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Where are the animals?

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What is going on with lack of animals. I hear them all around, but don't see more than 1 or 2. Go to NWA and see maybe 2 alligators. Sometimes there is lots of wildlife, but most of the time there is practically none. I've been told to switch servers, and I've done it many times. Once in a while I find one loaded with animals. Before I posted this I switched servers 6 times with the same results.

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It seems that when a server repopulates this happens. I don't know if it's the only time it does.

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There are times where there is nothing for long periods. But if you do a resupply mission or something like that they repopulate. I usually just park next to the yellow blip and then hunt for the rest of the resupply time. Because once you turn it in it might go back to nothing.

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I sent them ticket and they told me to shut down PS, restart then hold L1 & L2 when game is loading.


Apparently they didn't read what I wrote cuz I told them I do that 3-7 times a day as it is. Anyway I responded with we shouldn't have to do that. The problem wasn't there before the update.

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today the animals totally disappeared for me. I logged in, played a hunting-resupply mission, animals everywhere, I even had to ride slalom not to crash with one.


mission solved, back in free roam, everything gone...erevything. then I waited until the next resupply mission, another hunting requerst. so the mission started and even then the map was completely empty.... annoying..

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