 




I hope this is on the right forums. I am a big single player fan and I wanted to get that out of the way because not many games really care a lot about those who love single player aspect of said game. As much as I love Red Dead Redemption 2 I hate the fact that after the was released, it then went online. I don't hate all multiplayer game, but if a game was made with the intention of being single player then stay single player or at least add more content for the single player side of it.


After you beat RDR2 there is really nothing interesting to do unless you are a  Completion then there is a lot to do. I would like if you could try and bring the frontier update that was brought online of the game to the offline side as well to give the player more to do and explore many more roles as well that fits in with the current century your character is in. 


I know this sounds like a lot of work and it probably is for I don't know the troubles of make a game. I just wish that you didn't have to play online just to explore new character roles. I have thought maybe also bring the horses online to the offline if it wasn't to much of a problem to do and even adding baby animals to the game so the player can breed horses or any other animals farm related so that the game seems more interesting.


With the breeding system you could make it to where the player could breed any horses together and customize the baby or you could just make it random so the player doesn't know what they are going to get... It would be nice to have other things to do on the offline side. Besides playing the story to much that it's getting boring to the player. Coming back to bring baby animals in game. It would make some sense that there are baby animals because adults just don't appear out of no where.


You could even bring in being able to make a customizable character offline so you don't have to play as John Marston and fully customize this said characters appearance and   background. I guess I'm just wanting more from a game then what the game can handle. You could also bring in playing as animals but only as a cheat code.


Don't get me wrong, I can't wait if there is going to be a(n) Undead Nightmare to come to RDR2 but I feel as the game can be expanded in different ways. I feel as ever game that has both online and offline sides, that developers after the games is released they pay attention to the offline side then after they release the online side, they just forget about the offline side and leave people to try and make the game interesting to themselves though online we always get fun things that Game Developers will never bring to the offline side.


Again I am probably asking for to much in a game and RDR2 or any offline side of a games can't really handle that well. If this was to happen I hope that it could be updated like online version is just to save time BECAUSE if people don't like it offline you could update it and remove it from the game or make it free DLC so if people don't like it they have the option to add it or uninstall it without wasting money on it.


Ps this is after I posted this, but you can actually tie the horses up to a wagon so they can pull the wagon.

Edited by Night2BAssassin
I remember something I like to add
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Trust me when I say this, you aren't alone in that regard on this forum

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It is possible, it is easy, but it wont happen because Rockstar want all new content to be Online Exclusive. Why? Because they want to give people reasons to play online rather than singleplayer.


But yes, I do agree with all what you say. I also want more content for Singleplayer because I only play SP.

Edited by Cyper
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