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Hardtop Manana still in game?


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Hi all,


Im searching for the hardtop manana.


Since it was rare even in 2015, is it still in the game spawning?


I found a lots of youtuve location videos, but they are very old and maybe patched, because I could find on euntil now.


somebody got a clue?




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Standard Deluxe 59

Yes it's still very much in game. Just saw a gasoline green one with a black top and a gasoline green pearlescent yesterday. First time I can remember seeing that color combo too.

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Yep, still in game.


It spawns at a parking lot in front of a shop called DigitalDen right next to the Mirror Park lake (North East of it), I got mine from there earlier this year.


If you don't find it in a couple of tries, switch sessions, rinse and repeat until you do.


Good luck.

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They're as common as the roofless as they spawn randomly. As said before, keep changing sessions if you don't find a vehicle quickly

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1 hour ago, Garland137 said:

I blew up a whole bunch of them yesterday.

Stay classy, my friend.



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On 9/14/2019 at 2:30 PM, fryday said:

Since it was rare even in 2015, is it still in the game spawning?

It is still spawning. Here's proof. Took this pix today.



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Thanks, I will continue my search now...


EDIT: found it exactly on the described parking spot, after 5 session switches! thanks people!!!

Edited by fryday
got it
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