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Help me out. A few issues I am having.


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I am currently having a few issues with the online RDR2.  Please help me out if you know of a way to fix these issues.


I can not create a camp.  After selecting a camp region, I immediately get a message that Cripps has packed up the camp.  Also because I have no camp, the game is telling me I can not begin the Trader role.  I remember in the beta Cripps would randomly move the camp every 30 minutes or so, which was incredibly annoying, but he always set it up again, usually on the far side of the map from where I was.  Is there any way to fix this?


I am getting messages that I am charged a daily fee for stables and camp about every 10 minutes.  As I say above, I have no camp.  I currently have 2 horses, my starter horse and a gift horse from the beta.  Neither I can sell, but only discard.  I don't want to do that as I would never get it back.  Only 1 of the 2 horses is in the stable, but the charges are bleeding me dry.  Is this a bug?


I am playing in Defensive.  I have high honor and have not committed any crimes.  The shield icon keeps disappearing or it takes me out of defensive every time I do an activity.  I have to keep manually restarting defensive.  Last night a red player ran up and started shooting at me.  Even though I was on Defensive, I was taking damage, so I killed him.  The game immediately labeled me as a criminal for my action and I took a large decrease in honor.  This seems very messed up.  Is it working correctly?


I tried to take a bounty and got a message that I had just done one and I should come back later.  So I ride off and start hunting.  5 minutes later, as I am tracking a deer, I get warped to the other side of the map and the bounty I had tried to take is started.  Is this a know issue?

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i hope this will help you a bit.


1. Its a known bug when someone want to set te camp to specific region but it doesnt spawn. What i usually do is try to set the camp 2 or 3 more times before i change session,after that it will spawn where i want it to be.


2. Its not a bug,thats normal thing if you have horse and camp. But maybe for the camp,you got charge because the game think you got it somewhere but actually no. Like i said above its a known bug.


3. When this last update came,i got kicked out from Defensive mode for no reason as well. And when i tried to went back to Defensive the game told me that i couldnt ''Due To Aggresive Behaviour'' when i did nothing.


4. Thats known bug as well,when you start a bounty then black screen comes up you will not get xp and money fot it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

1. You just have to keep spamming "set camp", eventually it will set.


2. Personally I am unable to make out the stable charges that flash on my screen. I have 1 horse and have not seen a substantial depletion of funds due to camp and stable charges. Maybe you need to research what the charges per horse are, and if necessary discard the free horse.


3. Defensive mode seems to be consistent now from login to login for me.


4. No knowledge of bounty hunter.

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