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[PC] Open Racing Nights: GrumpyOldtimers.com


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This Sunday 22nd September 2019 @ 20:30 BST/GMT+1

Link to countdown




Following a long GTA break, myself and a few other friends who love a bit of GTA Racing still have decidied to have a little reboot and start planning some events again.


This is not a recruitment post (although i am running one of those here


This is an open invite to anyone who is interested in racing some non-contact only track laps (some using stunt props but not stunt races).  The tracks

we use are mostly crew created, although we use the odd gem that we find on RSC.


If you want to be involved you can either PM me here on RSC or join our brand spanking new forum and message me there. Alternatively feel free to join our Discord server too.


I will post the track list later today / tomorrow so there is time to have a look, practice the circuits a bit to bring yourselves up to speed.


The conditions:

  • Any vehicle can be used within it's class
  • All races will be non-contact
  • There will be NO stunt races (just lap races with stunt props)
  • All races will be traffic off, wanted levels off
  • Races can take place at any time with any weather conditions, this is hosts choice.


The rules:


  • No being impolite to fellow players
  • No cheating / menus allowed! You will be hoofed!
  • No curb surfing, you all know it's contentious by now
  • Bellendery of any type will also not be tolerated


If i have forgotten to add any info you need, just give me a nudge, it's been a while :) 


Edited by mattymcrae79
Update details
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Just over 24 until this event.  I will open up a friend session 30 mins prior to start so players can check Mors, car upgrades etc... Time permitting might squeeze in a few group snaps.

If you intend to attend just ping me a friend request, my RSC profile is here.

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This was a fantastic event, i really enjoyed myself and that has been a while in GTA... Not sure we had anyone from here but I will percivere and go again next week :)


We will be racing the early cars of GTA (post modern DLC vehicles) Think the classics like, Blade, Turismo, Zentorno, Pigalle etc... So there will be restrictions!  Details will be posted early in the week.

As always, countdown is live on GrumpyOldtimers and there will a topic mirroring this one.



Edited by mattymcrae79
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Had a very hectic week at work so i will push this event a week... We'll still have a bit of PC racing but the impromptu kind... 20:30 GMT+1/BST Sunday 29th. PM me here, the forum or any of the usual methods :) to get involved...

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Good to see you again! Still on ps4, not pc. But i noticed no info on what class each race is? (or are they all locked?)

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Hi @lann3fors, How goes it all at DB? Did you get some fresh blood with the RDRO release?  I did buy another PS4 just to play RDR2 but got rid of it after... great game, hoping it comes to PC. 

No, the reason i have pushed this a week is beacause we have had several website launches for work so its been mental, simply haven't had the time to set anything up for this week unfortunately.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Finally got my arse in gear and made the event poster (work has been a bit nuts).... I will be posting details early this week but I am expecting the plan to wash out at around 10 races, all R* created, all non-contact.

I will post a list of tracks and the classes and vehicles that will be selectable by gentlemens agreement.  If anyone has any suggestions, let me know by Weds as details will be finalised then.


This event is scheduled (loosley) for Sunday 27th October at 20:30 GMT+1 / 20:30 BST



Edited by mattymcrae79
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