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6th Anniversary for GTA V

El Penguin Bobo

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El Penguin Bobo

I'm surprised no one made this thread yet.


To avoid confusion, this is a thread for story mode, not Online. Online came out in October hehe.


Anyways, I still remember back in 2013, watching this trailer, so nostalgic:


It's a bit sad to see this game overshadowed by Online. We could have had more content within single player.


Happy 6th birthday GTA V.

Edited by El Penguin Bobo

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That song always makes me remember the wait for this freaking game to come out, crazy to think that it has been that long.

Announced on October 25th 2011, released on September 17th 2013 and here we are 6 years later and this game is still crushing it with sales.

Happy Anniversary to this beast of a game.

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El Penguin Bobo
3 minutes ago, Max.pain said:

i was waiting for a gta online trailer but ok

That's for October, lol

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How time flies, I remember the wait like it was yesterday. It's unfortunate that singleplayer has not been given the support it deserves, but GTA V has provided me with countless of hours of enjoyment and definitely is a strong title in the series that I love.


1 hour ago, El Penguin Bobo said:

That's for October, lol

We've got a whole bunch of GTA anniversaries coming up in October, celebrating Online won't be high on my priority list. 😛

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Well I'm here for the anniversary. Sucks SP was never addressed for improvements and additions. Kinda feel lied too, but well you have to move on. Anyways what ever congrats..:sarcasm: 

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Algonquin Assassin

Happy 6th birthday GTA V. :cool:

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4 minutes ago, SonOfLiberty said:

Happy 6th birthday GTA V. :cool:


Years later the game still looks good, is super fun to play, and always neat to explore and find details as the game world is still very detailed.

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I remember waiting all day that day to go pick it up at Kmart back when Kmart had a video game section now it's just an empty section with old dvds in a bin. I couldn't go to gamestop because I couldn't drive and my mom wasn't going to drive me to gamestop I told her I was buying some notebooks. I was counting down all the minutes that day.

Edited by Zello
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Los santos is a beautiful city, though i wished it was bigger and more interactive

Edited by DownInTheHole
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not much can be done and said.., (im currently giving the Trojan Horse of a steam update for their Launcher a chance if it offers more anti-cheat but unlikely)

asides that..,

been a fun time since i played the game back on PS3..,

and now on PC since summer..,

but yeah.., i cant help but wonder how V would of been had they not been hampered by that Generation..,

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The feeling I had when the game was being installed and the artworks passing by is unmatched. With that damn mellow loading theme. It was amazing after all that wait and anticipation. It's a game that I actually quite enjoyed following the news of every day as well. Every piece of info pre release was just amazing to see. What a great game. Happy birthday. 

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Happy 6th birthday GTA V!


Despite the bitch ass bullsh*t that Rockstar has done like abandoning you for GTA Online, lying about the singleplayer DLC, and not including weapons and vehicles from the GTA Online DLC into singleplayer anymore, I'll still acknowledge how great of a game you are.

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 A few days late. But this takes me back to when I was new to GTAForums. Ryan locking second every topic, endless conversations about Balcony Guy, people getting hyped every Tuesday for the possibility of a trailer announcement (only to have their dreams crushed), the madness when R* unveiled 6 screenshots in the middle of the info drought.


I think the wait for this game was certainly a more magical time than everything since release. But end of the day I was thoroughly satisfied with the end result. Despite its downfalls, V was still quite a solid entry in the series upon release.


Strange to think though. If someone had told us on 17 September 2013 that this game (well, the online component at least) would still be getting support 6+ years later we'd have laughed at them thinking VI would be in all our hot little hands by now.

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On 9/18/2019 at 4:50 PM, M0B5TA said:

9/17/2013 GTA V comes out

9/18/2013 I didn't go to work :lol:

Still got my pre order snapback 

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