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Things GTA I did better than GTA V


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Surely enough there has to be some stuff GTA1 has done better than V. It surely did some stuff better than other GTA's. Just because it was the first doesn't mean it was the worst ;)


-Dark, minimalistic story

-Memorable characters (Bubby, Uncle Fu, El Burro, Sam Deever and Bro Marcus)

-3 cities instead of one

-Far more challenging missions

-Multiple protagonist system but they don't intermingle between each other

-Epic homemade soundtrack


Let the comments flood! :D 


(you may or may not take this thread seriously)

Edited by Jeansowaty
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Yay! :D
-More freedom. No "Mission failed" screens for walking in the wrong direction.
-Realistic health system, no regeneration.
-No huge weapon inventory, each weapon serves a purpose.

-No special character powers.
-Pedestrians don't freak out when you stand next to them.

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17 minutes ago, perennial said:

Yay! :D
-More freedom. No "Mission failed" screens for walking in the wrong direction.

Hell in GTA1 you can die in most missions and succeed. One mission even requires you to die on an exploding train.



-GTA1's protagonists have the special power of farting and burping. 

-Memorable ped screams and other sound effects.

Edited by Jeansowaty
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9 hours ago, El Penguin Bobo said:

What have I done...

Related image


In the words of Jimmy. It's all your f*cking fault.:p

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On 9/18/2019 at 4:07 AM, perennial said:

-More freedom. No "Mission failed" screens for walking in the wrong direction.

Except that part where some missions have a timer that only shows you the last 30 seconds and you're like "oh sh*t, I have to be somewhere, maybe I should have gotten a faster car and crashed less".

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On 9/18/2019 at 1:19 PM, TheSantader25 said:

Unlike GTA V, it's actually top down. GTA V is the first in the series to abandon the Top down camera view. Disgraceful. 

wasn't it cut out since Vice City?

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7 minutes ago, Max.pain said:

it was cut since gta san andreas and gta 4. means gta is also better than those two.

It was removed in Vice City. GTA III was the last "real" GTA, along with GTA Advance.

Edited by perennial
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I might aswell chip in.


-GTA 1's theme song is more memorable and recognisable. No it really is. Even if it's been years sine I last played GTA 1 its theme is still stuck In my head whereas I struggle to remember GTA V's. 


(The following are just for sh*ts and giggles)


- GTA 1 has not one, not two, but THREE cities yet GTA V only has one.

-GTA 1 doesn't require a story. You just run around the city answering random payphones to get missions and it still makes more sense than GTA V's fragmented and all over the place "story".

-GTA 1 has expansion packs and GTA V doesn't.:v:


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True mission freedom. If you failed you failed no retrying just lost the multiplier and had to work harder to reach the money goal.
San Andreas was still a city based on SF not a state focusing on LA. Named after the Californian fault line that causes the earthquakes SF is known for.
Navigation was part of the difficulty curve no easy mode pause map or radar. Reality of the 90s you need a paper map!
Mobile phone is huge and texts don't exist yet. Lucky to even have a pager. Telephone booths are still normal.
Can mod the game with notepad and no other tools whatsoever. The mission ini anyway. And R*/DMA gave away notes on how the code worked.
Can name your protagonist.
Original music.
3 major cities far apart from each other.

Edited by kailomonkey
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