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Kirk Lazarus

Weapons Locker

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Kirk Lazarus

FFS, I wish I could put more than just guns in that crate.  I have a bazillion knives and sharp things I'd love to remove from my weapon wheel so I'm not flipping thru them all the time.  It'd also be a way to default the use of an alternate knife instead of the standard one.


Oh yeah and put away other gear like one of the binoculars.


Maybe they could make a Steamer Trunk where I can toss all the free clothing and accidentally stuff I'll never consider wearing.

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Agree. I'd love to get rid of the standard lasso. Since getting the reinforced one it's now redundant but still stays in the wheel. I've used the standard one by mistake quite a few times. 

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Kirk Lazarus

OH yeah that lasso too!

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i was hoping to have the ability to put away my invisible pistol, purely so i'm not accidentally pulling out a secondary pistol instead of my main rifle on my shoulder. for some reason my weapon wheel is way too sensitive, and i get stuck in a limbo trying to get my shouldered rifle. it should atleast have priority over my backup pistol. but for some reason 2 pistols need to take up 60% of the damn weapon wheel.

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Leftover Pizza

Got it today. Was a bit disappointing to not have it as a display case in your tent, shoiwng your customized weapons. 

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Seems like the GTA mechanics carried over where during missions all your weapons are still on your horse.

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